Where to Do Street Fashion Photography in Vancouver

Fashion photography is another interesting genre of photography. It has a significant contribution to the success of some individuals who took the path of fashion and modelling. One of the primary goals of fashion photography is to showcase the apparel and accessories worn by the model. As a fashion photographer, you have to find ways on how you can interestingly feature the models' attire. One effective way to do it is to find a perfect background for your subject. The photography background has a valuable contribution to the overall composition of the photograph. Therefore, it is important to discover picturesque locations that you can use for your fashion photography needs.

Fashion photography has different styles, including street fashion. When it comes to this style, remind yourself that it is all about the people of the street. You need to feature how people can be stylish without being too extravagant in such public places. If you are searching for the most exciting streets in Canada, then you may head to the beautiful city of Vancouver.

Street fashion photography has emerged as one of the eminent genres these days. This style has proved that even public places, including the streets, can be the runways for models. As a street fashion photographer, you have several options to showcase your creative photography skills. You can take candid shots of people roaming around the urban cities or photograph your models with interesting poses. You may highlight their emotions and capture how confident they are while wearing stylish clothing. If you are now ready to show what you've got as a street fashion photographer, then consider the following streets in Vancouver. Here are the places where you can express your creativity and craft:

Commercial Drive - If you are looking for a photography setting that exhibits diverse cultures, then you may head to the famous Commercial Drive. This place has attracted varied communities from different nations, including Africa, Asia, East India, Italy, and Latin America. Here in Commercial Drive, you can feature a lively fashion statement by using the street's vibrant and colourful structures. You will see lively cafes and restaurants as well as a variety of interesting shops. 

One of the exciting annual events that happen in Commercial Drive is Car Free Day. It is a unique event when people celebrate in the streets without using their cars. It is a perfect opportunity to highlight the community's festive activities. Try to photograph the individuals enjoying the delicious treats sold in food trucks. You may also witness several vendors displaying their trades. The Car Free Day in Commercial Drive also allows you to feel the cheerful vibes of the musicians, performers, and thousands of people.

Davie Street - Another colourful street that you can add to your list is Davie Street, located in Vancouver's West End. Just like Commercial Drive, this site is also an ideal multicoloured background setting. This street is well-known for its gay subculture that supports events, including the Vancouver Pride Festival. In this location, you'll see rainbow flags embellished on lampposts or painted on the crosswalks. As a street fashion photographer, you can bring the spotlight to the lifestyle of individuals living in the area. Try to feature the unusual but fascinating activities that you can find while roaming around the busy street.

Georgia Street - Georgia Street is one of the most significant streets in Vancouver. It is where you can see towering skyscrapers, including the legendary 62-storey Shangri-La Hotel as well as the 63-storey Trump Tower. Apart from these two superstructures, Georgia Street is famous for its numerous compelling landmarks. This historically-rich street is home to amusing architectures that you may use as photography backgrounds. Try to maximize the urbanity of Georgia Street by highlighting its engaging buildings and structures, from modest restaurants and boutiques to impressive skyscrapers.

Marine Drive - There are two streets named "Marine Drive" in Vancouver, but this one is located in West Vancouver. It is the main commercial street in the west part of the city, which serves as a gateway to the beautiful Ambleside. Ambleside is a notable park and beach with a paved walkway along the water. Both locals and tourists admire the beach for the stunning views it gives. The Marine Drive does not only take you near to Ambleside, but it also provides a breathtaking setting for your photoshoots. Don't forget to emphasize the charming and striking vibes that Marine Drive could display in your photographs.

Water Street - If you are searching for Vancouver's fascinating souvenir shops and inviting restaurants, then have some time to explore Water Street. It is not only famous for being the main commercial street in Gastown, but it is also commemorated for the famous Gastown steam clock. Since Christmas is now fast approaching, you may want to explore Water Street. It is because, during the Yuletide season, this place is well-lit with flashy Christmas lights that you can also utilize in your photoshoots.

West Broadway - Passing through Granville Street, you will find another attractive Vancouver street named West Broadway. Though a few magnificent structures can be found in this place, there is an exciting event that you can still look forward to. The Greek Day on Broadway is a huge street party that happens in late June. Visiting West Broadway during the said month allows you to photograph various individuals enjoying Greek culture, from food to music and entertainment.

Vancouver is blessed with attractive locations, which can also be seen in the city's streets. You will not only love Vancouver's natural beauty, but you will also admire its culturally-diverse and historically-rich places. Exploring the town gives you the chance to meet its friendly locals and discover their exciting lifestyles. Going to the most charming streets in Vancouver also gives you ideal locations where you can enhance your fashion photography skills.