Things to Do in Alberta: Must-Try Water Adventures

Many of the top-rated tourist destinations today are not accessible due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But for sure, these places will reopen soon once the government allows people to visit them. Perhaps, you have been tired of doing the same routines at home. For sure, you are missing out on some exciting adventures, be it camping in the mountains or kayaking on the lakes. Being stuck at home should not stop you from planning a great expedition. You can have more time to plan your next exciting outdoor trip. Once the home quarantine is lifted, don't waste the chance of creating new adventures in the beautiful province of Alberta.

Why Choose Alberta, Canada

Getting outdoors is restricted in many countries to ensure everyone's safety. But it doesn't mean that you cannot start planning for your next trip. Every great adventure is worth the wait. So if you have cancelled some of your outdoor trips, then it's time to reconsider your itineraries and include some of the places here in Alberta. You might be wondering, "Why should I explore Alberta?" Well, there are several things to love about this Canadian province that would make you want to visit it. Here are some fun facts about the region:

  • Alberta is a year-round destination for both locals and tourists. If you are thinking about the best time to explore Alberta, then the answer is anytime. This province is home to many fascinating places that offer exciting adventures. During winter, you will enjoy several winter activities like skiing and snowshoeing. You will surely don't want to miss a single chance of taking pictures of the snow-covered landscapes. In springtime, it feels like no snow has touched the ground because of the beautiful greenery present around you. When it comes to the summer season, you need to prepare your action cam since there are lots of water adventures to try. Lastly, in the fall season, you will be astounded by the colourful landscapes in the province. In other words, every season is a perfect time to explore Alberta.
  • The province is home to many breathtaking locations ideal for land, water, and sky adventures. Biking, camping, canoeing, kayaking, skiing, skydiving, and swimming - these are just some of the engaging activities that you can do in Alberta. Wherever you go and whatever interests you, there is an ideal recreation that you can enjoy. Not only that, but the province also offers family-friendly activities. So there is no reason not to bring your relatives and kids to the beautiful province.

The Best Water Adventures in Alberta

Summertime is fast approaching in Alberta. A few weeks from now, Canadians will experience the hot season. The summer season is a perfect opportunity to get thrilled in water adventures. Whether you want to try these exciting activities in the Canadian Rockies or Northern/Southern Alberta, you will surely be delighted with these fun recreations. Here's a list of some of the best adventures that you can do in the province:

1. Canoeing and Kayaking - There's nothing more exciting than to see the picture-perfect sceneries in Alberta by riding a boat and paddling on the beautiful lakes. Besides your life vest, it is also recommended to attach an action camera to your headgear, especially if you don't want to miss recording the spectacular views. You will be in awe while viewing the turquoise waters and the majestic mountains reflected in the lakes. Some of the natural attractions where you can go canoeing and kayaking include Banff National Park, Lake Minnewanka, Moraine Lake, Pyramid Lake, and Vermillion Lakes. Jasper's Pyramid Lake is recommended for travellers who only want to book a half-day trip. This location will provide you with epic views.

2. Fishing - If you want to enjoy the sound of nature, then fishing could be an excellent adventure. It will surely be a day well-spent when you go fishing in a secluded lake. The clear blue waters and the big fishes will astound you. Who would not enjoy soaking up in Alberta's natural beauty? Besides catching big fishes that you can cook, later on, you can take some break and photograph the panoramic landscapes around you. Some of the best places to go fishing include the Athabasca River, Bow River, Lily Lake Trail, and Mitford Park.

3. Surfing - If you are into surfing, then you can improve your skills in this sports adventure by visiting the province. There are many ideal spots to surf in Alberta. You may visit the Alberta River Surfing Association. The website provides information about who is responsible for building, protecting, and improving river surfing waves in Alberta. You can find some useful information on the site, including events that you may be interested in. The association also has an ongoing project where they will build a surfing station somewhere in Calgary. You can visit the website to keep updated with this incredible project.

4. Whitewater Rafting - For a heart-stopping adventure, try whitewater rafting in Alberta. It is one of the reasons why a lot of tourists revisit the province. Besides getting you soaked, it will also give you some thrills as you pass the rollercoaster rapids. Summertime is one of the best seasons to book a trip for a whitewater rafting adventure. If you are a newbie in this activity or you will bring kids with you, try the calmer routes which can provide you with enough excitement. But if you like wilder rapids, you may opt to camp overnight for back-to-back rafting days. Kananaskis River is one of the places that is ideal for whitewater rafting.

Alberta is one of the Canadian provinces that you may consider for your next trip. Although travelling to different places is restricted temporarily, the fantastic places in the region are definitely worth the wait. So while you are at home, you may start creating a travel bucket list. Don't forget to include the water adventures that you can do in the province. Make sure to collect the best memories by capturing the alluring landscapes you can find in Alberta.