The Best Things to Do in Prince Edward Island

Exploring new places is a spectacular way to start the new year. It's time to begin planning for your itineraries and follow your wanderlust. One way to begin your journey is to create an unforgettable island experience in Prince Edward Island (PEI). This Canadian province offers reverberating green hills, scenic coastlines, and impressive vistas that you will surely enjoy. Besides the picturesque landscapes that can make your camera busy, you can also delight yourself with authentic seafood dishes and mouth-watering cuisine. There's also a list of activities that await you in Prince Edward Island.

Keep Exploring: What to Do in Prince Edward Island

If you want a fascinating way to spend the rest of your vacation, then try to consider visiting Prince Edward Island. The province is also referred to as the Island by the locals and some tourists. Despite being the smallest Canadian province when it comes to land area, many people consider Prince Edward Island as one of the loveliest places. It is filled with rural charms that you don't want to miss. If this province got your interest, then here is a list of fun things to do in the Island:

Do harness racing. To do this extreme adventure, head to Pinette Raceway, which is situated east of Charlottetown. The place is hidden in a small patch of woods. It has a wooden grandstand, a snack bar, and a building with stalls for horses. Since there are no lights in the area, the racing event should be finished before the dark comes. 

Explore the magical world in Anne of Green Gables. - Anne of Green Gables is a children's novel written by Lucy Maud Montgomery, a Canadian author. The book was published in 1908 and became famous around the world. The novel is a coming-of-age story about an orphan girl, which became a classic in children's literature. If you have read the book, it feels like a dream come true when you visit the place that inspired the author. Green Gables is situated in Cavendish in Prince Edward Island National Park. Visiting the park gives you the chance to see the original Green Gables House and even 19th-century gardens and farmyards.

Practice your photography skills. Prince Edward Island is also a photographer-friendly destination. It is home to countless natural scenes perfect for travel or even landscape photography. One of the astounding subjects that you can capture is PEI's lighthouses. You may choose the West Point Lighthouse, which is recognized as the Island's first of the second-generation lighthouses. It features a distinct architecture that provides dramatic scenery. You may also pick the Victoria Range Light or the Cape Bear Lighthouse. If you want to see the mighty tides of the St. Lawrence and Northumberland Strait, you may head to East Point Lighthouse.

Take an exciting coastal road trip. Get your dash cam or action ready as you take a fantastic road trip in Prince Edward Island's scenic coastal drives. It is an exciting way to discover a lot of breathtaking spots within the province's area. If you want to try a pie made from seaweed and see houses made of bottles, then choose North Cape Coastal Drive. On the other side, if you're going to take photos of picturesque sandstone cliffs and witness stunning ocean views, then take the Central Coastal Drive. This site also features some of PEI's unique landmarks that you would not like to miss. Aside from the two coastal drives mentioned, you may also opt for the Points East Coastal Drive. This place offers thrilling adventures highlighting the island's charming life. Try to visit nearby small towns and dine in accommodating restaurants.

Try deep-sea fishing. You will surely gain an authentic island experience when you indulge in mouthwatering seafood dishes. But before you satisfy your stomach, you may try deep-sea fishing and catch your own fish. The boat captains in Prince Edward Island are friendly and willing to assist you in performing this sea adventure. Try to catch mackerel or a giant bluefin tuna. You may also take pictures of the beautiful sunset which you can see on the horizon.

Visit the Island's remarkable beaches. One compelling reason why you should make Prince Edward Island your dream destination is its captivating beaches. The province offers a lot of choices when it comes to beach locations. These places have distinct features where you can perform landscape photography or try extreme adventures. Enjoy building massive sandcastles with your friends or take a stroll in the coastlines while cherishing the ocean views. PEI's beaches are also ideal wedding destinations. If someone is looking for wedding locations, then you may recommend the Island's beaches. You may choose between Cabot Beach Provincial Park or Red Point Provincial Park. Besides these two, there's a lot of beach options that you can choose from.

Walk in the Confederation Trail. Have a unique walking experience in Prince Edward Island by heading to the popular Confederation Trail. As you go walking or cycling in this 435-kilometre trail, you may take photos of the beautiful scenes that await you in the place. You may start in Tignish at kilometre 0 and end in Elmira at kilometre 273. The Confederation trail branches to different locations, including Charlottetown, Souris, Georgetown, Montague, Wood Islands, Murray River, and even the Murray Harbor. Worry not for your food because there are convenient stores along the way that offer food services. 

Dramatic coastlines, beautiful farmlands, savoury dishes - who can resist Prince Edward Island? This province knows how to give anyone an authentic and enjoyable island experience. PEI's remarkable attractions and welcoming community can captivate your heart for sure. Keep exploring Prince Edward Island and make your dream travel destination come true.