Romantic Things to Do in Canada on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is coming too soon; that's why many couples are excited to celebrate it. Not only is it the time to express your love for your dearest, but it is also an excellent opportunity to unwind together with your special someone. Aside from having a romantic dinner in fancy restaurants or staying in a five-star hotel, there are numerous engaging activities that you can do while you are in the Great White North. Canada is home to a lot of fascinating landscapes that will truly astound you. Other than that, there are several Canadian locations that you can explore. Besides travelling together, there are more romantic things that you can do as a couple.

What to Do in Canada This Valentine's Day

If you want to do something unique on Valentine's Day, then ask your partner to try something new and exciting. With all the available breathtaking scenes in Canada, you might be overwhelmed with many activities that you can do. If you are ready to show your adventurous side and get thrilled this Valentine's season, check out the list below and find an activity that you would like to do most:

#1 Enjoy sauna while stargazing in Quebec City. Sometimes, all you need is to pamper yourself while enjoying the company of your dearest. If you want to unwind and relax on Valentine's Day, then consider going to the beautiful city of Quebec. This place offers a Nordic adventure and can make your winter fantasies come true. Quebec City is also home to top-rated destinations where you can find accommodating hotels. When you head to Quebec, try the Ice Hotel, where you can have a soothing sauna experience.

#2 Go cross-country skiing in Emerald Lake. Located in Yoho National Park, Emerald Lake is a beautiful place that you may want to visit. In wintertime, you may follow some family-friendly trails to try cross-country skiing. While exploring the area, you can find a path that traverses the lake, leading you to a meadow that offers awe-inspiring views. If you want to keep yourself from the crowd and experience solitude with your loved one, then Emerald Lake could be your best choice. Besides, there's a lodge near the lake where you can pamper yourself while waiting for the next day. Comfort yourself by having a relaxing spa or soaking your body in an outdoor hot tub. After cozying up, you can delight yourself in sumptuous meals available in nearby restaurants.

#3 Have a romantic stroll in Montreal. Taking a walk with your loved one could be enough to make your Valentine's Day memorable. You can make it more unforgettable by exploring the street arts in Montreal. Having a romantic stroll in the place is a perfect chance to engage in street photography. You may search for urban art in back alleys and on the side of the buildings. There are street arts found in the most unexpected places. It is why many locals and tourists find it exciting to hunt for those street arts. Try to find as many street designs as you can while roaming around Montreal.

#4 Skate in the magical Lake Louise. Although it is still wintertime in Canada during the love month, there are lots of ways to have fun in the country. The Great White North transforms into a winter wonderland where you can photograph snowy landscapes. If you want to enjoy the cold weather on Valentine's Day, then you may try skating in the stunning Lake Louise. This tourist attraction is situated in Banff National Park, which is available year-round. During the cold season, the lake delights a lot of outdoor winter enthusiasts because of the winter activities that you can do in the place. If you visit the site, prepare your action cam and wear a nice pair of skating shoes. Explore the winter paradise and be amazed at the snow-covered areas that you can see around you.

#5 Take a romantic afternoon road trip to Niagara Parkway. If you want to level up your romantic experience on Valentine's Day, then take your partner on a romantic afternoon road trip. Take the Niagara Parkway, one of the oldest routes in Ontario. It took 23 years to complete the scenic drive. Niagara Parkway runs parallel to the Niagara River, which is 55 kilometres from Fort Erie. Many tourists admire the panoramic landscape that you can see while driving. The Niagara Parkway passes through several attractions which include but not limited to Queen Victoria Park, The Butterfly Conservatory, and the Niagara on the Lake.

#6 View the northern lights in Yellowknife. There's something about aurora borealis that makes it magical. Just viewing the green streaks of light in the night sky could be enough to leave you in awe. If you want to see the enchanting northern lights, then you may head to Yellowknife. It is one of the best places to view the night sky and witness the green auroras. Yellowknife is located in the Northwest Territories. It is situated 400 kilometres south of the Arctic Circle. During your daytime visit, you can explore the area and visit nearby restaurants. At night, you can make a bonfire outside your rented cottage. Drink a warm cup of coffee or tea while seeing the northern lights. Sometimes, these little moments could be enough to make your dearest happy this Valentine's Day.

Exploring Canada's amazing landscapes is a great time to spend quality time with your loved ones. One day could not be enough for couples to photograph all the picturesque scenes in the country. You will surely have no time for dull moments in the Great White North because of the extreme activities that you can try. So if you want to follow your wanderlust and engage in exciting recreations, then Canada could be your perfect destination this Valentine's Day. Try to venture to new locations and do the things that you have never tried before. For sure, you and your dearest will have a great time together in the Great White North.