12 Wedding Photography Spots in British Columbia

Marriage is one of the most life-changing events that can happen between two individuals. Planning for your big day could be quite challenging because you have to prepare a lot of things. Hiring a wedding planner can help you with organizing your big day. The organizer can assist you in selecting your wedding theme and in finding the perfect location where you can perform your prenuptial shoots.


Perfect Photography Locations

Finding an ideal location for your prenuptial or wedding ceremony is crucial since you often need to look for the perfect place that can match your wedding theme. For example, you may search for a flower field if you are having a garden wedding. For a beach wedding, an oceanfront or seaside can be chosen.

There's a lot of amazing places that you could choose from in Canada and one of these is British Columbia. This Canadian province has countless national parks, provincial parks and recreational areas that may fit your wedding theme perfectly. Regardless of what your wedding theme is or where it’s taking place, you will surely love to do prenuptial or wedding photoshoots in these places. 

  1. Berg Lake - Having prenuptial or wedding shoots in Berg Lake may give you frosty feelings because of the glaciers carving into the lake. Staying at Marmot Campsite or Berg Lake Campsite can allow you to hear the glacier wearing away at night. If you are considering this place, you have to prepare for a 42-kilometre trail. Therefore, going to this area may require you to wear comfortable clothes. You can bring extra ones so that you can change clothes after the hike.
  2. Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park - Although this provincial park is known for its hiking trails, you may access the place by using a vehicle. It is perfect for mountain views, which can also serve as photography backgrounds. After photoshoots, you and your partner may go canoeing, kayaking, or swimming in the Chilliwack Lake.
  3. Discovery Islands - Situated along the Inside Passage is the archipelago called Discovery Islands. Photographers can take advantage of the mild weather of the place. You may prefer having photoshoots in the provincial park available in the area. 
  4. Kamloops - If you are avoiding bad weather during your photoshoots, heading to Kamloops can be your best pick because it receives 2, 000 hours of sunlight annually. It means that the chance of having poor weather conditions is low. Kamloops is where you can skip the crowd and enjoy a lot of activities before attending to your big day. You can do cycling, hiking, and wildlife viewing in the area. The photographer may take photographs of you while you are enjoying the recreational activities in the area.
  5. Kootenay National Park - If you prefer a more accessible area for wedding photography, then you may opt for Kootenay National Park. It is situated in the west of Banff National Park and south of Yoho National Park. The sparkling lakes in this place can be used as subjects for wedlock photoshoots. You may also want to explore the area because of the hot springs and canyon located in the national park.
  6. Pacific Rim National Park Reserve - Planning a beach wedding theme? You may head to Long Beach, one of the park's most tourist destinations. Besides Long Beach, you can take photographs of nearby forests and hike in some of the available trails.
  7. Prince Rupert - Photographers may use the rich culture of Prince Rupert. The place is known for the history of First Nations, which can be seen through its architecture, art, and people. Apart from doing prenuptial shoots in historic buildings, museums, and gardens, you may also want to seek adventures in the area. 
  8. RED Mountain Resort - If you and your partner love skiing, then you may try it as part of your wedding theme. You can hire a photographer to take photos of you and your loved one while skiing in the RED Mountain Resort. This resort is famous for ski lovers because it is believed to be the last preserved skiing and snowboarding resort in British Columbia.
  9. The Enchanted Forest - From the name itself, this place is genuinely magical where you can capture amazing pictures. The Enchanted Forest is a tourist attraction built by the Needham family. From the Candy Cane House to the castle, all of these can be used as photography backgrounds which are ideal for a fantasy wedding theme.
  10. Tofino - Going to this site can provide alluring sceneries and exciting activities that couples may enjoy. You can capture images in the surfing beaches or whimsical rain forests. 
  11. Vancouver Island - If you want a forest woodland theme for your wedding, you may choose Vancouver Island. With its unique topography and wildlife, you will surely fall in love with the place. Vancouver Island is an ideal site to make enchanting and magical photographs because of its towering trees, shady grove, scenic waterfalls, and abundant wildlife.
  12. Wells Gray Provincial Park - Waterfalls make a spectacular background for wedding photographs. If you are searching for huge waterfalls in Canada, then you may want to explore Wells Gray Provincial Park. When you go to this park, you will travel past three significant waterfalls. The first that you will see along the way is the Spahat Falls, the second one is Moul Falls, and the last one will be the Helmcken Falls. You can use these stunning waterfalls as backgrounds when you are doing your prenuptial shoots.


British Columbia is one of Canada's provinces that you may consider for your prenuptial and wedding photoshoots. Aside from the rich history of its people and culture, the province can also boast its natural landscapes and abundant wildlife. Apart from the scenic views, British Columbia has a lot of exciting activities to offer which couples and families can always enjoy.