Kayaking in Canada: Should You Try It?

When it comes to water adventures, you should not miss the fun and excitement brought by kayaking. Kayaking is an exciting recreation that allows you to move through the water using a small water vessel. This activity involves using a kayak and a double-bladed paddle. A kayak refers to the traditional light narrowboat. It has both ends tapered to a point that usually has a closed top. To move through the water, you have to maneuver by sitting face-forward and propelling ahead with alternating side to side paddle strokes. Although it may sound challenging, kayaking is indeed a thrilling activity, a popular recreation in the Great White North. If you want to try this exciting activity, kayaking in Canada is highly recommended.

Why Try Kayaking?

Canada is home to many beautiful sceneries where you can do a lot of activities. Among these recreations include camping, hiking, fishing, and surfing. What makes these activities unforgettable is the availability of astounding Canadian views. But if you want to engage in high energy sports along the rushing water, you may always try kayaking in Canada. It is a thrilling activity ideal for any adventurers of all levels. Whether you are a beginner or an expert kayaker, this activity is one of the best ways to discover the country’s shallow waters and stunning lakes.

Here are some reasons that may convince you to go kayaking in Canada:

#1 Kayaking is for everyone. As mentioned, you can do this activity even if you have never tried it before. It does not require previous experience. As long as you have someone who knows how to kayak, you can explore open waters through paddling. Besides, there are places in the country where it is safe to kayak as beginners. You can practice there and improve your skills for you to try more thrilling water adventures.

#2 You can do other activities while kayaking. If you get a day-off or take a leave at work, would it be better to spend it wisely? You can have a well-spent day with kayaking because you can combine it with camping, fishing, hiking, and other exciting activities. For instance, if you are planning for your next camping trip, you may choose a campground near a lake to go for a refreshing kayaking adventure. 

#3 Kayaking allows you to explore the waters. Canada is admired for its natural beauty. You can find many breathtaking places perfect for adventures. Since some of these locations have water bodies, you can use a kayak for travelling and exploring the areas. Kayaking is one of the best ways to access any remote region that requires water travel. Besides, all bodies of water are ideal for kayaking. Be it an ocean, lake, or river; you can do the activity alone or with friends.

Different Types of Kayaking

If you are interested in going kayaking soon, it would be best to learn its different types. You'll understand better about the kayak variations. Know that there are recreational kayaking, sport kayaking, and sea kayaking. How can you differentiate the three?

Recreational kayaking allows you to venture into the waterways while beholding the beautiful scenes around you. You don't have to feel pressure about the time because you can make a stop and appreciate the region through wildlife viewing, nature discovery, and nautical exploration. In other words, recreational kayaking is for those who are seeking adventures or want to have a memorable trip to the country.

If you are into races, then sport kayaking is for you. It is ideal for expert kayakers who want to bring their kayaking experience to the next level. Once you have improved your skills as a kayaker, you can join kayaking competitions, turning this hobby into a passionate sport. 

Meanwhile, sea kayaking is more into an immersive form. It involves long journeys that require seaworthy vessels. Sea kayaking is also ideal for expert kayakers who have an in-depth knowledge of the terrain and logistics needed for the trip.

The Best Time to Go Kayaking in Canada

You can go kayaking at any season you like. But warm weather is ideal compared to the cold season. That's why it is recommended to have a kayaking trip in the autumn, spring, and summer seasons. These times can offer you a more comfortable ride. Besides, these seasons are also excellent for doing other adventures like exploring the places and viewing wildlife. Make sure to bring an action cam or any camera device you can use to take pictures of the fantastic scenes. 

Kayaking Equipment to Consider

Like any other activity, kayaking also requires necessary gear. It would be best to have all of these before you go kayaking. In this way, you can guarantee a memorable kayaking adventure in the Great White North. Here are some of the kayaking equipment you need:

  • Double-bladed paddle - It is needed for the kayaking excursion.Using a double-bladed paddle allows you to push the boat through the water.
  • Durable shoes - Consider wearing a pair of durable shoes, especially if you are also on a hiking trip.
  • Helmet - You need a helmet to protect your head even if you are in open water.
  • Kayak - This is the boat that you will use for the trip. You can contact the authorities in the location where you are planning to have the kayaking adventure. Ask them if there are available kayaks in the place which you can use or rent.
  • Life jacket - Whether you know how to swim or not, a life jacket is a must. You need this mostly if an unfortunate event happens. Wearing a life jacket is the best way to keep you afloat in the water.
  • Safety goggles - This eyewear is also essential if you want to protect your eyes from water splashes.
  • Water-resistant shirt and pants - A proper attire is recommended for kayaking. It would be best to wear water-resistant clothing to keep you dry for the whole adventure.

Kayaking in Canada is one of the best ways to unwind and relax. You can do it alone or use it as an opportunity to bond with your family and friends. Besides, you can combine it with other activities like camping or hiking to make a great adventure. When planning your next kayaking trip, make sure to bring all the necessary gear to have a hassle-free kayaking experience. You may also get an action camera to document your adventure in the Great White North.