6 Tips When Making Surfing Videos

One way to enjoy the summer season in Canada is to visit the country's beach destinations. These places are ideal for swimming and surfing. If you never tried riding the waves yet with a surfing board, you can visit Canada's top-rated resorts where you can learn surfing. Make sure to bring an action camera that you can use to record your surfing experience. You don't need to be an expert videographer because there are some tips that you can follow to create an interesting and high-quality video.

The Best Device to Document Your Surfing Adventure

Before you learn the guide that can help you make a fascinating video, it is essential to know what type of camera device you should use. You can find different cameras in the market today, from DSLRs to point and shoot cams. The question is, are they ideal for water activities? Indeed, DSLRs can provide you with high-quality pictures and videos. However, not all DSLRs are waterproof. When creating a film about surfing, it is vital that the device is water-resistant to keep it functioning.

One of the devices you may consider is an action cam. It is small, portable, and lightweight, making it perfect for any activity. You can attach the action cam to headgears and mounts so that you can efficiently perform any adventure. Most action cameras nowadays are water-resistant, allowing you to use them in your surfing expeditions. Besides, you can use them to shoot high-quality photos and films.

When using an action cam for your surfing video, it is also essential to utilize the right accessories. It is because it is challenging to hold the device with your hand while you are balancing your body on the surfing board. Some action accessories that you may consider are chest mounts and wrist mounts. You can pick any of the two, depending on your comfortability.

A Guide to Making Surfing Videos

Now that you know what device is ideal when creating a surfing video, it's time to learn how to film your adventure like a pro. Here are some useful tips that you can apply in your next surfing adventure:

#1 Plan for a storyboard.

It is essential that you know what to film before you start your surfing adventure. So make a short list or plan for a storyboard. Think of the best scenes that should be included in the video. For instance, you may consider your preparation before you head to the waters. You may also shoot your surfing board so that the audience will know what it looks like. If you have a pal, you can ask your friend to film you while going to a deeper part of the beach. Scenes like this can provide a variety of shots that can help you make an excellent story.

#2 Use the best angle.

Before filming your adventure, you may practice doing it to get the best angle. See what the scenes look like if you use headgear for shooting. You may also check if you can get an excellent perspective when you attach the action cam on your chest. The right angle can significantly affect the quality of your film. Make sure that you use the best one for your filming. 

#3 Film the details.

When shooting, you must consider every detail. For instance, try to record how the waves dance with the wind or how the sun sets in the horizon. Scenes like these can add drama to your video, making it more appealing. If you want to include your reactions while surfing, you may use a head strap or any accessory that allows you to do it. Sometimes, the surfer's reactions can also add a beautiful element to the film.

#4 Shoot as many videos as you can.

Don't settle for one video per scene. It is ideal to film as many shots as possible so that you can pick the best one when editing them. Besides, it is challenging to get the perfect shot in one trial. Make sure to use a memory card with high storage so that your action cam can record as much footage as it can.

#5 Experiment with filming.

Some people stick to traditional filming rules. But there's no harm in experimenting in the shooting. Sometimes, you can get a unique and appealing video when you become more creative with the shots. The next time you have a concept, try to do it. Besides, you can edit the footage and delete the unwanted scenes in post-production.

#6 Edit like a pro.

Editing the video cam makes a big difference with the final output. So check all the videos you have created, choose the best ones by considering the angles, lightings, perspectives, and other elements that can make your film stand out. Try to delete those you don't want to be included and some awkward scenes. You may add some effects to the video to achieve the theme of the video. You can use friendly-editing apps so that you can edit the video by yourself. Some software that you can use includes Adobe Premiere Elements, Corel Video Studio, Filmora, and Nero Video.

Surfing is indeed fun and exciting. Being able to ride with the waves using a surfing board is a thrilling experience. Whether you are a novice or expert, it is ideal for recording your surfing adventure. In this way, you'll have a film that you can watch over and over again. Besides, you can use the videos to monitor if there are improvements when it comes to your surfing skills. So on your next trip, make sure to bring an action camera and a chest mount to document the thrilling sport.