Best Places to Go Skydiving in Canada

Besides Canada's stunning cityscapes and landscapes, the country will also amaze you with its exhilarating adventures. You will surely want to venture into the Great White North and take part in thrilling activities. So if you're searching for an extreme Canadian adventure, then you may consider skydiving. This aerial recreation is highly recommended to both new explorers and frequent visitors in the country. It is because skydiving can provide you with the thrill of falling from a plane. You might be overwhelmed with the feeling of having the freedom in the air. It is not only that adrenaline rush that makes skydiving a worthy experience but is also because of the breathtaking aerial view. If you are planning your next adventure, don't forget to try skydiving in Canada.

Different Types of Skydiving

Canada is one of the many countries that offer ideal spots for skydiving. But before you choose your destination, it is essential to know that there are several types of skydiving. Learning them allows you to pick the best one for your adventure needs. There are several skydiving options available to everyone. Here are the different types of skydiving:

#1 Accelerated Freefall - Accelerated Freefall, also known as AFF, is one of the programs recommended for first-time skydivers. It is where you will learn how to fly your body in the open air and how to use the parachute. AFF will also teach you what to do in case something didn't go as planned. In training, you will undergo a series of consolidation jumps before you receive a skydiving license. This license is vital for those who want to skydive on their own.

#2 Canopy Relative Work - Canopy Relative Work is abbreviated as CRW and usually pronounced as "crew." In this type of skydiving, jumpers typically miss out on the freefall position. It means they open their parachutes as soon as they jump from the aircraft.

#3 Formation Skydiving - It is the type of skydiving that most people do after learning AFF. In formation skydiving, you will learn how to fall in a belly-to-earth position and conduct formations afterwards. It is where you'll learn how to control your body in the air. Usually, formation skydiving is done in groups of four or eight.

#4 Freeflying - Compared to other types of skydiving, free-flying is more challenging to master. It is because it requires an advanced discipline to learn different positions and stunts. Many skydivers compete using this type of skydiving. If you are considering this, you may watch some videos taken from an action cam to understand how it is done thoroughly.

#5 Swooping and Canopy Piloting - Swooping refers to the practice of accelerating the rate of the parachute. On the other hand, canopy piloting is combining your knowledge of parachute flying.

#6 Tandem Skydiving - If you have never tried skydiving, then this one's for you. It is a popular choice for most first-time skydivers. You will be paired with a skydiving instructor who will teach you how to make an arched body position for the freefall and the significance of lifting your legs. The instructor will also give you a brief discussion about the exit position and other things needed to create the best skydiving experience. With tandem skydiving, you don't need to undergo specialized training to do it yourself since you have an experienced skydiver who can assist you.

#7 Wingsuiting - Wingsuiting refers to the type of skydiving that requires skydivers to dress up in a wingsuit. Skydivers wear a suit with wings that they control for the rate and direction. They tend to spend longer in the air since these skydivers are travelling horizontally, unlike FS flyers who fall straight down.

Where to Go Skydiving in Canada

Canada offers excellent places where you can perform skydiving. Whatever type of skydiving you're into, there's a perfect Canadian location for you. If you are opting for an unforgettable skydiving experience, then here are some of the best spots to start your adventure:

Banff - Banff is one of the top-rated tourist destinations in Alberta because of its astounding landscapes. Many adventure seekers venture into the national park to perform a skydiving expedition. Tandem skydiving is what most explorers pick when it comes to skydiving experiences in Banff. 

Gananoque - Gananoque is internationally recognized for being the Gateway to the 1000 Islands. It is considered as one of Eastern Ontario's most striking waterfront communities. Both locals and tourists enjoy the spectacular views that you can find in Gananoque. For skydiving adventures, you may consider this Canadian location to witness panoramic views of stunning farmlands and the captivating St. Lawrence. Don't forget to attach an action cam to your headgear to take videos of these magnificent views.

Niagara - Another tourist destination in Ontario is Niagara. This town is known for the bewitching Niagara Falls. Besides this natural wonder, you will surely love the place because of the beautiful view that you can also appreciate from above. For the skydiving expedition, take a 45-minute drive from the Niagara Falls and head to the spot beside Lake Erie and the Grand River. Prepare your action cam and make sure to take footage of the beautiful view of the Niagara Peninsula.

Okanagan - If you are living in British Columbia or nearby places, then try to consider Okanagan for skydiving. This region in BC can offer you a splendid view of Kalamalka Lake's turquoise waters.

Vancouver - If you don't have enough time to travel to a remote area in Canada, then you may try skydiving in the city. Vancouver is an ideal location for skydivers who want to see the panoramas of Mt. Baker, Vancouver Island, and other parts of Canada's west coast.

Whether you want to start with tandem skydiving or go to the extreme by trying formation skydiving, Canada has an ideal place to offer when it comes to these thrilling adventures. When planning for a skydiving expedition, make sure to complete the necessary gear and clothing to create the best experience. You may also consider using an action cam, which you can use to take videos of your exciting trips.