Where to Spend Family Day in Canada This February 2020

Family is a vital part of every community. To celebrate its significance and contribution to the society, Family Day is observed in some of the Canadian provinces. This holiday is celebrated in the regions of Alberta, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Ontario, and Saskatchewan. During this occasion, most schools and businesses are closed, allowing many people to spend time with their family and relatives. The province of British Columbia celebrates Family Day on the second Monday of February. The rest of the Canadian regions commemorate the occasion on the third Monday of the love month.

Where to Celebrate Family Day

Every day could be a Family Day. However, it is quite challenging to make time with your family and relatives since children go to school while parents come to work. That's why it is crucial to give importance to holidays since they are excellent opportunities to spend quality time together. During Family Day, most people take part in exciting activities that the whole family may enjoy. From watching movies to having a short vacation trip, any moment could be memorable together with your loved ones. If your family can't decide what to do and where to go this coming Family Day, then try to consider these suggestions:

Enjoy a lot of winter activities in the Grande Prairie, Alberta. Grande Prairie is a small town in northwestern Alberta, having a population of approximately 63,000. It is situated within the area of the Peace River Country and is near to Bear Lake. Grande Prairie offers a lot of panoramic scenes that you can photograph. One of the exciting things about the location is it has a lot of areas with wide-open spaces, allowing you to enjoy the fresh air and the place's authentic beauty. 

For family recreation, you may go for a winter walk while following the friendly trails in Countryside South, Crystal Lake, Pinnacle Ridge Trail, and Westgate Trail. Other winter activities that you may try are birdwatching in Saskatoon Island Provincial Park or snowshoeing in the Peace River Wildland Provincial Park. If you want extreme recreation, then go for outdoor skating and skiing. Lace-up your winter shoes, prepare your action cam and explore the winter wonderland of Grande Prairie.

Explore the stunning beaches in British Columbia. If most of your relatives love going to the beach, then you may consider the beautiful province of British Columbia. Its dynamic landscape offers spectacular sceneries that will surely astound you. You may head to Osoyoos and visit the Rattle Snake Canyon, a place that offers beautiful sandy beaches, giving you some desert vibes. One thing that you will like about Rattle Snake Canyon is its location. This place is just blocks away from campgrounds and hotels where your family can stay. Some activities that you may try are golfing and rock climbing. For an all-season resort, try to visit Tigh-Na Mara Seaside Resort. This place offers rustic log cottages with kitchen amenities. The resort has an outdoor playground where children can play.

Go whale watching in the Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick. The Bay of Fundy is recognized as one of the beautiful attractions in New Brunswick. This place is considered as a natural wonder in the world for its precious minerals, high tides, and rare whales. This coming Family Day, let your parents and relatives enjoy the fantastic view of the Bay of Fundy. Sail in its calm waters and try to spot as many whales as you can. As a photography enthusiast, you may engage in wildlife photography or capture the spectacular sunset in the afternoon. Sunsets at the beach is an awe-inspiring view that you can witness while sailing in the Bay of Fundy. To get the best sailing experience, you may contact Jolly Breeze Tall Ship that offers pirate costumes to kids, allowing them to feel like marine people.

Visit Toronto Zoo in Ontario. If you have little kids with you, it could be challenging to engage in extreme activities. For the safety of your children, you may consider visiting the Toronto Zoo in Ontario. It is hailed as the largest zoo in Canada. Toronto Zoo is also one of the most prominent zoos in the world. It is home to more than 460 animal species, which are organized by their region of origin. You will surely learn many things when you head to this place because of the exhibits, demonstrations, and interactive activities designed for kids. With the zoo's family-focused education programs, people are more likely to appreciate wildlife, encouraging everyone to care for the animals. Through the years, the zoo continues to expand its efforts regarding conservation and wildlife education.

Learn more about dinosaurs in Saskatchewan. Another educational trip that your family may enjoy is heading to T-Rex Discovery Centre in Saskatchewan. If you have kids who are fascinated with dinosaurs, then plan your visit to the discovery centre. The place features significant artifacts, including the largest complete skeleton of a T-Rex on earth. You may also see full-size models of prehistoric animals that were found after the extinction of dinosaurs. The centre also provides unique merchandise and children's toys that you can add to your collection. In addition to dinosaur artifacts, you can also see a fragment of the meteorite that fell on a farmstead. Your children will surely love the T-Rex Discovery Centre, especially if they are interested in extinct animals. Visiting the centre not only makes a great family bonding, but it also helps kids learn new things.

Not all people are given a chance to bond with their families. That's why if you have an opportunity to celebrate Family Day with your parents, siblings, children, and close relatives, then try to do your best to make time with them. There are many ways on how you can make this holiday more meaningful. You can visit some of the top-rated destinations in your province or explore other breathtaking locations from nearby regions. What matters most is to take part in the said occasion and create unforgettable memories with your loved ones.