Perfect Canadian Sites to Capture Beautiful Sunsets

Various landscapes and seascapes dwell in the vast region of Canada. This country is known for its bountiful natural resources, impressive national and provincial parks, and awe-inspiring views. Canada is continuously becoming popular for its breathtaking locations. Most of these sites are ideal for camping, hiking, skiing, surfing, and swimming. Besides these recreational activities, Canada is also home to many photogenic locations where photographers can capture beautiful sunsets.

Where to Photograph Amazing Canadian Sunsets

Like the sunrise, the sunset is also known as the golden hour. It is the time of the day where the sun makes the colour of the sky golden yellow. There are also other colours that can be seen in the sky during sunset. Many photographers use this magical period to capture stunning views. Sunsets can create a dramatic scene, making photographs more impressive.

If you are looking for the perfect spot to capture alluring sunsets, then you may refer to the following Canadian locations:

#1 Fjord du Saguenay - Located in the heart of Quebec is a famous national park which is named as Fjord du Saguenay. It is known for its beautiful coves, incredible hiking trails, and abundant wildlife. It is a perfect place to unplug from the city life. You can enjoy hiking or kayaking on this site. However, simple sightseeing during the sunset can already leave you in awe. If you want to document this moment, you can bring your camera and create a panoramic shot of the landscape featuring the golden sky.

#2 Fraser Valley - Dubbed as the "Berry Capital of Canada," the Fraser Valley is a must-visit Canadian location. It is a 45-minute drive out of Vancouver. It is popular because of its farm-fresh food and delectable wines. The visitors in this place can also enjoy several adventures, including hiking, horseback riding, and river fishing. Many people may fall in love with Fraser Valley not only because of the mentioned activities above, but also because of its photogenic setting. One of the best times to photograph sunsets is during the Abbotsford Tulip Festival. It is the time when the fields of bright and colourful flowers are in full bloom.

#3 Kelowna - Visiting Kelowna is a perfect opportunity to photograph sunsets from great heights. It is where you can witness vast vineyards, beautiful orchards, and majestic peaks. Try to explore the vicinity while waiting for the golden hour. If you are a wine enthusiast, you may head to Westside Wine Trail and stop at the Mission Hill Family Estate. When the sun starts to go down, you may take the easy walking trails and visit Dilworth Mountain Park to photograph a scenic view.

#4 Little Salmon Lake - Visiting the Yukon Territory is one of the best ideas that you can do as a photographer. It allows you to feature whimsical sunsets in snow-capped hills and frosty lakes. Photographers can also take photographs of the site when the aurora borealis appear. Aurora borealis, also known as "northern lights," are a natural light display that is mostly seen in high-latitude regions, including Canada. Exploring Little Salmon Lake can bring you picturesque photography settings, either during the magical hour or when the aurora borealis appear.

#5 Niagara Falls - Niagara Falls is one of the most visited locations in Canada. Many people admire this enchanting waterfalls. This astounding view becomes more attractive when captured during the golden hour. As the sun sets, different pigments are cast throughout the sky, which flatters the turquoise tides of the waterfalls. 

#6 Peggy's Cove - Peggy's Cove is a peaceful fishing village situated in Nova Scotia. It is a beautiful site with a rich history and a friendly community. What makes this place famous is its lighthouse towering the Atlantic Ocean. Peggy's Cove is a lovely site to photograph sunsets because it can complement the iconic lighthouse and picturesque seascape. The magical hour is an excellent opportunity to highlight the 100-year-old lighthouse which is mounted in a giant mound of granite rock.

#7 Riding Mountain National Park - If you are living in Manitoba, then there's no need to go far since you can witness an amazing sunset view in the Riding Mountain National Park. The golden sky during sunsets perfectly matches the beautiful horizon and sparkling lakes. Photographers may take a picture of the breathtaking view as the sun is reflected on the lake.

#8 Sombrio Beach - Another way to witness beautiful sunsets is by going to beaches. If you are living near British Columbia, then you may explore one of its well-known beaches, Sombrio Beach. It is part of the famous Juan de Fuca Provincial Park. Although this park is most visited by campers and hikers, anyone can make a trip on this wonderful location. As photographers, you can capture images of the picture-perfect views as the sun paints colourful hues in the sky.

#9 Tignish - This place is located in the east coast province, Prince Edward Island. Tignish can offer you a panoramic view of the province's stunning seascapes. Photographers will surely fall in love with this location because of the beautiful spots available to capture Canadian sunsets. While waiting for the golden hour to appear, you may try some exciting activities available in nearby campgrounds. Another option is to simply enjoy the alluring views while savoring the serenity of the place.

#10 Vermillion Lakes - Vermillion Lakes can be seen in Banff National Park, one of the most popular parks in Canada. Many tourists visit the place because it is an ideal location to go camping, canoeing, and hiking. Apart from these exciting activities, Vermillion Lake is one of the best sites to capture captivating sunsets. During the golden hour, photographers can feature Mount Rundle and its dramatic shape reflected on the lake. This momentous view, together with the altering colours of the sky, is one of the reasons why many people are in love with the lake. Not only that, but the spectacular scene also creates a calming feeling to those who visit the place.

The sunset is the nature's proof that every day can end beautifully. Whenever you feel too overwhelmed, you can always try to unwind by looking at the sky during the golden hour. As a photography enthusiast, you can explore the above-mentioned sites to photograph the best Canadian sunsets.