7 Most Underrated Locations to Explore in Canada

Canada, being the world's second-largest country, can offer you countless and must-visit destinations. This country is a perfect location whether you are looking for a grandiose mountain to go hiking or a vast sea to try surfing. Canada is also internationally acknowledged for its breathtaking landscapes. The enchanting Niagara Falls and remarkable Banff National Park are just two of the country's most popular travel spots. Besides these wonders, Canada has a lot of hidden paradises waiting to be explored.

Must-Visit Underrated Canadian Sites

When it comes to travelling places, many people often choose top-rated locations. It is because these sites are already visited by many tourists. However, some individuals want to explore those places which are less-travelled by. It gives these travellers more tranquillity that they need. Besides quietude, opting for underrated locations make them feel that these places are somehow exclusive for them. 

Here are some of the most underrated but fascinating spots in Canada:

Big Muddy Badlands - One of Canada's hidden wonders lies in Saskatchewan's Big Muddy Valley. It is where you can see a lot of isolated hills with steep, often referred to as butte. Big Muddy badlands attract many people for its exceptional terrain with deep-cut sandstone ravines. Besides the fascinating scenery, landscape photographers may fall in love with the site's aboriginal stone effigies. These include the Big Beaver Buffalo and Minton Turtle which have heritage value to the community. It is recommended to visit Big Muddy Badlands during the summer months. On the other hand, you may still consider the rainy season to take photos of the vast prairie wildflowers.

Cavendish - Cavendish is situated in Prince Edward Island that offers a beautiful beach scene. The picture-perfect views and must-try activities draw attention to countless tourists during July and August. It is an ideal summer destination for beach lovers because of the beautiful coast and the town's genuine hospitality. Photography enthusiasts can feature Cavendish's 25-mile sand dunes and thrilling horizons during sunsets.

Fredericton - Fredericton is the capital of New Brunswick. It could be a queer and little place for some people, but it has the big city vibes. Fredericton is highly recommended for those individuals who are seeking for art inspiration. The heartening artworks of the leading Canadian artists can enliven the soul of any artists, from writers and poets to painters and photographers. The collection of awe-inspiring artistry can be seen at the Beaverwork Art Gallery. There is a reason why Fredericton is hailed as the "city at the edge of nature." This small city can delight hikers because it has an 88-kilometre hiking trail situated in the Saint John River. Besides hiking, photographers may also fall in love with Fredericton's city wonders. In this place, you may take a photo of the world's longest covered bridge, which is also known as the "kissing bridge."

Haida Gwaii - Honored as the Canadian Galapagos due to its endemic wildlife, there are more things to love about Haida Gwaii. This fantastic place is located in British Columbia, which is only accessible by air or water. Although it is challenging to go to this location, many people are starting to visit Haida Gwaii. Aside from its natural beauty, Haida Gwaii is admired for its abundant wildlife and relaxing hot springs. If you have finally decided to include this in your bucket list of must-visit places, then it is essential to plan your activities. You may go paddling or surfing on the beach, bathing in the hot springs, bird sightseeing in the Delkatla Wildlife, or capturing the island's magnificent natural settings.

Kaslo - Located in the heart of the beautiful province of British Columbia is Kaslo. It is a small town that lies in a valley next to Kootenay Lake. The majestic mountains and grand rivers and lakes make Kaslo a must-see paradise. Discover this beautiful site by taking a hiking or biking trip. You may also go boating and take photographs of the town's splendid sceneries. Kaslo could be your best pick when it comes to winter destinations. In this place, you can do several winter sports, including skating, skiing, and sledding. You can even play hockey in the frozen ponds or inside the Kaslo Recreation Complex. Winter is an ideal time to photograph Kaslo's snow-capped mountains and glacial forests.

Summerside - Summerside is an astounding city located on the southern coast of Prince Edward Island. It lies along Northumberland Strait and Bedeque Bay. This city is highly recommended for individuals who want to have an authentic island experience. It is a perfect place for doing a lot of water activities and trying sumptuous seafood delicacies. Summerside is famous for its diverse cultural traditions and friendly communities. It is also an ideal setting for photographers who want to capture bewitching sunsets and stunning seascapes. Besides photo opportunities that Summerside provides, this city also offers exciting nightlife events. 

Yarmouth - If you are fond of the beach, then you may visit Yarmouth. It is a small port town located on the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia. The surrounding areas in Yarmouth allow you to experience both land and water activities. For ocean enthusiasts, you may try boating, canoeing, and swimming. Other activities that you can do are cross-country skiing, cycling, hiking, and skateboarding. After doing the mentioned recreational activities, you can satisfy your seafood cravings. Try to visit nearby restaurants that cook a fresh supply of fish and other sea creatures. You can also have a souvenir from your Yarmouth travel. Bring a camera on hand while roaming on the town's vicinity. During sunsets, you may photograph the captivating oceans and vibrant skies.

Canada is one of the many countries to enthrall you with picturesque destinations. There are still many wonderful places to look forward to in this country. If you got a strong desire to travel the most beautiful places on Earth, then you may include these beautiful and mesmerizing Canadian spots.