Ideal Locations for a Romantic Photoshoot in Alberta

As a photographer, it is important that you are knowledgeable when it comes to breathtaking locations. You can recommend these sites if you have a client who is planning to have a romantic photoshoot for their engagement or pre-nuptial. However, finding the perfect place could be overwhelming, especially here in Canada. It is because there are plenty of ideal locations that you can explore in the country, whether it is in urban cities or remote areas. If you are living in Alberta or staying in a nearby place, then you don't have to travel too far because this province is rich in impressive landscapes that could be suitable for a romantic set-up.

Romantic Photoshoot in Alberta

Having a romantic photoshoot is an excellent idea for couples. The photographs are something that they can cherish for a lifetime. As a photographer, you can help couples decide where to perform the photoshoot. Here are six amazing places in Alberta which you can add to your list of engagement or wedding destinations:

Forget-Me-Not Pond - You will surely not forget this beautiful location in Kananaskis because of its natural beauty. The Forget-Me-Not Pond is a famous recreation place that displays the pristine and emerald colour waters. Exploring the area allows you to see some species of wildflowers that fully bloom in the summer. Near the pond is where you can watch the fast-running water of the Elbow River. You can see the majestic views of the mountains in the surrounding areas. Taking pictures in Forget-Me-Not Pond as the sun starts to go down in the afternoon provides more stunning photographs. The sunset adds a dramatic scene to the natural beauty of the place, making it an excellent location for romantic photoshoots.

Mistaya Canyon - One of the beautiful sceneries in Alberta is the Mistaya Canyon. It is located in Banff National Park that requires a one-kilometre hike. Couples will surely enjoy taking this natural path because they don't need to use hiking gear. Other than the place's accessibility, Mistaya Canyon offers unique rocky formation, which you can use in the photoshoot. Numerous waterfalls can provide spectacular photographs. Unlike other locations where there are many tourists, you can savour the quietness in Mistaya Canyon. 

Moraine Lake - If you are looking for a magical setting for your photoshoot, then Moraine Lake is worth considering. The best thing about Moraine Lake is that it is only a one-hour drive from Banff. Since the best photography spots are near to the car park, bringing photography equipment will not be an issue. Visiting this place could leave you in awe because the lake is surrounded by rugged mountains, unique rock piles, and astounding waterfalls. The turquoise waters make the site look more enchanting. 

Besides the photography opportunities that Moraine Lake offers, it also provides engaging activities that you and the couple may enjoy. You may try hiking by following the Rockpile Trail. It is an accessible short path that gives a spectacular view of the natural dam. Another activity that you may consider is canoeing, which allows you to wander the lake while enjoying the dramatic scene. If you are considering renting a canoe for the photoshoot, please be reminded that it usually costs $100. Take note that Moraine Lake is closed during the winter due to the high risks of heavy snowfall and avalanches.

Peyto Lake - Besides Moraine Lake, Peyto Lake is another impressive location that highlights amazing blue-green waters. The colour of the lake is a result of the reflecting properties of the glacial flour flowing into the lake. Peyto Lake is 90 meters deep, which is located in the Waputik Valley. As a photographer, you can take pictures of the couple as they go boating or fishing in the lake during the summer. Since the lake freezes in winter, the couple may try some winter activities, including ice skating. You may also ask them to take footage of their ice adventure by using an action camera. The clips can be used in their wedding video, showcasing the couple's fun and daring side.

Spirit Island - Making the Rocky Mountains as your photography background can give you stunning photographs. You can achieve this by heading to Spirit Island, which is located in Jasper National Park. This place is one of the most photographed sites in Canada because of its striking beauty. In springtime, the water levels become high enough, cutting the island off the shore. It is a result of the melting snow that happens in the season. During the rest of the year, the island is connected to the coast. It makes the box canyon visible for the locals and tourists. Since Spirit island is situated on a remote shore, which is surrounded by high peaks, access to it could be challenging. You have to ride a boat to explore the place and take photographs of the emerald-coloured lake.

Vermillion Lakes - Another lake destination in Banff that is worth considering is the Vermillion Lakes. It is only 5 minutes away from the town, making it ideal for a quick photoshoot. One of the best scenes that you can watch in Vermillion Lakes is the reflection of Mount Rundle that ripples on the surface of the waters. It gets even more dramatic in the setting sun. You can take advantage of the sunset because it offers a variety of colours ranging from pink to yellow. These hues are reflected in the lake, creating a momentous scene.

Alberta is one of the Canadian provinces that unveils a lot of fantastic landscapes. Not only are they excellent for a romantic photoshoot, but they also offer thrilling activities that you can do before or after the shoot. From captivating lakes to tantalizing mountains, you will surely fall in love with Alberta's amazing sites.