Where to Celebrate the Grandest New Year's Eve in Canada

Every year is a year to value and cherish. It is why a lot of individuals are excited to welcome the new year together with their family and friends. 2020 is fast-approaching; that's why it is essential to think of the best ways on how you can celebrate it. You may either enjoy a simple dinner or have a grand feast with your loved ones. Another option is to stay in a luxurious hotel with your special someone as you watch a spectacular fireworks display. You can also create your first 2020 memories by travelling to Canada's top-rated destinations. For sure, you will be delighted to meet new people and take exciting adventures to the Great White North.


Best Places in Canada to Welcome 2020

There are plenty of compelling reasons why Canada is a perfect destination to celebrate New Year's Eve. Besides being rich in cultural diversity and unique traditional customs, this country takes pride in its breathtaking scenery and natural resources. You'll never run out of recreational activities to try when you explore Canada. Camping, cross-country skiing, dog sledding, and snowmobiling are some of the best things to do in this country. If you want to try all of these activities, then you might be wondering where in Canada you should go first?


Here are some of the best Canadian locations where you can spend your New Year's Eve:

Calgary - If you want a family-friendly destination where you can spend the New Year's Eve together with your kids, then the City of Calgary is a must-visit. You may head to Calgary Olympic Park, where you can enjoy skating. There is also fun-filled music, and spectacular fireworks shows at midnight. While your kids are sleeping soundly in your rented rooms, you may revel in adult parties. There are also several events to choose from, such as the Balck and White Ball and the Mystique Ball.

Halifax - Halifax offers engaging recreational activities that you can enjoy this coming New Year's Eve. You may bring your family to the Hatfield farms where you can indulge in rubber rodeo or sleigh rides. Try winter camping as you watch a grand display of fireworks at midnight. You will also witness the city lit up brighter than ever for the celebration. If you want to welcome the new year filled with laughter, make sure to visit Yuk Yuk Comedy Club. You can also join the free outdoor party that happens in the Grand Parade.

Niagara Falls - If you want to experience a grand celebration as you welcome the new year, then the Niagara Falls could be an excellent location. This place highlights the spectacular Niagara Falls that displays a variety of colours at night. It is because the lights from the area reflect on the falls, giving you a heart-stirring light display. You can also enjoy concerts that feature great artists and musicians. Other than that, you also have the chance to watch a grandiose fireworks display that will surely leave you in awe.

The Forks - The Forks is another must-visit attraction in Canada. It offers a lot of exciting events that both locals and visitors can indulge in. You may try outdoor skating and sledding as you wait for the new year to come. Besides, you may join in the snow sculpting festival that happens annually in The Forks. Be fascinated as you watch the three-time fireworks display that is expected to occur in the coming New Year's Eve celebration. It is predicted that around 30 000 people will join the party on December 31st at The Forks.

The Old City - Visiting the Old City in Quebec allows you to behold the French-Style architectural designs of its buildings. The historic walled city takes pride in its picturesque and unique architecture. Celebrating the occasion in Old City grants you to cherish a simple and fun New Year's Eve. It gets even more meaningful when you travel with your closest family relatives. Get a thrill out of skiing and snow tubing, which are some of the best recreational activities in the place.

Vancouver - There's always something about Vancouver that delights every tourist. One of the fascinating things about this place is its grand celebration on New Year's Eve. You may enjoy the Festival of Lights that happens annually in VanDusen Botanical Garden. The event features a dancing light show at Livingston Lake. You can also make friends in the street party that occurs in the Waterfront Gala Ball. Satisfy yourself with the available food trucks, cocktails, and even beer. Try to dance along with live music as you watch the festive fireworks display. If you want to extend your celebration, you can revel in the Aurora Winter Festival that will happen until January 5th, 2020. 

Whitehorse - Have a magical celebration when you choose Whitehorse as your destination. It is the capital city of Yukon known for having two great highways, the Alaska and Klondike. The town got its name because the whitecaps of the rapids coming from the Whitehorse Rivers resembled the manes of white horses. Many tourists head to Whitehorse because of its thriving arts and cultural community. It is also where you can visit several museums and wildlife preserves. Not only that, Whitehorse is one of the best places to watch the enchanting northern lights. This natural phenomenon is also called aurora borealis, where you can see natural green streaks of lights across the night skies.


Aside from the places mentioned, there are more amazing locations in Canada where you can spend not only New Year's Eve but also other celebrations. The Great White North provides many exciting adventure opportunities for you and your family. When visiting Canadian locations for New Year's Eve, make sure to bring all the must-have travel accessories to enjoy your vacation trip. Also, don't forget to bring a camera, be it an action cam or DSLR, which you can use to preserve your precious memories in the Great White North.