6 Best Stargazing Locations in Canada

There is something about the nighttime that several people look forward to. You may choose to take a good rest after a tiring day at work. Or, you can spend the remaining hours to bond with your family and friends. However, for adventure seekers, they want to indulge in a celestial show at night. When it comes to stargazing locations, Canada offers many accessible places where you can clearly view the night sky.

Where to Do Stargazing in Canada

Canada has impressed many travellers and photographers in terms of breathtaking sites and world-class adventure destinations. These places allow both locals and tourists to enjoy engaging recreation and even extreme activities. Whether you like an adventure in land, water, or sky, you have a lot of leisure activities to choose from. You may try hiking, skiing, and surfing to Canada's stunning landscapes. These activities are best done in daytime because you can also cherish the natural beauty of the country. You may opt for stargazing where you can admire the Canadian night sky. Here are some of the ideal locations to watch the stars:

#1 Big White Mountain Ecological Reserve - This park offers a lot of engaging activities at daytime and stargazing opportunities at night. While the sun is out, you may enjoy a line up of recreation, from swimming in the Rhonda Lake to mountain biking in Rock Hammer trail. You may also join some festivals initiated by the locals here. In the summer season, you may enter the Craft and Country Beer and Mountain Festival. Other celebrations include Ciderfest and Huckleberry Festival. They also provide wellness programs during weekends. If you are into extreme sports, you may try kayaking and skiing. At night, try to visit the Okanagan Observatory to have a memorable stargazing experience.

#2 Grasslands National Park - If you are living in Saskatchewan or a nearby town, then you may already be familiar with Grasslands National Park. It is famous for its unique accommodations when it comes to campgrounds, wildlife viewing sites, and even horse experiences. Visiting the national park by day allows you to explore the exciting trails and enjoy hiking with your family and friends. You may also have some photo opportunities in the badlands and grasslands available in the park. If you want to have a glimpse of the province’s history, you may take the Ecotour scenic drive. There are other fascinating activities that you can do in Grasslands National Park, including canoeing, cycling, and kayaking. Delight yourself as you watch the stars in the wide-open night sky. There is a higher chance of seeing them clearly since the park is one of the dark-sky preserves in Canada.

#3 Jasper National Park - Jasper National Park is one of the famous tourist destinations in Alberta. This place is recognized as the largest national park in the Canadian Rockies. Not only that, but Jasper National Park is also part of UNESCO's Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks World Heritage Site. In daylight, you may mount your action camera and document your hiking experience in the park's exciting trails. Another way to spend your leisure hours is to engage in wildlife photography and feature the park's local species. When the sun goes down, you may join photography workshops or enjoy the view of the cosmos. For the best stargazing spots, you may head to Lake Annette, Maligne Canyon, and Pyramid Lake.

#4 Point Pelee National Park - This park is known to be the southernmost part of mainland Canada. The name of the park is based on the French word pelee, which means “bare.” The sandpit formation that you can see in the park is a landmass formed due to the transportation of sediments. These sediments are caused by longshore drift as well as the currents along the beach. UNESCO recognized Point Pelee National Park as a Wetland of International Significance in 1987. One of the best times to explore the area is during springtime and fall season because it is where you can see a lot of avian species. It is an excellent opportunity for both travel and wildlife photographers. Since the park is open until midnight, visitors have enough time to do stargazing at night.

#5 Terra Nova National Park - Whether you like camping or swimming, Terra Nova National Park has a beautiful place to offer. But other than being an adventure destination, this national park also provides wonders at night. You will feel the magical vibes as soon as the stars blanket the sky. Many tourists visit Terra Nova National Park because it is an excellent location where you can have a memorable experience under the night sky. This park was one of Canada's newly Dark-Preserves. It was designated in 2018, enticing more travellers to venture into the area. To have the best view of the night sky, you may head to Sandy Point, which is the darkest place in the park.

#6 Whiteshell Provincial Park - With 2, 729 square kilometres in area, Whiteshell Provincial Park offers stunning lakes and rivers and the Precambrian Shield. If you are searching for an excellent destination for the prenuptial shoot, you may consider the boreal forests available in the area. While exploring the place, you may find species of balsam fir, black spruce, and white spruce. The park offers a lot of recreation opportunities that both tourists and locals may enjoy. Try canoeing, hiking, mountain biking, and snowmobiling. At night, you have the chance to witness swirls of the Milky Way. 

Although you can watch the stars wherever you are, it is highly suggested to pick a location where there is less light pollution. It means you have to venture into a place where there are few artificial lights. Doing so will make it less challenging to view the stars and other natural phenomena such as the spectacular northern lights.