Why is A 4k Resolution Important for An Action Camera?

Cameras are excellent devices ideal for shooting photos and videos. There are different types of cameras, and among them is an action cam. It is a small camera that you can attach to mounts, including head and chest mounts. Portability is one of the factors that most videographers like about action cams. You can bring this device anywhere, which you can utilize for creating films of extreme adventures. When it comes to videography purposes, it is essential to look for an action cam with a 4k resolution. In this way, you can ensure that your videos are of the highest quality.

What is 4K Resolution?

4K refers to the amount of information in a file and the size of the screen. Compared to HD (High Definition) that has 1280x720 pixels for the resolution, 4K has 4096x2160. Some appliances like televisions are using the 4K resolution. However, some technological devices still consider other resolutions like HD. It is because some online platforms like Facebook and Youtube need to compress the 4K files, which will only drop the quality of the photos and videos.

The Pros of Using 4K Resolution

A lot of videography enthusiasts have been utilizing action cams to create exciting videos. 4K action cams are ideal to use for documenting road trips and sports adventures. For instance, you may use a 4K action cam as a dash camera to record the scenic landscapes while driving. When it comes to extreme adventures, you may attach the device in a helmet to take videos of skydiving or surfing. Aside from all of these, 4K resolution can do wonders to benefit both photography and videography enthusiasts. Here are some of the advantages of using the 4K action cam:

 Camera Movements - In terms of camera movements, using action cameras can provide you with more active and realistic motions. Unlike other camera types, it will not cause static movements. 

 Cropping - In terms of post-production, the quality of the video decreases when it is resized. But with a 4K resolution, you can crop the image and keep the quality of the file. Even if you reduce its size to half, the picture will remain its high resolution.

 Stabilization - One of the best features of using an action cam is its capability of recording stabilized videos. Although you may need accessories such as gimbals for more stabilization, action cams can help keep no-shake movements. 

4K Resolution vs 1080P

4K resolution improves the quality of a video. That's why it is essential to camera devices like action cams. To give you a better perspective, it could be a better option compared to 1080P cameras. Here are the reasons why:

  1. 4K resolution can feature intricate details. One of the advantages of a 4K resolution action cam is the ability to produce the most intricate details. It is because 4K consists of four times the number of pixels when compared to 1080P. That's why you can expect excellent quality when recording films. 
  1. It provides a closer viewing. Using 4K allows the viewer to be positioned nearer to a large screen and still enjoy a clear picture. For instance, when it comes to 4K television, you can have the best viewing experience. The recommended viewing distance for a 4K tv could be twice that of a regular TV. For action cams, you'll see the high quality of the film when you take a closer look.
  1. Shots with 4K resolution can be scaled down and keep their quality. Let's say you have created a video using a 4K action cam. But in the post-production, you need to downsize it to a 2K high definition output. You don't need to worry about the video quality since it is still better than a film shot in 2K itself. In other words, you can keep the high resolution even if you scale down the film.

Buying 4K Action Cams

If you are interested in purchasing a 4K action cam, consider its features before buying one. Know that not all stores can keep their promise of providing you with this kind of resolution. So here's how you can find out whether your camera has 4K feature:

  1. Frames Per Second - Real 4K cameras can shoot at least 30fps and higher. It can reach up to 60 fps if the device is of the highest quality. If the maximum fps of the action cam is less than 30, it is probably a fake one.
  1. Resolution - Real 4K cameras can shoot using a resolution of 3840x2160 pixels. If the device you will purchase is under that, perhaps it is not real 4K. 

It is quite challenging to tell if the action camera is 4K or not based on the price. Some say that if the device is sold at a cheap rate, it could be fake. But know that there are affordable 4K action cameras that also have excellent features. So when buying an action cam online, you may check the description and see the customers' reviews to tell if it is a good investment.

Before, having a 4K device can cost you much more than other types of equipment. But with action cams, you can experience making high-resolution videos. It's because most action cams with 4K  features are sold at an affordable price. Photography and videography enthusiasts should consider this device because of the ultra high definition technology. Besides, the shots taken from 4K devices are recommended for post-production. So even if you edit the images and films, you can still keep the high resolution of the files.