Top 7 Places to Go Surfing in Canada

It's still summertime in Canada, and one of the best ways to enjoy the season is to experience some water adventures. The country can provide you with many excellent beach locations perfect for exciting activities. Since some of the tourist spots are reopening, you may consider some beach areas where you can go surfing. This activity is both fun and thrilling, allowing you to enjoy the summer season. Even if you never tried surfing, there are ideal surfing destinations where you can practice surfing skills.

Canada's Best Surfing Spots 

You can find many breathtaking surfing destinations across the globe. But there is something with the Great White North that attracts many surfers and tourists. Aside from friendly locals, Canada provides world-class waves and astounding scenery. Thus, there is a growing community of surfers that visit the country. If you are ready to ride with the waves, here are some ideal places where you can try the water adventure:

#1 Habitat 67, Quebec

St. Lawrence River is a popular tourist destination. What entices tourists more is the availability of surf spots where you can play around. There is a spot called Habitat 67, which is near the building-block style apartment in Montreal. It offers new waves that can reach several meters. You will surely enjoy spending your summer in Habitat 67 because of the thrilling rapids that provide a great adventure. Make sure to wear the right surfing gear when performing the activity. You may also add an action cam to your equipment if you want to record your surfing experience.

#2 Kananaskis River, Alberta

The Kananaskis Country is a 4,000 square-kilometre region featuring ecological reserves and provincial parks. This place is also ideal for year-round surfing. If you have never tried surfing yet and want to experience this thrilling adventure, you may head to Green Tongue. It is situated near the Canoe Meadows Campground in Bow Valley Provincial Park. For more challenging waves, you may prefer the Santa Clause spot, a ten-minute walk upstream from the Green Tongue. It has stronger currents, which are ideal for experienced surfers. 

#3 Kincardine Station Beach, Ontario

If you are searching for an ideal surfing location in Ontario, you may head to Kincardine Station Beach. You can find it in Lake Huron, which is famous for the thrilling waves. This surf spot has hosted many regional surfing competitions. Aside from the thrilling adventure, Station Beach also offers other exciting activities such as swimming and sunbathing.

One of the best things about Kincardine Station Beach is it offers solutions to those who have mobility issues. The Municipality of Kincardine provides 'MOBI-Mats' at Station Beach. These are rubberized mesh that allows those in wheelchairs or a walker to enjoy the beach alongside others. The mats can stretch right to the water's edge.

#4 Lawrencetown Beach, Halifax

Lawrencetown Beach is one of the country's famous surf spots. You can find this place 25 kilometres east of Halifax. Many people, both locals and international surfers visit the site to perform water adventures. When considering the area, make sure to wear the proper gear. Take note that the waves can reach up to extreme heights during the fall hurricane and winter season. If you are a newbie, make sure to seek assistance from experienced surfers.

#5 Sturgeon Falls, Manitoba

If you are in Winnipeg, you may travel for almost two hours to reach Sturgeon Falls. It offers a wide range of waves that can suit any surfing skill level. Since you may have a long paddle before you can get out to the waves, you may consider riding on a boat or jet ski to save time. The best seasons to surf here are summer and springtime. Don't forget to bring an action cam with you so that you can record your surfing experience. Try featuring the coastal areas and other breathtaking scenes you can find in the place.

#6 Summerville Beach Provincial Park, Nova Scotia

Are you looking for a surf spot in Nova Scotia? Summerville Beach Provincial Park is the best place to go. It offers the most beautiful beaches on the South Shore. The location takes pride in its one-kilometre beach that features dunes and open saltmarsh. You will surely enjoy your stay in Summerville since you can also do other exciting activities in the place.

#7 Tofino, British Columbia

Many online magazines have featured Tofino because of its incredible aesthetics. This place is recognized as the country's surf capital. It is situated on the west coast of Vancouver Island in the Clayoquot Sound UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The best thing about Tofino is it offers surfing opportunities to both beginners and experienced surfers. So this could be the perfect place for anyone who wishes to have a great surfing experience.

Tofino takes pride in its 5-kilometre surfable beach. Although you can surf year-round, the waves are highest during the winter. This summer season, you may consider the 16-kilometre Long Beach that is located in the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve. This area is adjacent to Tofino, which is a famous spot for all types of surfers. If you want to preserve your surfing experience, try documenting it using a water-resistant action camera. You may use a chest mount where you can put the device.

Canada is famous for its chilly rivers and stunning lakes. These places could be excellent locations for surfing. Discovering these areas will surely fascinate you since you can do other thrilling activities in these places. What makes Canada more enticing are the picture-perfect landscapes and the spectacular coastlines waiting for your eyes to behold. Indeed, the country can exceed your expectations when it comes to picturesque locations ideal for surfing adventures.