15 Most Breathtaking Sites in Alberta

Alberta is one of the fastest-growing provinces in Canada. Alberta is also popularly known for its fascinating tourist spots. Since it is home to varied landscapes and protected sites, you may be overwhelmed with the abundance of adventurous destinations that you could visit in this province. These locations are excellent places for photography.

Where to Go in Alberta

If you are planning to have an outdoor trip, then you may travel to Alberta and witness its natural beauty. Try to follow your wanderlust by visiting these beautiful sites:

1. Banff Upper Hot Springs - Banff National Park offers fantastic places that you may want to explore. Try to showcase the area's natural beauty by taking photographs of its breathtaking landscapes. Once done, you could head to the hot springs situated in the park.

2. Calgary Tower - Even in urban areas, Alberta can also take pride in its architectural designs. One of these is the Calgary Tower, which is one of the main attractions in Calgary. The skyscraper can offer a 360-degree view of the city. Photographers may go to this tower and capture the city's skyline.

3. Cameron Falls - One of the most photographed waterfalls in Alberta is the Cameron Falls. Try to capture how the fresh mountain water flows down over the rocks that fall into a deep basin. You may also use the unique geological features of the place as photography subjects and backgrounds. 

4. Drumheller - If you want to have an exciting getaway during summer, then Drumheller could be one of your ideal destinations. Besides its rich culture and heritage, you will be overwhelmed with its dinosaur-related attractions. Drumheller is hailed as the dinosaur capital of the world because it is where a lot of extinct creatures were discovered. You may take photographs, when appropriate while hiking in the badlands or visiting dinosaur museums.

5. Elk Island National Park - What's amazing about this place is the abundance of its wildlife. This protected area is located in Central Alberta, and it is popularly known for its significant role in promoting the American bison conservation. Photographers can ask for forest ranger's assistance so they can take photos of different species of mammals.

6. Johnston Canyon - Many tourists visit Johnston Canyon during summer but the place is also stunning during the winter season. Take photographs of its striking ice formations and limestone cliffs.

7. Kananaskis Country - Beautiful mountain peaks, sparkling lakes, evergreen trees - you can witness all of these when you visit Kananaskis Country. Camping and hiking are some of the ideal activities here. You may also want to capture the fantastic scenery in the area. The serenity of the place could provide the perfect environment to practice your photography skills.

8. Lake Louise - Travelling to Lake Louise can leave your heart in awe because of its breathtaking blue water lake. Try to photograph this place, and you will be amazed by the vibrant blue colour of the lake. The picture-perfect scenery makes Lake Louise an ideal subject for landscape photographers.

9. Maligne Canyon - Summer or winter, Maligne Canyon is an astounding sight to behold. During summertime, you can capture images of its bewildering trees and stunning waterfalls. On the other hand, during the winter season, you can capture its massive ice formations. If you are visiting the place during this time, make sure to be accompanied by a tourist guide in order to keep you safe along the way.

10. Moraine Lake - If you have visited Lake Louise and you still have time for another adventure, then you could visit Moraine Lake. To go to this excellent site, you have to hike in a 13-kilometre mountain road. Though it could be a remote destination from Lake Louise, the setting is iconic. Take your time in capturing the lake's turquoise water with snow-capped peaks as backdrops.

11. Red Deer - Situated between Calgary and Edmonton is a mid-sized city called Red Deer. It is home to several recreation centers, golf and country clubs, and beautiful sceneries to explore. Red Deer is one of the perfect destinations in Alberta if you are into sports. On the other hand, you can also enhance your photography skills by visiting other locations in the city like the Kerry Wood Nature Center, Heritage Ranch, and Kin Kanyon Park.

12. Rosedale Suspension Bridge - If you like thrill and adventure, try to visit Rosedale Suspension Bridge. It could be one of your ideal picks if you want to showcase architectural photography in Alberta. This suspension bridge is made of see-through wire mesh that sways with the wind.

13. Sunshine Village Ski Resort - It is one of the prominent ski resorts situated outside Banff. Though skiing is one of the main attractions here, it is also ideal to visit the place during summer. Photographers can take advantage of the resort's panoramic view of impeccable mountains and deciduous trees.

14. Sunwapta Falls - If you are fond of waterfalls, then you may want to include Sunwapta Falls in your list. It can provide a spectacular backdrop when taking photographs. You may witness how the snow perfectly melts when you visit the falls during springtime.

15. Willmore Wilderness Park - Situated near the town of Grande Cache, this park showcases the area's spectacular peaks, thick forests, and raging rivers. You can do a variety of recreational activities here, from camping to cross-country skiing. While roaming around the vicinity, you may take pictures of the park's spectacular landscapes.

Relaxing hot springs, stunning waterfalls, striking canyons, sparkling lakes - there are so many places to look forward to. Alberta can astound you with its urban architectures and admirable scenery. Besides enjoying a lot of recreational activities, Alberta can provide you with many wonderful sites which are ideal for photo ops.