Beautiful Wedding Destinations in Canada

A wedding day is said to be one of the most special and memorable moments in someone’s life. It’s very important to pick an amazing destination -where you are going to celebrate this special day- as this will play a significant part in this unique event. Listed below are some gorgeous and wonderful venues in Canada perfect for you and your loved one to get married.


#1 Hart House in Toronto, Ontario

Hart House is one of the lovely and unique downtown destinations in Canada. It offers architectural designs and elegant room accommodations. Not only that, they provide fantastic service and high-end cuisine. Whether it’s a small gathering or a grandiose event for your wedding, the Hart House is one of the perfect places where you can hold your dream wedding.

#2 Nita Lake Lodge in Whistler, British Columbia

If you want to have a bespoke, memorable, and extra romantic wedding, then Nita Lake Lodge in Whistler, British Columbia is your best choice. It’s one of the coolest wedding venues in the country because it is surrounded by snow-capped mountains located in on a lake with glaciers.

Indulge yourselves and the guests with the warm approach of the place’ personnel. You’ll fall in love with the gorgeous environment with bridal spa services and top-notch catering offers. The place is truly a dream wedding destination. This venue is also one of Canada’s photographic views so you’ll achieve beautiful Instagrammable photos.


#3 Merridale Estate Cidery in Cobble Hill, British Columbia

Another great place to consider for your wedding is the Merridale Estate Cidery in Cobble Hill, British Columbia. It’s a place with orchard rich in blossoming apple trees, so you will have a very relaxing time on your special day. It’s an elegant farm setting that will make your special day more memorable At Merridale, your hearts will not only be filled with love to your better half but also with fun and with the people closest to your heart.


#4 Cielo's Garden in Steinbach, Manitoba

Some wedding couples prefer to have a garden wedding. Well, Manitoba offers a great place to have that outdoor wedding of your dreams. Cielo’s Garden offers a perfect outdoor setting that will give you a great natural vibe to your venue. 

Sometimes, planning a wedding outdoors can be somewhat stressful because it is hard to predict the weather conditions on the special day, however, due to the Cielo’s Garden’s transparent roofs and sidewalls, it allows your event to be a great, regardless of the weather. The roofs also give a greenhouse-like effect making the place perfect for any kind of season. The venue also boasts with its decorative stone wall thus, creating a romantic space for the wedding attendees.


#5 Storm Mountain Lodge in Banff, Alberta

Built by Canadian Pacific Railway in 1922, Storm Mountain Lodge is one of eight Bungalow Camps that helps promote tourism in the Rocky Mountains. Visitors love the area because of the awesome scenery and amenities in the place. Storm Mountain Bungalow Camp originally is composed of a log lodge offering a broad verandah, bathhouses, and bungalows.  These original bungalows are still used and enjoyed by guests today. This place is perfect for vintage-inspired wedding ideas.


#6 Hôtel de Glace in Quebec City, Quebec

Just 20 minutes north of the beautiful Valcartier Vacation Village, you will find Hôtel de Glace. This hotel is known for the great experience it offers during vacations and other events. It’s a must-see for everyone! Hôtel de Glace has amazing snow vaults and jaw-dropping crystalline ice sculpted creations, making the whole place dazzle with beauty and sophistication. Your guests will be impressed with all the sightings and masterpieces in the area. This ice hotel will give an incredible experience to your wedding and celebrations. Truly, this venue can create an unforgettable experience you will cherish forever.


#7 Kortright Centre for Conservation in Woodbridge, Ontario

Kortright Centre for Conservation is located in Woodbridge, Ontario, just 10-minutes ride from the north of Toronto. It is a pristine woodland measuring 325 hectares – perfect for an amazing wedding event. The place offers a combination of a natural oasis as well as some of the top cutting-edge sustainable learning programs and events in the country. There are 100,000 visitors that pay a visit to the place annually. You can contact the centre’s people and they would love to accommodate your special day, too.


#8 Dalvay By The Sea in Dalvay, Prince Edward Island 

Dalvay by the Sea is another elegant and sophisticated venue you can add to your options of places you would like your wedding to take place. The personnel here will aid you in making your wedding day memorable and successful. They have a gorgeous venue that can be customized according to your wishes and preferences, as well as the awesome menus they offer. They can make your wedding to be in a setting that will be fun-filled, heartwarming, and unforgettable.


#9 The Barn

The Barn is a genuine architectural masterpiece established in 1873. It offers a fantastic system of rafters, beams, posts, and braces. It will wow your guests with how this venue is intricately engineered as this showcases amazing craftsmanship.

Nowadays, The Barn is a favourite venue for different occasions and events whether for small groups, corporate, or intimate parties. It has a lounge area, a bar, a DJ booth, and cutting-edge amenities for audiovisual purposes.

#10The Prince George Hotel in Halifax, Nova Scotia

If you’re looking where to celebrate your wedding with an astonishing style and vibe, then The Prince George Hotel located in Halifax, Nova Scotia will be your perfect destination. The beauty of the place and their high value to giving extraordinary service to their clients make it possible to create an event that will be treasured forever. 

Every detail is given the same significant importance. Their expertise in event planning and management will make your beautiful dream wedding possible. It’s a perfect place to get married to your partner. It's also a great place to capture amazing photos on the historic sites, harbours, and other sceneries in the area

Preparing for your wedding can be a daunting and stressful activity. That’s why couples are hiring the services of wedding planners nowadays. When it comes to wedding destinations, the above venues will be great to consider. You want your wedding to be perfect and your guests to be happy, so make sure to choose the most appealing venue for your very special day.