Awesome Places to Visit in Saskatchewan

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought challenges in today’s different sectors, and the tourism industry is no exception. During these difficult times, many people are restricted to travel while others are only allowed to go when buying necessities. In this time of a pandemic, everyone should not lose hope since most individuals are working hand-in-hand to combat COVID-19. Once the travel restrictions are lifted in your area, you will be able to visit the places you've missed and to discover Canada's natural beauty. One of the provinces that you may consider is Saskatchewan.

Discovering Saskatchewan's Beauty

For those who have not been into Saskatchewan yet, it is one of the country's prairie provinces. Prairies refer to grasslands, which are abundant in the region. Saskatchewan's unique features include having no saltwater coasts and being bounded with no authentic structures. Meaning, all the boundaries are made from artificial elements. For sure, you will be impressed by the province's spirited society. Not only that, but Saskatchewan is also home to many beautiful scenes that your eyes would love to behold. Once the area reopens its tourist attractions and allows travellers to come across the communities, you will be able to wander in the following breathtaking places:

#1 Athabasca Sand Dunes - The Athabasca Sand Dunes is considered as the most northerly active dunes in the world. It encompasses rare botanical species situated in a unique geophysical formation. The dunes can reach a height of approximately 98 feet and are believed to be 8000 years old. They are also estimated to be formed during the glacial period. If you are into floras, you will find pleasure spotting for rare species of chickweed, hair grass, floccose tansy, and willow. Since the Athabasca Sand Dunes has a fragile ecosystem, it is advised to access the place by a floatplane or boat.

#2 Hills and Grasslands National Park - If you want to engage in an exciting adventure after staying at home for a long time, this place could be your best pick for your road trip destination. Grasslands National Park is the highest point in the province. It is home to many outdoor attractions and inter-provincial parks. If your kids love dinosaurs, then you may bring them to T.Rex Discovery Centre, where you can find full-size skeleton replicas. It is a great way to educate them about these creatures and create a memorable trip for them.

#3 Prince Albert National Park - Another national park that you may consider is Prince Albert National Park. It is best described with an aesthetic landscape of large lakes, aspen-dotted uplands, and spruce bogs. There are pieces of evidence that First Nations have lived in this region. It is a refreshing feeling to travel to this park because of the presence of wildlife here. 

You may see a wide variety of creatures such as caribou, coyote, deer, elk, fox, lynx, squirrel, and white pelican. When you travel to this national park, you can head to Grey Owl's small log cabin. It is the author's home where he stayed for seven years to observe the abundant wildlife in the park. You can read his love for the wilderness in his books.

#4 Qu'Appelle Valley - Turn your action cam on as you explore the Qu'Appelle Valley. It is a lovely and steep-sided valley with a rich garden-style landscape. You can find eight lakes along the valley and several scenic parks and townships. Use a camera device to collect souvenirs by capturing impressive scenes. Try visiting the Buffalo Pound, Fort Qu'Appelle, and Round and Crooked Lake.

#5 Regina - Regina is both a commercial and cultural center. If you are into architectural photography, you will surely love the place since you can find many governments and provincial institutions. Some of the impressive structures that you can see across Regina include the Mackenzie Art Gallery, RCMP Heritage Centre, Royal Saskatchewan Museum, and Saskatchewan Legislative Building.

#6 Saskatoon - You can find Saskatoon in the heart of the South Saskatchewan River. This place offers several historical sites, including museums and heritage parks. It is an ideal itinerary if you will bring kids on your trip. You can accompany them to the Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park and Zoo. Another place to consider is the Remai Modern Museum, which is well-known for its collection of Picasso's artworks.

#7 Trans-Canada Highway - If you are driving starting from Saskatchewan's southeast border, you may pass through its capital which is Regina and the peaceful town of Swift Current. Taking a  road trip along the Trans-Canada Highway allows you to see panoramic landscapes perfect for photography. If you have an action cam with you, you may consider taking pictures of the prairies and wheat fields of southern Saskatchewan. Get your camera ready since there are other exciting places you can find along the way. Some of these include Cypress Hills Provincial Park, Moose Mountain Provincial Park, and the Qu'Appelle Valley.

#8 Twisted Trees - If you want to witness a unique and exciting place, then the Twisted Trees could be your best option. It is an Aspen grove where you can find lots of odd-looking trees. Instead of growing tall and straight, the Aspen trees in this area grow in different directions due to a genetic mutation.

Your safety is one of Saskatchewan's priorities. Many people want to take a road trip or visit the province's top-rated destinations. But everyone is expected to abide by the safety regulations in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic. For now, you can now start planning your adventures and list down the itineraries you wish to visit once the travel ban is lifted. Doing so will make it easier for you to accomplish your travel goals. You may also visit Saskatchewan's website to keep updated with the province's current situation. Be fully informed, and prepare yourself for a great adventure soon.