Why Taking Photos Is Important

Taking photos is an easy way to record little moments that are precious in our hearts. A lot of use preserved important events and milestones in our lives. This could be our birthday, marriage, or anniversaries. These are recorded because they matter to us.

With the rise of social media, we have become more inclined to take photos as we can easily share them with our friends and family. It’s a way to stay connected with them, to share our personal story, a timeline of what we have, currently do, and the places that we want and would love to visit.

Sharing photos and images is like sharing the everyday story of our lives. The photos that we share form a narrative story of what we have gone through with our weekend or our personal journey.

Sometimes in our visit to different places makes speaks to what we are especially when photos are all about nature. When we take a picture, it reveals a personality of ourselves. Taking photographs allows us to express ourselves through a form of art. How? By appreciating a beautiful landscape in the places that we have been through, the image makes us an artist.

Photos are part of your memories

For me, photography is an art of keeping memories. It’s not only about how the photos are being taken (for instance, for aesthetic purposes) but it’s about taking photos and sharing it to others because you want them to appreciate the beauty of what you have witnessed. I want to take the people looking at my pictures to a different time and place.

Anyone can take a photo, but not all can capture what you feel and what you have experienced. This for me is an important technique that needs to be learned in order for you to be unique and take photos differently. As you become better in taking pictures, the more you become a better memory keeper by ensuring that the photo you have taken embodies what you have precisely experienced.

Photos can transport you back in time

Photos provide you with a glimpse of the past, and it takes you to the important memories of your life that you have once experienced. It represents some of the blissful moments of your existence.

Often, a history that could be worth sharing with people who wants to know how and why things used to be like it before. The images created in the past are more than a simple record. Photos speak about the general idea of what life has been in the past, how beautiful it was, and how others perceive it until now as part of their daily lives.

Taking photos fosters creativity

I believe that to be creative, you must surround yourself with things that inspire you to think and feel. Being creative also needs practice, but you don’t need equipment, software or better subject matter to be creative.

You may not notice it but most of the time part of being creative is to have an open mind. This means that you are able to take a phone anywhere you are, whether in a busy street, supermarkets etc and make something unique about it. You're taking a picture because you are interested in the subject matter that attracts you.

Our own eyes can only see much and trying to teach yourself how to make use of them is a skill that we need to practice. Moments happen quickly, so we need to train our eyes to see and capture. Better to have the camera ready all the time.

I believe to be creative you don’t need a photo from a vacation or perfect weather. It starts by acquiring other things on a daily basis. What do we mean by that? It’s like preparing yourself for the things that will happen in the future.

Some people are not inclined to being creative, but this can be honed. Take photos every day, regardless of how you feel. It changes your perspective and attracts you more interest. Try to see other artwork and ask yourself what makes you think of this and what attracts you on this. Reading journals also enhance your creativity, but did you know that if you write a journal every day, it clarifies your thoughts and ideas? Do this in the morning or whenever your mind is free of worries.

These ideas will help you adapt to a creative mind. Expressing what you feel, think and if the subject matter means to you is your next step to have a creative mind. What’s left after this is your ability to be creative, to find interesting things that are unique t make your subject stand out. But all of this requires your experience, ideas and thoughts of each picture.

Being creative does not happen overnight. If you always wonder in your surrounding to search for an interesting subject, you might feel frustrated if this does not happen along the way. Again, start with a goal, prepare your mind, and have a clear idea of why you photograph certain things. This steps along with others will give you a better chance of providing a creative subject matter in photography.

The impact of photos on social media

Nowadays photos are the perfect way to communicate or express yourself in social media. In today’s era, most of the people have a very short attention span. Photos are the fastest way to inform your reader or followers. Most of the people use photos in social media because it is ten times more likely to be noticed and get engagement.

A photo is an irresistible draw on social media. When your trying to build a brand and you want to communicate your message, an image is much better than text form information. A photo makes our brains respond so quickly.

So if you want to gain attention, build loyalty, communicate vital information, and increase engagement, you need to create a photo that is visually connected with your brand. Staying consistent and connecting photos with your marketing strategy will most likely make your brand in staying power.