5 Places to Visit in Canada for Your Next Holiday Vacation

The holiday season is one of the best moments to spend quality time with your loved ones. Since it is fast-approaching, you might have already planned your vacation trip. You may book a flight to stay in your hometown or reserved your visit to top-rated resorts. However, if you are still planning where to go this holiday, then try to spend the festive season here in Canada. This country is home to many great places where you can enjoy your staycation. From watching gleeful parades to shopping in holiday markets, take a break and experience the vacation in Canada.

Canadian Locations to Spend Your Holiday

One of the reasons why Canada got its nickname, Great White North, is because of the country's geographical location. Its territory is situated in the Arctic Archipelago; that's why Canada receives heavy snowfall during the winter. The cold season usually starts in December and lasts until February. However, winter begins as early as November in the eastern part of the country. Besides the low temperature that the wintertime brings, this season also reminds the Christmas season. Here in Canada, many of its cities and towns can transform from busy metropolises to a winter paradise. With the country's snowy landscapes and the people's happy vibes, you may be overwhelmed with the holiday spirit.

Here are some of the best Canadian locations where you can spend your next holiday vacation trip:

#1 Canmore - During the festive period, many people visit the most popular destinations in the country. If you prefer celebrating away from the crowd, then you may head to one of Alberta's hidden gems. Canmore is a humble town that you should not miss when you visit the Canadian Rockies. It is where you can splurge in several winter activities like cross-country skiing, ice skating, and snowshoeing. You may also try dog sledding and snowman carving. For photographers, you may capture Canmore's scenic views. Have an in-depth conversation with your family and friends while you lounge in cafes and restaurants, which are available in the city.

#2 Dawson City - Situated 150 miles south of the Arctic Circle is the peaceful community of Dawson City. This place is part of the Yukon Territory. You may ride a canoe, raft, or kayak to get here. Other travellers prefer taking a five-hour bus ride or a small plane from Whitehorse. Although travelling here could be challenging, you may find it worth it because of the beauty that this small city possesses. There are plenty of old structures visible in Yukon, which can give you some retro vibes. This place is ideal if you want a vintage setting for your photography needs. Heading to Dawson City during the holiday season allows you to witness their yearly tradition. The locals here haul out their riverboats and decorate them with Christmas lights. At night, the people will display their lighted boats and parade them around the town. It is a unique tradition that you can witness once you book your vacation trip in Dawson City.

#3 Quebec City - Quebec City is the capital of Quebec province. The festive period in this place is simply magical. Quebec is known for its remarkable European feel and classical architecture. Visiting this city in the winter season allows you to witness an enchanting setting - ethereal white snow, distinct cobblestone lanes, and sparkling lights. The carnivalesque spirit of the people and the striking decorations make Quebec City ideal for your holiday vacation. Not only that, but this city is also picture-perfect because of the ice-capped structures and snowy scenes. Don't forget to bring a camera on hand as you explore Quebec City. Try the bokeh effect in your night-time photography.

#4 Niagara Falls - Niagara Falls itself is a mighty sight to behold. Located on the Canadian and US border, this natural wonder takes pride in having the highest water flow rate in the world. This picturesque landscape offers a fantastic view of the locals and tourists who are exploring Ontario. It is one of the top-rated destinations during summer. It is because of the breathtaking attractions and plenty of accommodations available on the site. In the winter season, the Niagara Falls can leave you in awe because of the extravagant light show. You will surely enjoy the festive celebration, which includes the Niagara Falls' annual Winter Festival of Lights. In this event, more than three million lights are strung throughout the city. Enjoy shopping and watching weekly fireworks in this place. The fascinating scene of Niagara Falls makes it a perfect setting for photography enthusiasts, either in the summer or winter season.

#5 Toronto - Toronto, the capital of Ontario, is recognized as the largest city in Canada. Many tourists head to this city to rejoice during the festive celebration. Toronto could be your next holiday destination if you want to spend your vacation in the city. Try shopping in the Christmas market in Distillery District. You may also take photographs in the Cavalcade of Lights. It is a festival that highlights the illumination of Toronto's official 30-foot Christmas Tree. This joyful event is a Toronto tradition for over 50 years. Enjoy watching spectacular performances by some of Canada's brilliant musical talents and party under the grand fireworks show. All of these happen in the heart of the city at the famous Nathan Phillips Square.

You need not worry if you haven't planned yet your vacation trip because Canada has it all when it comes to ideal destinations. Whether you prefer the less-travelled by or the top-rated places, you will surely fall in love with the country's breathtaking spots. Capturing beautiful scenes, shopping in Christmas markets, watching spectacular fireworks display, and enjoying plenty of winter activities - these are some of the fascinating things that you can do when you visit Canada for your next holiday vacation.