Can You Use An Action Camera for Vlogging?

Can You Use An Action Camera for Vlogging?

Vlogging is the act of creating a blog through video recordings instead of written posts. It’s based on the word 'vlog' which is a short term for video log. It has the same purpose as blogging: to share the experience of oneself to the readers and, in this case, to the viewers. It is prevalent these days, and its impact on people is undeniable. Almost everything is now on online video-sharing platforms. You can find all types of content from toys, food, cosmetics, travels, how-tos, and even daily lives.

However, setting up your channel is not an easy task. If you think that these vloggers got their first 1,000 subscribers in an instant, you could be wrong. Maybe it happened for some, but it is a matter of hard work for most of them. Creating materials does take a lot of your time. You have to make your intros, thumbnails, and banners. And above all these, you need to produce quality videos to make people click the subscription button. Choosing the right camera is the first thing that you should do. There are a lot of cameras that these people use, but you will find something in common. They always have an action camera in their collection. 

Why Use an Action Camera for Vlogging?

Compared to regular cameras, action cameras are much lighter in weight. Its compact design makes it easier to pack wherever you go. Also, most of them are waterproof, enabling you to capture videos without the fear of getting wet. There are several reasons why vloggers use this type of camera and why you should try it for your next vlog. It can be either due to unavoidable circumstances or to contribute to the overall look of your video. To help you decide, here some ways to utilize it depending on your content.

For Active Vlogger

If you are the adventurous type, an action cam perfectly fits your personality. It is known for having the ease of mounting anywhere you want. You can have it on your head, wrist, chest, and even on your bicycle and surfboards. Moreover, it can be used in travel as well. Small cameras are more convenient to carry around when you are always on the run.

For Daily Vlogger

Regular cameras are ideal when filming at home since you will not be moving a lot, and there is less distortion on the lens. Though, it will be nice to add some flair with the use of action cameras. You can play with it while creating your transition videos. For example, when you are filming for your breakfast, you can place it inside the refrigerator while taking out your milk or eggs. You can also have a bird's view of your living room or bedroom by placing it on higher ground. Errands like grocery shopping can look more interesting when you mount them on the handlebars of the pushcart.

Things to Consider When Using An Action Camera for Vlogging

In any event, you need to make sure that your camera is in its best shape. The last thing that you want has no sound clips to edit. Same as other cameras, some issues need to be taken care of for it to function correctly. Some of these include the following:

#1 Audio

Even though an action cam can record audio, it may not reach the standard you want for your video. It can capture background noises that may sound louder than your voice. Some manufacturers and developers are taking a look at it and finding ways to improve. In the meantime, having an external microphone will help you address the situation. It can give you better audio quality. 

#2 Camera Settings

Before filming, check your camera settings first. This will prevent you from having problems in post-production. Some concerns cannot be fixed by editings like unmatching resolution or wrong frame rate. You need to double-check it according to what you are doing. Slow motions need to have a higher frame rate and if you have plans on uploading it, have a higher resolution.

#3 Mounting equipment

Action cameras do not work best alone. You need to have the necessary accessories to maximize its potential. This includes the mounting equipment. There are wrist straps, body straps, and helmet mounts available depending on where you want to place your camera. You can also have it on tripods or monopods.

#4 Extra batteries

Bringing some extra batteries can help you record for longer hours. Also, have your charger with you to plug the drained batteries whenever you have the opportunity.

With technology being closer to the hands of people, everyone can now record and edit videos. All sorts of gadgets, such as action cameras and even mobile phones, can capture moments. Becoming a vlogger is not a dream only for those who have the resources. Anyone who has the will can become one. The quality of your vlogs will not be determined by how advanced your camera is. Backing up your video with good content is how you do it. It is nice to document your everyday journey, whether it is a typical day or a special one.