Photographing Seascapes in Western Canada

The provinces that encompass Western Canada include Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan. Western Canada is well-known for its captivating seas and sandy beaches. Both landscape and travel photographers may find these alluring seascapes as ideal photography subjects.

Why Capture the Seas?

The sea is one of the most preferred backgrounds for many photography enthusiasts. It can symbolize serenity or power, depending on how the waves strike the coastlines. As photographers, you can capture a more dramatic scene by using the perfect camera settings and experimenting with the natural light. One of the ideal times to take pictures of the sea is when the sun starts to set. It is the time when the various colours are cast in the sky, from golden yellow to bright orange. If you are searching for the most breathtaking seascapes, then try to explore the following must-visit locations in Western Canada.

Amazing Alberta

One of the most populated prairie provinces in Canada is Alberta. It is famous for its agricultural industries. Alberta is also home to five national parks and rugged badlands. Besides these terrains, you can find a lot of stunning seas and lakes in this prairie province.

Alberta Beach - Alberta Beach is situated in Lac Ste. Anne, which is approximately 60 kilometres west of Edmonton. It is a well-known resort which is used mostly for recreation activities. The vicinity of the beach has both sandy and grassy areas. Visiting the place from August to early September is the best time to capture the warm waters of Alberta. It is also the season when many people enjoy different water activities.

Lac La Biche - If you are searching for a place to go camping, kayaking, swimming, then you could explore Lac La Biche. It can be found at Sir Winston Churchill Provincial Park. Many tourists love the forested trails on the island because it is where you can go biking or hiking. You may explore on foot and find the fabulous Boardwalk Beach when the sun starts to set. Take time to photograph the sky as it changes its colours from blue to pink and orange. 

Lake Annette Beach - Lake Annette Beach is one of the loveliest beach settings you can find in Alberta. It is situated in the Rocky Mountains and is also near to the town of Jasper. Besides the spectacular setting, Lake Annette Beach is also admired for its beautiful paved path around it. Visiting this site allows you to do a short walk on the trail and enjoy the tranquillity of the place. For photography enthusiasts, you can highlight the glacial features of the lake. Try to take photographs of this seascape as the blue waves touch the sandy beach.

Bewitching British Columbia

On the Pacific Coast, British Columbia is Canada's westernmost province. It is home to hundreds of national parks where you can find fascinating sceneries. If you love beaches, then you may opt for these beautiful locations:

Jericho Beach - Jericho Beach is situated in Vancouver. It is an ideal location for having scenic views of the mountain, ocean, and the city. Try to take pictures of the blue waters as you rest on the plenty of driftwoods available on the site. You may wait for the sunset and photograph the beach during the golden hour.

Nels Bight - What makes Nels Bight an excellent location is its accessibility. It is reachable by boat or through a 30-kilometre return hike. Going to this place allows you to witness the alluring Cape Scott Lighthouse. You can use this structure when you take photos of the surrounding beaches.

Sandy Island - Sandy Island can be found at the end of Denman Island. This place offers sandy beaches, which are only accessible by foot or by using a boat at low tide. Sandy Island is a great location to practice your canoeing skills. As you enjoy the profound solitude of the area, you can capture the excellent beach sparkling under the sun.

Mesmerizing Manitoba

Manitoba is a prairie province that is bordered by Ontario to the east and Saskatchewan to the west. It is well-known for its incredible beaches. You may consider these must-visit sites in Manitoba:

Grand Beach - If you want a complete beach-vacation feel, then visiting the Grand Beach is something that you should do. While admiring its white sand and clear water, you can go for a dip in the beach, get tanned while lying on the dunes, or visit the boardwalk. You can also use Grand Beach as your photography background. 

Minnedosa Beach - Travelling 50 kilometres north of Bradon allows you to explore the Minnedosa Beach. While enjoying the sun, you can go swimming or taking a picnic with your loved ones. To practice your photography skills, you can take photos of how the skyline meet waters.

Scintillating Saskatchewan

Formerly recognized as the "breadbasket of the world" and the "wheat province," Saskatchewan is the country's largest producer of grains and oilseeds. Besides having 40% of the arable land in Canada, Saskatchewan also takes pride in its impressive beaches. 

Good Spirit Lake - The Good Spirit Lake is situated 30  minutes northwest of Yorkton. It has beautiful white sand and warm waters that you and your family may enjoy. If you are fond of swimming, you may love the weedless bottoms of the Good Spirit Lake. As a photographer, you can take a panoramic shot of this scenic place featuring the incredible white sand.

Little Lake Manitou - Little Lake Manitou can be found in Manitou Beach and Watrous area. Of all the North American beaches, Little Lake Manitou is one of the unique beaches because its waters are extremely rich in mineral content. Try to include this fabulous beach on your list of photographed seascapes.

From Alberta to Saskatchewan, Western Canada has a lot to take pride in when it comes to marvellous water bodies. You can take advantage of these remarkable seascapes for various subjects for amazing photography opportunities.