5 Must-Visit Small Towns in Canada

Canada is well-known for its significant and alluring cities which are home to countless tourist destinations. Every year, many travellers visit this country to explore natural and provincial parks where they can go camping and hiking. Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal are just some of the most popular Canadian cities where you can find breathtaking water forms and majestic mountains. Besides having famous cities, Canada also takes pride in its charming small towns where you can also discover beautiful sceneries.

Charismatic Canadian Towns You Have to Visit

Canada is one of the best countries where you can go on vacation trips. If you want to loosen up from stress, then try to visit the following towns which are ideal for your relaxation.

#1 Alma, New Brunswick 

The phenomenal Bay of Fundy is located in New Brunswick. It is hailed as one of the seven wonders of North America. It is because it is in the Bay of Fundy where you can find the highest tides on Earth as well as the rarest species of fascinating whales. Apart from these natural wonders, you can also discover precious minerals and dinosaur fossils. If you want to have a delightful trip on the Bay of Fundy, one of the best places to make your base camp is the small town of Alma. Alma lies on the banks of the Bay of Fundy, and it is also an ideal base to discover more of the Fundy National Park. 

This lovely town serves as a bustling fishing port. A bountiful of lobsters are caught in this town which is a significant contribution to the economy of New Brunswick. If you love lobsters, then you may visit the restaurants in Alma where you can delight yourself with cheaper and fresher seafood cuisine. If you will be visiting Alma, the best time to do it is in the summer season. Try to make a road trip in Alma's beautiful scenic spots. You may start at the Fundy Coastal Drive where you can watch the whales breaching off the coast. Don't forget to bring a camera on hand and take some exciting photographs. Capture a dramatic scene as the sun sets in the seascape of Alma.

#1 Dawson City, Yukon 

Before, the delightful town in Yukon was popular with the name, Klondike Gold Rush. It is because gold has been discovered in this place. Years later, this remote settlement flourished into an alluring town. Visiting Dawson City can give you some retro vibes since small changes have been made but the traditional appearance of the structures are retained. This place is perfect for architecture photographers, primarily if you are featuring old buildings and structures. You may take pictures of Canada's oldest gambling hall, The Diamond Tooth Gerties, or photograph some classic hotels and restaurants.

Follow your wanderlust and experience a diverse and vibrant northern community in Dawson City. Start with planning your route by dropping in the town's Visitor Information Centre. You may include the Waterfront Park and Discovery Claim in your itineraries. Heading to Yukon River allows you to witness massive and abandoned boats that you can see in the river's vicinity. Try to capture these shipwrecks to create an impressive photography portfolio.

#2 Fernie, British Columbia

If you love adventure, you may want to include the alluring town of Fernie on your bucket list. Fernie lies on the west side of the Alberta-British Columbia border. Travelling to this place gives you the opportunity to be enchanted with the Rocky Mountains towering the area. The town of Fernie never fails its tourists not only because of its panoramic sites but also of its thrilling activities to offer. You may also go to Fernie's local restaurants to satisfy your tummy with their locally produced and quality food. For exciting recreational activities, you can go mountain biking, hiking, and even fishing in summer. During the winter season, you may head to Fernie Alpine Resort to try its world-class ski hill. If you are interested in cat skiing which allows you to travel to more backcountry areas, then you may visit the famous Island Lake Lodge.

#3 Fogo Island, Newfoundland and Labrador

If your primary reason for travelling is to unwind, then try to contemplate the peaceful Fogo Island situated in Newfoundland and Labrador. It is the largest island in the said province, and it may require you almost an hour for the ferry ride from Farewell. The first time you step on the island, you will know that the travel time is worth it once you see the welcoming smiles of the locals in Fogo Island. You can expect a lot in the town's fishing communities, especially if you are looking for photogenic spots. You may take pictures of Fogo's abundant forests, bright-coloured clapboard houses, and sea-cliff pathways. Take some art inspiration when you visit the Fogo Island Gallery. It is where you can witness art exhibitions from local and visiting artists. The gallery does not only present paintings, but it also exhibits sculptures and other artistic structures.

#4 Lunenburg Nova Scotia

Talking about bewitching Canadian towns, you should never miss an opportunity to explore the humble village of Lunenburg. One of the reasons to incorporate this in your must-visit places list is the fact that Lunenburg is hailed as one of UNESCO's World Heritage sites. This awe-inspiring East Coast fishing village located in the heart of Nova Scotia is also named as one of the Prettiest Painted Places in Canada. With its vibrant seaside town, inspiring art galleries, and seafood restaurants. If you are searching for ideal photography backgrounds, you may explore Lunenburg's large harbour to discover the replica of Canada's Bluenose Schooner. It is a sailboat that became famous in the 1920s which is hailed as one of the fastest racing boats in the world. 

Everyone can praise Canada when it comes to natural wonders. Whether you explore its fabulous cities or take scenic drives in this country's remarkable towns, you have a lot of options for travel destinations. Next time you plan your trip, don't forget to include the amazing small towns in Canada.