What You Need To Know When Making A Skydiving Video

The Great White North is home to many excellent skydiving destinations. No wonder many skydivers around the world visit the country to try skydiving. Skydiving is a thrilling activity that allows you to witness breathtaking views from above. Creating a video while doing the stunt is an excellent opportunity for you to share your skydiving experience. It is essential to learn how to make a high-quality skydiving video. Besides, there are different types of skydiving. It is necessary to familiarize yourself with them to identify which kind of skydiving is suitable based on your skill level.

Types of Skydiving: An Overview

As mentioned, there are several types of skydiving. Knowing their differences can help you create an excellent plan for video shooting. Besides, you can decide which gears should you purchase for you to make a more appealing video. Here is an overview of the many kinds of skydiving:

#1 Accelerated Freefall (AFF) - This kind of skydiving teaches you how to fly your body, deploy the parachute, and the necessary things for the first time skydiving. In AFF, you will be accompanied by a skydiving expert who will assist and teach you how to fly independently.

#2 Canopy Relative Work (CRW) Skydiving - CRW can be done in pairs or bigger groups. So if you are using action cameras, you can film each other for a better perspective.

#3 Formation Skydiving - Experts commonly perform this type of skydiving. As they execute the activity, they try to create formations above by holding on to one another's arms and legs.

#4 Freeflying - Another type of skydiving that requires proper training is free-flying. In this type, you can skydive in different positions such as head up, seated, or standing. Sometimes, expert skydivers combine the positions to make a great expedition.

#5 Swooping and Canopy Piloting - This type of skydiving is like CRW. The difference is that it focuses on flying your parachute. Swooping refers to the practice of accelerating the descent rate of the chute. Meanwhile, canopy piloting is combining your knowledge of parachute flying.

#6 Tandem Skydiving - If you haven’t tried skydiving yet, tandem skydiving could be your best choice. It also allows you to experience the activity without the need to undergo training. You may use an action cam to document the adventure. Try attaching the camera device on your headgear or chest mount for better filming.

#7 Wingsuiting - In wingsuiting, skydivers are expected to spend longer in the air. They travel more horizontally, unlike other types of skydiving that falls straight down.

Where to Go Skydiving in Canada

Skydiving is indeed an exciting activity. Whether you are a novice or an expert, there is a type of skydiving suitable for your skill level. Another reason why you should go skydiving is it allows you to film captivating Canadian landscapes. Shooting your skydiving experience is a great way to preserve your thrilling adventure. When looking for ideal skydiving destinations in the Great White North, you may refer to the following locations:

  • Niagara Skydive Centre (Niagara, Ontario)
  • Okanagan Skydive (Vernon, British Columbia)
  • Parachute Montreal (Montreal, Quebec City)
  • Skydive Extreme Yeti (Golden British Columbia)
  • Skydive Gan (Gananoque, Ontario)
  • Skydive Vancouver Island (Qualicum Beach, British Columbia)

Tips When Filming Your Skydiving Experience

You don't have to be an expert videographer to make an excellent skydiving video. Know that there are easy-to-use camera devices and accessories that you can utilize to film your adventure. You may also follow the tips below if you want to shoot your skydiving adventure.

 Ask someone to film you. In tandem skydiving or group skydiving, you will perform the adventure with a partner. You can ask them to mount an action camera in their headgear so that they can film you. In this way, you will have footage that features you as the subject. Besides, most tandem instructors are equipped with a handycam that is worn on the left hand. They can use this to record up-close footage of you.

 Consider an outside camera. If you want to document your skydiving from multiple angles, you may hire someone to record it. Although it may cost some money, the results can be more satisfying. It is because you can relive the experience by watching the films. When using an outside camera, there will be a camera flyer who follows and jumps with you. He/She will film you a few feet away, documenting every part of your skydiving adventure. Besides, the skydiving video is an excellent souvenir that features your incredible experience.

 Try to use a smaller aperture such as f/8 or f/ll if possible. You can do this by adjusting the ISO settings, which allows you to have an extra cushion and autofocus. Doing so guarantees that the subject is in focus no matter what the composition is.

 Use a high framing rate. When skydiving, you may fall at 9.81 m/s2. That means you move at over 160 km/h within a second. Using a high framing rate allows you to record excellent shots. You can apply at least eight frames per second up to 12 fps for a better option.

 Use a high-resolution camera. When filming your skydiving adventure, you must use a high-resolution camera. For instance, you may use a 4K action cam that guarantees high-quality videos. You may use accessories like head gears and chest mounts where you can place the action cam. In this way, you can take videos of the outstanding sceneries from above.

Canada is one of the best places for you to go skydiving. Its scenic locations can convince you to try this thrilling adventure. If you are planning to try the said activity in one of Canada's skydiving destinations, don't forget to film your skydiving experience. Make sure to follow the tips above and use the right accessories when shooting the activity. Creating a skydiving video could be challenging, but it can help preserve your beautiful moments in the Great White North.