Incredible Places to Visit in Nova Scotia

It is hard to deny the beauty of the Great White North. Wherever you go, be it on the mountain areas or lakeside, you will surely be mesmerized with the country's astounding landscape. Aside from that, Canada is well-known for being a top-rated destination when it comes to extreme activities. If you are to visit the country once there are no more travel restrictions; you might be wondering where to go first. To help you explore the Great White North, try discovering the beautiful places in Nova Scotia. 

Nova Scotia: An Overview

Nova Scotia is one of the Canadian provinces situated on the eastern board of North America. It encompasses the peninsula of Nova Scotia, Cape Breton Island, and some small islands. Together with New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia is recognized as a maritime province.

Four-fifths of the province's land area comprises forests. You could find woodlands and softwoods in the region. The wildlife in Nova Scotia is also abundant, making it ideal for wildlife photographers. The forested areas are highly recommended for a rustic wedding theme. Many photographers are visiting the province's national and provincial parks to do some pre-nuptial shoots. Nova Scotia is indeed a paradise for campers, hikers, photographers, and anyone who wants to create a great adventure.

Where to Go in Nova Scotia?

Now that you have a brief background of Nova Scotia, it's time to plan for your next trip. Whether you like to hike on great heights, surf in terrific beaches, or simply take a road trip with your friends, there's a beautiful place that awaits you in the province. Below is a list of excellent locations to make a memorable trip in Nova Scotia:

#1 Cabot Trail - If you are planning to take a road trip with your loved ones, take the 300-kilometre scenic drive on the northwest coast of Cape Breton Island and Cape Breton Highlands National Park. It can provide a picture-perfect coastal route where you can see the highest mountains in the province. These great heights dramatically meet the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Bring a camera on hand and capture the rugged cliffs and stunning beaches along the way. 

You will find some small communities along the route once you decide to take a road trip to the Cabot Trail. These places have tourist attractions and unique shops where you can find decorative items. If you are into hiking, then some local guides can assist you in some friendly hikes. They can show you the best spots along the trail. The end trip will take you to Baddeck, the home of Alexander Graham Bell, who is popularly known as the father of the telephone.

#2 Cape Breton Highlands National Park - For a great hiking trip, consider travelling to Cape Breton Highlands National Park. It is regarded as the highest peak in Nova Scotia, covering more than 950 square kilometres at the northern tip of Cape Breton Island. Make sure to bring your action cam as you explore the park. Try documenting your adventures such as camping, hiking, and wildlife watching. 

For whale watching, you may go to the Skyline Trail, a scenic route that offers an easy-to-walk wooden boardwalk path. This spot has a nice view of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. You can spot some whales in the area while photographing the panoramic views of the impressive coastlines. Wait for the sunset to add a dramatic scene in your photographs.

#3 Halifax Harbour - Try visiting the Halifax harbour to witness impressive boats while walking on the boardwalk lines. You may also discover the province's sumptuous cuisine by heading to the area's accommodating restaurants. The Halifax Harbour offers an excellent view of the Dartmouth and Georges Island mid-channel. If you want to have a holiday trip in the Halifax Harbour, consider riding a cruise to go whale watching. You can find heritage sites and restored buildings along the way. Whether you visit the place in the daytime or nighttime, you will surely love to try the freshest seafood offered in nearby restaurants.

#4 Lunenburg - For great souvenir photos, try heading to the peaceful community of Lunenburg. This location is one of the most-visited places in Nova Scotia. It is because it offers a great view of brightly coloured heritage buildings ideal for landscape photography. Also, Lunenburg attracts architectural photographers because of the structures here that date back to the 18th and 19th centuries. Some of these were turned to bed-and-breakfasts to accommodate tourists.

The community of Lunenburg is hailed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its most famous craft is the Bluenose schooner, a boat that won many international races. The replica of it is located in the port while the other ships are displayed in the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic.

#5 Peggy's Cove - If you are looking for a great spot where you can have some photoshoots, then Peggy's Cove would be an ideal destination. It is where you can find the Peggy's Point Lighthouse, one of the country's most photographed lighthouses. Peggy's Cove can be located 43 kilometres southwest of Halifax. Visiting the place allows you to see the dramatic Atlantic Coast and some rocky shorelines. You can try fishing in the area since the site has an active fishing community. Peggy's Cove is the home to many boathouses, fishing piers, and colourful heritage homes. 

Travelling is undoubtedly fun and exciting. It could be your simple way to unwind and relax. For sure, you have missed going to your favourite spot and doing some of your hobbies. Once travelling to top-rated destinations is already allowed in Canada, don't forget to discover the breathtaking locations in Nova Scotia. Take time to capture great scenes using your action camera and meet the friendly locals in the province. Have some fun, and make every second of your trip worth remembering.