5 Best Things to Do in Alberta, Canada

Alberta is one of the picture-perfect destinations that you should not miss in your travel bucket list. This beautiful Canadian province is ideal for a summer getaway. Not only that, but it becomes a winter wonderland when the cold season comes. Whenever you feel like exploring the region, Alberta has something to offer when it comes to stunning natural landscapes. Not only that, but it also allows adventure-seekers to create wonderful memories by taking part in family-friendly recreation. So if you are planning your next trip, try to engage in the fun activities that you can do in Alberta.

Exciting Activities to Try in Alberta

Alberta is recognized as one of the three prairie provinces in Canada. It serves as the country's largest deposits of natural gas and oil. When it comes to tourism, the region is known for having many national and provincial parks featuring astounding foothills, plains, and valleys. The province is one of the places perfect for adventures whether you like to climb on mountain peaks or swim in the blue waters. If you are thinking of spending a great vacation in Alberta, then here is a list of fun recreations to try:

#1 Camp in Kananaskis Country. If you are having a break from work, then you may want to venture into the Kananaskis Country. Some activities that you can do in this tourist attraction include cycling, fishing, hiking, hunting, and swimming. If you love these adventures, then consider camping in the region. One of the best things about the Kananaskis Country is it allows adventure seekers to choose between backcountry and vehicle-access camping. One of the popular trails that you can explore in this location is the Ha Ling Trail. It is located in Canmore that features a river. The Ha Ling Trail is famous for hiking, running, and snowshoeing. The best time to head to the Ha Ling Peak includes the months of May until October.

#2 Discover the Johnston Canyon Falls. If you want an ideal place suitable for a prenuptial photo shoot, then you may consider Johnston Canyon situated in Banff National Park. For some who have travelled to this location, they prefer during the wintertime because of the ice-capped views. The Johnston Canyon Falls venturing is one of the scenic spots that you can find in the area. This natural wonder is a fascinating subject or background for different genres of photography. Couples who are preparing for their wedding can also use this spot to create long-lasting memories through a prenuptial photoshoot. Make the most out of this aesthetic wonder by using the spectacular waterfalls as backdrops for your photographs. 

#3 Explore the deepest canyon in the Rockies. Having a depth of more than 50 metres, Maligne Canyon is recognized as the deepest canyon in Jasper National Park. It is ideal for both novice and expert hikers. This natural landmark has six bridges that are built across different points in the canyon. The First and Second bridges are perfect for those who want to start with a gentle hike. Keep in mind that the Second bridge stands more than 50 metres above the water, making it the highest point of the Maligne Canyon. You can mount an action cam while hiking in the furrows. It is because the Third bridge will bring you to a perfect spot in seeing the striking waterfalls. You can take as many pictures and videos to make interesting souvenirs. Although the winter season is over in the country, you may still consider having a trip during that time. The Maligne Canyon transforms into a winter paradise showcasing frozen trails and waterfalls.

#4 Kayak on the Moraine Lake. Moraine Lake is situated in the rugged Valley of the Ten Peaks. Many adventure seekers go to this place because of the awe-inspiring views that you can see while boating. The lake is admired for its vivid shade of turquoise that becomes more mesmerizing as the glacier melts in the summer. If you are on a kayak expedition, try to use an action camera to take videos of the breathtaking scenery. You will be in awe while watching the majestic peaks, stunning waterfalls, and interesting rock piles that surround the Moraine Lake. For more adventures, you may try several hikes around the location. From accessible walks to more challenging trails, any wanderer would surely want to visit this beautiful place. For novice hikers, you may start with the Rockpile Trail, which is a short path that has switchbacks along the back of the lake to the top of a natural dam. 

#5 Ski at Marmot Basin. Many winter enthusiasts love to go to Alberta for a winter adventure. Skiing is one of the extreme activities that both locals and tourists do in the province. If you have never tried skiing, then you may include this exciting recreation in your list of things to do in Alberta, Canada. You may head to Marmot Basin, a ski resort situated in Jasper National Park. It allows tourists to experience unparalleled skiing and snowboarding. Whatever winter adventure you're into, Marmot Basin can surely provide you with a unique experience that you won't forget. The ski resort offers three terrain parks. If you are searching for the largest terrain park, then you may access it using the Eagle Express chair to go to the Lower Lift Line. When considering the Marmot Basin, it is vital to plan your visit. Make sure to know the operating hours and find a good place to stay.

If you want to kayak in turquoise coastal waters, ski-in snow-covered mountains, or skydive in the Canadian skies, then Alberta can provide you with an ideal location. You will surely love exploring the province not only because of its breathtaking landscapes but with its welcoming locals as well. There are many things to do in Alberta, Canada. The list above only shows some of the activities that you may try. Wander in this beautiful province and discover the perfect recreation for you and your family.