6 Extreme Activities You Can Do in Canada

Canada is one of the most captivating countries in North America. It is home to numerous natural wonders, both landscapes and seascapes. The country also has plenty of national and provincial parks where you can go camping. Other than having a lot of outstanding camping destinations, there are more exciting activities that you can do in this country.

Extreme Activities to Do in Canada

The beautiful country of Canada has some of the world's best scenes. The availability of abundant natural resources, as well as the country's irresistible beauty, offers you many adventure activities that you may enjoy. From skydiving to skiing, there's a variety of thrilling activities that you can do while exploring Canada's outstanding views. Follow your wanderlust in the country and try to do the following breathtaking adventures:

Bungee Jumping - If you want to experience a heart-stirring adventure, then you may want to try bungee jumping. It is an extreme sport where a jumper falls from a high place and is bounced back after a free fall. There is a durable bungee (rubber) cord attached to the feet of the jumper. It is believed that bungee jumping was commercially offered in 1988 to the New Zealand community. People can make use of an action camera to document this mind-blowing sport adventure. For bungee jumping destinations, try to visit The Great Canadian Bungee in Quebec. It can be found at the edge of a cliff that can drop you into a 160-foot deep aqua blue lagoon.

Edge Walking - The urban places in Canada also offer places where you can perform intense activities like edge walking. You can find this extraordinary adventure in the CN Tower. It is one of the most famous structures in Toronto. Those who are seeking extreme activities can edge walk in the world's highest full circle hands-free walk. Participants need to go around in a 5-foot wide ledge encompassing the top of the CN Tower's central pod. The building is 1,168 feet high and is recognized as one of the most mind-boggling attractions in history. If you want to record your walk and bring to life your blog on the CN Tower, you may use an action cam that you can attach to a helmet. Doing so allows you to photograph the bewitching city view.

Hiking - Hiking may sound like a simple activity, but it could also be a stimulating pastime. You don't have to undergo specialized training to enjoy this activity. You may only need a few gears to go hiking. It is a perfect recreation which you can enjoy with your family and friends. It allows you to spot wildlife and to behold the country's dramatic cliffs and spectacular seascapes. Hiking is an ideal adventure for photography enthusiasts who want to capture Canada's picturesque sceneries. Some of the best-hiking destinations that you could try include the Fundy National Park, Gros Morne National Park, and Waterton Lakes National Park.

Kayaking - If you want to explore the stunning lakes and rivers of Canada, then kayaking could be your best pick when it comes to water adventures. Kayaking is one of the most popular water sports which involves paddling using a kayak. The kayak is a type of canoe with a pointed bow and stern. It has no keel, but it has a cockpit where the paddler can sit. The kayak comes in a variety of types and sizes, but usually, it can hold one to three people. Most of the time, this water adventure is paired with other exciting activities like camping and fishing. For Canada's kayaking destinations, you may choose from Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario, Churchill River in Manitoba, Haida Gwaii in British Columbia, or Harbour Passage in Prince Edward Island. As a photographer, you can use kayaking as an opportunity to visit the country's astonishing water bodies. Don't forget to bring a camera on hand and take the time to capture the best scenes.

Skiing - Winter is the best time to discover Canada's stunning mountainous terrains. For winter activities and snow sports, skiing is an ideal adventure to try. Skiing is both a sport and recreation which involves moving over snow. To perform this activity, you need to use skis, which are long and flat runners attached to your boots or shoes. It is believed that skiing is a prehistoric activity because of the oldest known skis dated back between 8000 and 7000 BCE. Short and broad shoes characterize some of the first skis. Skiing was used for travelling and military purposes. Other than these intents, some individuals ski for entertainment or sport. For competitive skiing, it is divided into Alpine, Nordic, and freestyle. If you are searching for ideal ski destinations in Canada, then you may head to Big White Ski Resort, Blue Mountain, and Cypress Mountain. These iconic resorts also provide fantastic views that photographers may love to photograph.

Skydiving - Conquer the sky by engaging in one of the most extreme adventures that you can try here in Canada. Skydiving, also known as parachuting, is an activity with both recreational and competitive purposes. The beginning of this sport can be traced in 1797 when the descents used a hot-air balloon made by a French aeronaut named Andre-Jacques Garnerin. However, modern skydiving is usually performed from a propeller-driven airplane. With this extreme sport, you can witness the top view of Canada's fascinating landscapes. If you want to take pictures of the awe-inspiring panoramas, then you may use an action camera. This device is a specially-designed camera used to capture photos while performing extreme sports like skydiving.

There are many enthralling activities that you can do in Canadian wonders. Some of them are considered as extreme sports which are ideal for those people seeking for heart-stopping adventures. If you try the activities listed above, make sure that you have the full gears to perform them. Besides the needed equipment, you also need to equip yourself with the safety precautions when doing these adventures.