Where to Watch the Best Sunrises in Canada

A lot of travel and landscape photographers admire Canada for its numerous breathtaking sites. From grandiose mountains to sparkling lakes and rivers, there are many beautiful places to behold in this country. Usually, many photography enthusiasts love to take pictures during sunset, when the sky casts a variety of colours. There is no wonder why a lot of people cherish the magical hour of sunset. It is because sunsets create a dramatic scene that compliments your captured images. Just like the sunset, there are also several reasons to admire the sunrise. Besides symbolizing a new beginning, the sunrise stimulates a calming feeling and fosters hope for anyone who sees it.

The Best Sunrises in Canada

Many photographers can attest that one of the best times to capture a picturesque landscape is during sunrise. When the sun starts to show up in the sky, you'll notice how it brings life to any scenery. Looking at the golden sky can make you leave in awe. If you are looking for the best spots where you can admire the fantastic sunrise views in different locations in Canada, then try to explore these spots:

#1 Beauvais Lake

The lake in Beauvais Lake Provincial Park is a perfect site to watch both sunrise and sunset. The good thing about this place is the availability of camping grounds. To catch the golden hours twice, you may head to this place before dawn or at night. Try to invite your family or friends and think of the activities that you can do here. This place also provides opportunities for recreation such as birdwatching, fishing, hiking, and mountain hiking as well. For photography opportunities, you may feature the mountain scenery that it presents to the campers.

#2 Bruce County

If you want to explore a less-travelled hiking trail where you can observe the sunrise, try to include Bruce County in your bucket list. Besides photographing aesthetically appealing landscapes, you may also love the enchanting forests, dazzling Great Lake, and other natural wonders that Bruce County could offer. Try not to forget a camera on hand, be it a DSLR, an action camera, or even your smartphone. You will surely don't want to miss the picturesque places that you can photograph on the Bruce Peninsula.

#3 Dunnville

A simple way to behold the magical sunrise is to head to the bridge in Dunnville. This place is situated near the Grand River in Haldimand County, Ontario. There are several activities that you can do in Dunnville, aside from taking pictures of its breathtaking sceneries. You may enjoy a camping trip or explore the areas near the lakes and rivers.

#4 Moose Jaw

One of the best ways to unwind and chill is to hang out with your friends and make a road trip. Here in Canada, there are a lot of places where you can drive on an open road. Since this country is known for its prairie provinces, you have several options to choose from. If you want to make a road trip with your loved ones and discover beautiful landscapes, then you may consider Moose Jaw in Saskatchewan. It would take you a long drive, but your travel is worthy to witness the sunrise in Moose Jaw. Driving in the golden hour can make your journey even more exciting. You can take a short stop and photograph the picturesque scene during the magical hour.

#5 Moraine Lake 

Moraine Lake is located in the Valley of Ten Peaks in Banff National Park. It is a 14-kilometre drive starting from the humble town of Lake Louise. It is recognized as one of Canada's famous lakes. When you visit this place, take an opportunity to climb the short Rockpile where you can witness a massive pile of rocks. It is the best spot to behold and photograph the panoramic view of the majestic lake.

#6 Two Jack Lake

Two Jack Lake is not only ideal for kayaking or paddleboarding, but it is also a perfect photography setting. This place can be accessed from the Minnewanka Lake loop road, which is situated outside the town of Banff. If you are on a camping trip and you want to witness the spectacular sunrise view, then try to go near the car park before dawn. This place is an ideal spot to see the rising sun. You may capture the Rundle Mountain and its reflection, which is visible in the lake.

#7 Victoria 

Victoria is one of British Columbia's pride when it comes to excellent locations. Though it is a small city, it still offers a lot of main attractions that anyone could enjoy. Diving, cycling, hiking, and kayaking are some of the activities that you can delight yourself with. The natural beauty of Victoria could also overwhelm you. Hiking to the tip of either Mount Doug or Mount Tolmie allows you to gaze at the impressive view of the city. Try to observe the scenic landscape at dawn to watch the sunrise.

#8 Wedge Pond

Situated in the Kananaskis Country is a stunning roadside oasis named Wedge Pond. Some people are not aware of this beautiful spot near Mount Kidd. If you are planning to follow the Kananaskis Trail for your hiking trip, don't forget to visit the Wedge Pond. Try to camp near the southeast side of the lake because it is an ideal location to view the sunrise. Going downhill from the Wedge Pond trail allows you to oversee the astounding scenery of the surrounding mountains. Never miss an opportunity to capture this great scene. You can make use of an action camera to compose a quality shot.

From Canada's natural beauty to the recreational activities that you and your family can enjoy, this country is truly a must-visit. The wonderful locations listed above are just some of the many sites that you can discover together with your loved ones. They are not only ideal for watching the sunrise, but they are also perfect for capturing nature's wonders. You may fall in love with Canada once you explore the natural wonders that it could offer.