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3" Dash Cam Car Recorder with Rear Camera
  • $69.99
  • $39.99


SJCAM SJ360 Panorama Action Cam
  • $114.99
  • $79.89

Sold out

SJCAM SJ7 Star WiFi Action Camera
  • $205.99

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SJCAM SJ6 Legend 4K Action Cam
  • $199.99


I think it's great. when i first used it you could feel it vibrating a lot and this translated to the image. i contact the make and they advised to use the app and turn down the power to the motors and this did the trick. you will love the stabalization.

Doug Cross

awesome product, used it for couple months now and i gotta say this serves it purpose so well. used it during snowboarding, got soaking wet and dropped a lot and still working strong. worth the money!


Well built no plastic all high grade aluminum !
Great for time lapse and is wearable plus you can attach it to handle bars ! Fantastic gimbal!

William B.

Sturdy and small unit, so far so good. Will have to update review after extended use to test durability though.

Martin Myers

Product purchased for use on helmet with sony 3000, mounting a special adapter the result was satisfactory increasing the stability on uneven tracks. It may be noted a slight increase in weight all in all acceptable. WG2 is a gimbal to be used sparingly avoiding abrupt actions, the battery life is good with a shooting duration of about 3 hours turning it on if necessary (not always on and do not film).
Purchase advice.


Battery lasting a full day (turning it on and off if necessary) with a recording of about 3 hours..
Really valid, but it should still be used carefully, it is not because it is a gimbal then you can move it as if you are waving a flag.
I really recommend so much.

Andrea B

All as from expectations fueled by unanimously positive reviews found on the net. The only new is the lack of the tripod, present in other offers and perhaps the price in line with the market but not particularly competitive.


Just a solid and good working product. It stabilizes perfect and it's 100% waterproof.
It's a must have to have for your Gopro hero 6.


The item is done well, excellent materials. I expected it lighter, but it's acceptable. I have trouble using the app with my iphone, it fails to mate via bluetooth. Delivery on schedule.

Davide Padula

I used the gimbal to film from one motor boat another motor boat - the recordings were much quieter than the recordings made without gimbal. I'm going to buy a Feiyu gimbal for larger cameras now.
For the price absolutely great!


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