Perfect Locations in New Brunswick for Architectural Photographers

New Brunswick, one of the provinces in Canada, is the home to many treasured cities and fascinating attractions. It is bordered on the East by the Atlantic Ocean, the US State of Maine to the West, and Quebec to the North. When it comes to architecture, New Brunswick can boast varied architectural designs - from traditional to contemporary styles.

Architectures in New Brunswick

Although taking photographs of buildings and other structures may sound simple, architectural photography is quite challenging. You need to have an eye for detail, from searching for patterns to finding the right light. Moreover, when looking for your perfect subject, you can search for interesting architectural designs in modern and older buildings. 

Unlike in other types of photography, you don’t need to rush when doing architectural photography. In this field, you have to roam to different places and look for architectures that appeal the most to you. From small houses to towering skyscrapers, you can choose any architectural subject.

New Brunswick is also known for its marvellous buildings and structures, therefore, many photographers are visiting the place. If you are into this kind of photography, then here is a list of different buildings and locations that you can find interesting when you visit the province.

1.Carleton Martello Tower - If you are looking for a new structure, then this circular stone fort could get your attention. The Carleton Martello Tower was built for the War of 1812 in defence of the city of Saint John and its harbour. It has a unique structure with coastal defence technology. Try to capture amazing shots with the tower's arched ceiling or its stone structure.

2. Centennial Bridge - Measuring 11 kilometres long and 240 feet high, the Centennial Bridge is a steel structure that crosses the Miramichi River. It carries Route 8, Route 11, and Route 134 over the river. The bridge has merged the communities of Douglastown on the north bank and Chatham on the south bank. The bridge opened in Canada's centennial name, and that's how it got its name.  

The Centennial Bridge is an essential architecture in New Brunswick. Photographers can take pictures of this dramatic structure showcasing its design and style. Try to get close to the bridge and shoot its details, from the suspension wires to its support. You may also look for symmetry and patterns which can be seen in its design. When capturing interesting pictures of the bridge, always be mindful and careful of where you stand. 

3. Christ Church Cathedral - One of the best structures to feature in architecture photography is churches. Since many of them were built years ago, photographers can showcase the historic architecture of cathedrals. Christ Church Cathedral is a famous cathedral in New Brunswick which is centrally located along the St. John River trails. A lot of tourists admire the church's stained glasses.

4. Hartland and Covered Bridge - If you are creating a photography portfolio, you may include the longest covered bridge in the world, which is named Hartland and Covered Bridge. It measured 1,282 feet and was officially opened on July 4, 1901. It is believed to be one of the engineering wonders in New Brunswick. A Canadian postage stamp was issued in 1995 to honour the bridge. To make great photos of this amazing structure, you may start with the details and composition of the bridge. You can also take a photograph of the bridge during the golden hour because it is one of the best backlights that you can use for the subject.

5. Monument-Lefebvre Building - It is a national historic site that showcases the culture and history of the Acadian people. When you visit the place, you can enjoy the interactive exhibit and watch the theatre plays to learn more about the culture of the community. Besides visiting the Monument-Lefebvre Building, you can also take pictures of its architecture. Find something with an interesting perspective. For instance, you can try to use a low angle to create a dramatic scene.

6. St. Michael's Basilica - It is a Catholic parish situated in the Miramichi region of New Brunswick. This church has been established for more than 150 years and it showcases a gothic structure. Although it has undergone significant restorations for the past years, St. Michael's Basilica has preserved its gothic revival architecture. From the church's facade to the stained-glass windows, these images can tell great stories. Photographers can also make use of the building's exterior and interior to capture amazing shots. 

7. Swallowtail Lighthouse - It is one of the famous landmarks in New Brunswick. Many people admire this lighthouse because of the spectacular view that it can give. Photographers can take images of this beautiful structure during the golden hour. It can also be an astonishing subject in landscape photography. To photograph a lighthouse, try to use a wide-angle or telephoto lens because it can help you capture the entire skyline or seascape surrounding it. However, remember to make sure that the lens is not too wide if you are not into the fisheye distortion.

Bridges, churches, museums, and lighthouses - these are some of the fantastic structures that you can find in New Brunswick. Many of them are historical sites and played a significant role in the province’s history. Considering these architectures as subjects for your architectural photography will not only improve your photography skills, but it can also enhance your knowledge about New Brunswick and its history.