Creating The Best Skydiving Experience in British Columbia

As a kid, you probably dreamt of having superpowers. It can be teleportation, invisibility, super strength and the all-time favourite, flying. Considering the reality, there is no possibility that you will have these abilities. But as a grown adult, you can experience how it feels like to be floating in the air through skydiving. It is a recreational activity where you get off an aircraft at a certain altitude and slowly descends to the ground. It can also be referred to as parachuting. Many adventure seekers always have this activity included on their bucket list. 

There are a lot of places where you can go skydiving. Some of the most famous spots in the world include Dubai, New Zealand and Nepal. In Dubai, you can go skydiving above Palm Jumeirah Island. At the same time, you will be stunned by the view of nature in New Zealand and Mt. Everest in Nepal. If you are living in or travelling to Canada, consider British Columbia for your next jump.

Things to Know About Skydiving

The thought of skydiving could make your adrenaline rush through your body. But before engaging in such an activity, you should always do some research first. Knowing a few things can prepare you for what to expect on the day of your flight. 

#1 Prepare a good amount of money. It will not cost you a fortune, but it is more expensive compared to other activities. Take into consideration the aircraft and the gears that you will be using. There are cheap skydiving rates, but they do not guarantee the quality of your experience.

#2 Delays are normal. It is not always a green light when it comes to skydiving. You need to consider the weather before giving a signal if it is safe to jump. It can be delayed in a few hours, but it has to be cancelled in extreme conditions.

#3 A skydiver needs to have a license before jumping off an aircraft. You have to undergo ground training to be certified. It is not required to get a skydiving license if you are not jumping alone. Most visitors engage in tandem skydiving. You will be strapped to an instructor, and he will be the one to control the parachutes. 

#3 There is an option not to jump. There are only two ways to get to the ground. It is either you jump, or you land with the aircraft. If you are not confident enough, do not do it. It is better to have a decision before boarding the plane. But once you are up there, enjoy the moment and conquer your fear.


Maybe you are wondering where your destination will be once you start to go down. There are misconceptions that you will touch down wherever the parachute takes you. That is why you need to have an experienced skydiver to guide the parachutes for you. The place where your plane takes off is the same place where you will land. 

This place is called a dropzone. They are the ones to be contacted if you want to go skydiving. Most of them offer tandem skydiving, which is famous for first-timers or non-active skydivers. Your chosen dropzone determines the quality of your experience. It includes the aircraft, the gears, and the instructors. 

Canada is one of the top countries with the most number of dropzones. It has around 50 locations to go skydiving. In British Columbia, there are more or less 10 of them. Reading reviews online can help you decide where to have your activity. They are managed by different people, which means that the circumstances will not be the same. If your experience is great, leave a good remark. If it is not, you may give suggestions on how they can improve their service.


Just like any other activity, you need to prepare yourself beforehand. Some people consider it a life event and make sure they are in their best state when they get on the plane. Here are some tips to get you ready for this once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

#1 Dress accordingly. When picking your clothes, keep in mind the kind of activity that you will be doing. Make sure that you are comfortable with what you wear. The best choice is to put on some active clothing and a good pair of shoes. Avoid wearing loose-fitting shirts and sandals. Also, wearing accessories is not encouraged, especially meaningful ones, because they might get lost during the freefall.

#2 Eat with moderation. Most people lose their appetite when they are nervous—having an empty stomach when jumping is not a good idea nor a full stomach. It may affect how your body functions and make you uncomfortable. Have the right amount of food, and keep some snacks with you. 

#3 Have enough sleep. As always, good sleep will help you clear your mind and get in the mood. It will be a challenge to relax the night before because of being excited and anxious at the same time. Try your best to calm yourself and gather enough strength for the next day's activity. 

There are two things you need not forget when you jump off the platform. The first is to capture amazing photos and videos. You will surely regret it if you do not have one. Skydiving packages have these features to record your whole journey from boarding the plane until your safe landing. They have action cameras installed on your wrist or your tandem instructor's wrist to have everything on tape. The second is to breathe. Everything must be overwhelming, but you need to appreciate it while it lasts - the view, the people, and the feeling. The opportunity for this kind of activity is only given to a few people. It will only take a few minutes, but it will be remembered for a lifetime.