5 Exciting Activities to Try in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan is one of the Canadian prairie provinces with distinct features. It is one of the two Canadian areas having no saltwater coast. Besides, Saskatchewan is the only province without natural boundaries, meaning all of its borders are human-made. Other than these interesting facts, it is the country's fifth-largest province when it comes to the area. It also ranked sixth when it comes to population. Saskatchewan is admired for its vibrant cities and welcoming locals. Not only that, but this province also takes pride in its abundant wildlife, world-class freshwater fishing, and incredible parks. Saskatchewan also offers ideal locations where you can perform engaging activities like canoeing, golfing, horseback riding, and hiking.

What to Do in Saskatchewan

There are many exciting activities that you can choose from when you visit Saskatchewan. If you are staying for a short time, selecting the perfect recreation could be challenging. It may not be very easy to decide whether you prefer land or water activities. There are also engaging activities in the sky, such as skydiving and zip-lining. Here are some of the fascinating things to do while you are in the prairie province:

1. Camp in Prince Albert National Park. Saskatchewan is home to numerous parks, and among them, Prince Albert National Park is one of the most popular tourist destinations. It was even featured on National Geographic's website. The park encompasses a diverse collection of wildlife and a variety of tree species. Prince Albert National Park is an ideal campground since it is where you can perform many family-friendly activities. Enjoy birdwatching and try to find as many birds as you can among the 195 species in the park. You may also try horseback riding or cross-country skiing in the available resorts. Summer is the peak season for Prince Albert National Park. If you prefer visiting the place when there is less crowd, you may consider the fall season. During this time, you can see how photogenic the forests are because of their vibrant colours. For a better view, you may head to Spruce River Highlands Trail. This site gives you a panoramic view of the hills. You will see the leaves of the trees in a variety of colours, from yellow to orange.

2. Canoe in the Hunt Falls. The Hunt Falls is hailed as the largest waterfall in Saskatchewan. The best thing about it is that anyone can visit the place because it is easier to access, unlike other areas in the province. You will surely be in awe once you witness the magnificent waterfall. Not only can it give you a breathtaking background for photoshoots, but it also offers exciting adventures through canoeing. You can mount an action cam to your headgear to document your ultimate experience in the lake. The water in the falls comes from Grease River, which flows in Lake Athabasca. The enchanting waterfalls, together with the vibrant forests, gives a picturesque scene. If you want a glimpse of the Hunt Falls, consider riding a floatplane from Stony Rapids, which is 40 kilometres away from the area. The floatplane can land on Eagle Rock Lake, which is situated above the waterfalls. You may find a protected cove near the site where you can keep your items.

3. Climb in Limestone Crevices. Limestone Crevices is located near Amisk Lake in northeastern Saskatchewan. It is one of the most popular destinations for adventure seekers. Hiking and climbing are some of the thrilling activities that you can do here. Try to climb down into the crevasses to have a memorable experience in the area. Besides climbing, fossil hunting has been a popular recreation in the place. The available fossils that you might find are the remains of the ancient sea that once covered the site. There are many things to explore in Limestone Crevices since they are formed out of coral reefs and limestone mud compacted into limestone.

4. Grab a photo opportunity in Athabasca Sand Dunes Provincial Park. If you want to keep some fascinating photographs, then consider having a photoshoot in Athabasca Sand Dunes Provincial Park. This place is recognized as the largest active sand surface in Canada. The park offers a spectacular scene where you can see 30-meter high dunes. It also has a unique ecosystem that takes pride in its rare and endemic plants. Since Athabasca Sand Dunes Provincial Park is a remote area, it is quite challenging to access the place. However, you will surely be delighted once you are in the location because of its impeccable beauty. If you will consider this park, make sure not to forget your camera on hand, be it an action camera or a DSLR. You will surely don't want to miss taking a photo opportunity on the site.

5. Have a unique walking experience in the Crooked Bush. The Crooked Bush is a natural attraction in Saskatchewan. It is located in Hafford that features twisted aspen trees. Instead of growing upwards, the aspen trees twist and turn downwards. It is a botanical mystery attracting hundreds of tourists. Some scientists believe that the twisted branches are a result of mutation. The Crooked Bush is considered as a national treasure that's why visitors are asked not to climb the trees. Doing so can prevent breaking the branches and preserve the natural beauty of the place. You may have a peaceful walking experience while photographing the enchanting aspen branches. You may follow the short trail that highlights a wooden boardwalk. Try to find aspen trees that are 15 to 20 feet tall. These trees are around 70 years old. You may also find branches that grow in every direction, which offers an interesting scene. 

If you want an adventure this year, exploring Saskatchewan could be your best option. Not only it allows you to cherish the natural beauty of the province, but you can also get a memorable getaway in the place. From canoeing to horseback riding, you have several activities to enjoy with your loved ones.