Water Adventures: Best Rafting in Canada

Are you up for some water adventures? If you are looking for a thrilling experience, it's time to try the best rafting in Canada! The Great White North offers a lot of ideal places where you can create an exciting rafting adventure. The rivers flowing around here provide life to the animals living in the country. These spectacular water bodies are also excellent destinations for rafting. You can find rivers that are gentle and mild, while others are tough and challenging.  No two rivers are the same; that's why you can ensure unique experiences wherever you choose to go rafting.

Where to Go Rafting in Canada

Whether you are trying rafting for the first time or looking for a place to do it next, Canada is always here to provide you with breathtaking rafting destinations. The country is vast enough to offer you different sites, helping you create the best rafting experience. Since it is somehow overwhelming to choose where to start, we listed several locations across the Great White North:

#1 Chilcotin River

Chilcotin River is situated in British Columbia. It is where you can see varied landscapes, from enchanting forests and grasslands to towering canyons and rock walls. Hoodoos and sand dunes are also visible in the area. What rafters love about the Chilcotin River is its unique and rich cultural history. 

Chilcotin River is important to the First Nation communities because it is where they rely on fishing. Visiting the place offers a thrilling rafting adventure. If you plan to choose this rafting destination, don't forget to bring your action cam to document the abundant wildlife that you can see while enjoying the rafting trip.

#2 Fraser River

Fraser River is one of North America's major rivers located in central British Columbia. Travellers admire the place for its authentic beauty. It is rich in canyons that surround the countryside. Rafters can enjoy a scenic view on the trip, which is a perfect opportunity for photography enthusiasts. Fraser River was named after Simon Fraser, the person who first descended it to the Pacific Ocean. Years after it was discovered, the Cariboo Gold Rush took place in Fraser River's basin.

#3 Grand River

Another ideal rafting destination is the Grand River, a place where indigenous cultures have developed. Before the river was named Grand River, it was popularly known as Rivière la Rapide or Rivière L'Urse, "Bear River." But no matter what people call it, its significance is valued by both locals and tourists. 

The Grand River's upper reaches are abundant with a variety of fish species. This area is perfect for fishing opportunities. There are also hiking trails visible along the banks. Aside from that, the fertile valley near the Grand River offers a lot of recreational activities. Meanwhile, the river itself is excellent for paddling and rafting.

#4 Kicking Horse River

Kicking Horse River is a popular rafting destination in Canada. It's unique and interesting name has an origin. The river's name earned its title in 1858 during the Palliser Expedition. James Hector, one of the adventurers, fell into the river while riding his horse. He attempted to re-catch the horse, but it kicked him, causing a delay for the trip. Kicking Horse River amuses wanderers and adventurers. 

One reason to love this place is the availability of waterfalls, namely Kicking Horse Cascade, Natural Bridge Falls, and Wapta Falls. These places are perfect backgrounds for photography. While the river itself is a source of different recreational activities. From scenic landscapes to challenging rapids, you will indeed have a great time staying in this place.

#5 Ottawa River

Another rafting place ideal for adventure seekers is the Ottawa River. It is located in east-central Canada. It has a total course of 1,270 kilometres that is connected to several lakes. Among them are the Allumette, Chats, Deschenes, Grand Victoria, Simard, and Timiskaming. Although the Ottawa River is not a source of transportation artery these days, it has become a significant hydroelectric power source. Visiting the place is a perfect opportunity for photographers and rafters. You can find a lot of scenic locations where you can do not only rafting but also other recreational activities.

#6 Shubenacadie River

If you plan a trip to Nova Scotia, you may consider having a rafting adventure in the Shubenacadie River. There are rafting tours near the place that can assist you with your rafting trip. You will love the Bay of Fundy tides' thrilling forces that you can feel in the rapids. Get your adrenaline pumping as you travel the challenging rapids. 

#7 Slave Lake

Slave Lake has clear and deep waters where you can find plenty of trout and whitefish. After your rafting adventure, you may consider fishing and hammock camping. You will fall in love with the serenity of the place while enjoying the breathtaking views. Slave Lake has a frozen surface during the winter. To have a memorable rafting experience, you may travel to this area during summer and spring.

One of the best things about Canada is it offers a lot of places for adventures. It is why a lot of people travel to the country every year. Once there are no more travel restrictions, you may consider planning your next adventure in the Great White North. Don't forget to try rafting because it will surely give you a memorable water adventure that you would love to do over and over again.