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  • Can You Use An Action Camera for Vlogging?

    Vlogging is the act of creating a blog through video recordings instead of written posts. It’s based on the word 'vlog' which is a short term for video log. It has the same purpose as blogging: to share the experience of oneself to the readers and, in this case, to the viewers. It is prevalent these days, and its impact on people is undeniable. Almost everything is now on online video-sharing platforms. You can find all types of content from toys, food, cosmetics, travels, how-tos, and even daily lives.

  • 4 Blockbuster Movies That Used Action Cam Footage

    The movie industry has been blessed by hundreds of movies being released each year. From small productions to well-known studios, the selection gets more significant and more diverse, making the competition at the box office more challenging. Moviegoers can be a little indecisive on what they're going to watch. A new story, a different genre, or even a new look can make them interested in what your movie can offer.

  • Celebrations in Canada: Party Ideas in the New Normal

    A lot of people have been stuck in their houses these days. Not by choice, but because of the pandemic that has been taking over the world. Many businesses are affected and unfortunately, some of them are forced to close down. Office works have been reduced but thanks to remote working, employees are still able to work on their jobs. The school continues to cater services to their students but with a different approach. The authorities advised not to go out unless it is necessary. The way people live today is far from what it used to be, just like the other year.

  • Water Adventures: Best Rafting in Canada

    Are you up for some water adventures? If you are looking for a thrilling experience, it's time to try the best rafting in Canada! The Great White North offers a lot of ideal places where you can create an exciting rafting adventure. The rivers flowing around here provide life to the animals living in the country. These spectacular water bodies are also excellent destinations for rafting. You can find rivers that are gentle and mild, while others are tough and challenging.  No two rivers are the same; that's why you can ensure unique experiences wherever you choose to go rafting.

  • Gorgeous Photoshoot Locations in Vancouver

    There is no doubt that Canada is one of the popular destinations for adventures. It offers a long list of gorgeous locations perfect for photoshoots and other activities. If you are looking for a place ideal for capturing great images, Vancouver could be the destination you are looking for. Located on the West Coast of Canada, this city can offer you many exciting places perfect for adventures and photo ops.

  • Creating The Best Skydiving Experience in British Columbia

    As a kid, you probably dreamt of having superpowers. It can be teleportation, invisibility, super strength and the all-time favourite, flying. Considering the reality, there is no possibility that you will have these abilities. But as a grown adult, you can experience how it feels like to be floating in the air through skydiving. It is a recreational activity where you get off an aircraft at a certain altitude and slowly descends to the ground. It can also be referred to as parachuting. Many adventure seekers always have this activity included on their bucket list.

  • What You Need To Know When Making A Skydiving Video

    The Great White North is home to many excellent skydiving destinations. No wonder many skydivers around the world visit the country to try skydiving. Skydiving is a thrilling activity that allows you to witness breathtaking views from above. Creating a video while doing the stunt is an excellent opportunity for you to share your skydiving experience. It is essential to learn how to make a high-quality skydiving video. Besides, there are different types of skydiving. It is necessary to familiarize yourself with them to identify which kind of skydiving is suitable based on your skill level.

  • Reasons Why You Need A Gimbal for An Action Camera

    You might have already seen people performing extreme adventures from their travel blogs - for instance, social media influencers who go kayaking or surfing. You might have also watched skateboarding stunts on Youtube. If you are wondering how they film these sports adventures, they are actually using high-quality tools and devices to record their adventures. When you have an excellent device, you can also shoot your sport at home. For cameras, you can use an action camera since it is portable and easily attached to headgears and accessories. Aside from this device, you also try using a gimbal for an action camera.

  • 9 Camera Tricks and Tips for Road-Tripping

    Road-tripping is one of the most exciting and relaxing activities that you can do outdoors. It is a perfect opportunity to visit the places you've never been to together with your family and friends. You may prefer travelling alone to give yourself time for self-reflection. Here in the Great White North, there is a myriad of breathtaking locations where you can drive and enjoy some scenic views. That’s why when you get a chance to take a road trip to your area, make sure to bring a camera gear so that you can take pictures and videos of the places you will see along the way. Doing so will help you preserve your road trip memories through the photos and footage taken on your action cam. You may also learn some camera tricks to help you get the best shots and give you the best road trip experience.

  • Things to Do in Alberta: Must-Try Water Adventures

    Many of the top-rated tourist destinations today are not accessible due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But for sure, these places will reopen soon once the government allows people to visit them. Perhaps, you have been tired of doing the same routines at home. For sure, you are missing out on some exciting adventures, be it camping in the mountains or kayaking on the lakes. Being stuck at home should not stop you from planning a great expedition. You can have more time to plan your next exciting outdoor trip. Once the home quarantine is lifted, don't waste the chance of creating new adventures in the beautiful province of Alberta.

  • 6 Thrilling Activities to Do in Victoria, British Columbia

    Of the 10 Canadian provinces, British Columbia is the westernmost region. It is known for its diversity when it comes to climate and natural resources. Campers, hikers, and other adventure seekers visit the province to savour panoramic views and perform exciting activities. If you want to unwind and engage in thrilling adventures, then you may start venturing into Victoria, the capital of British Columbia. This city is situated on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, which is in between the Haro and Juan de Fuca straits. Although Victoria has the largest urban area on the island, the city is still rich in parks and green spaces, a perfect description for "garden city." Exploring Victoria will not only astound you with its picture-perfect landscapes, but it can also show you a glimpse of its colonial past. Its rich history is evident in its interesting architecture, attractive gardens, and fascinating museums. So if you are still searching for a perfect location for your next getaway, then the city of Victoria could be your best pick.

  • 8 Must-Try Activities on Family Day

    Besides Valentine's Day, another significant event that some Canadians celebrate during February is Family Day. This holiday is observed in the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Ontario, and Saskatchewan. The said occasion gives people more time to spend with their families. Family Day is a perfect opportunity to catch up with them. There are many exciting ways to make Family Day more meaningful. Whether you want indoor or outdoor activities, there is a friendly recreation that you and your family will surely enjoy.