8 Must-Try Activities on Family Day

Besides Valentine's Day, another significant event that some Canadians celebrate during February is Family Day. This holiday is observed in the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Ontario, and Saskatchewan. The said occasion gives people more time to spend with their families. Family Day is a perfect opportunity to catch up with them. There are many exciting ways to make Family Day more meaningful. Whether you want indoor or outdoor activities, there is a friendly recreation that you and your family will surely enjoy.

What to Do on Family Day

Other than providing numerous panoramic landscapes, the Great White North is also home to many tourist attractions. These are places where you can take part in engaging activities that both parents and kids may enjoy. From simple activities like family camping to extreme adventures like skiing, you have several things to do in Canada. All you need is to find the best location where your family can have a short trip and engage in thrilling activities. Try to  do the following things on your Family Day:

1. Engage in portrait photography. Family Day allows you to reunite with your relatives. Take this opportunity to get family photos. Ask a photographer to take pictures of your family, creating long-lasting memories through photographs. Try to have a portrait for each of the family members and then have a group picture afterwards. You can make use of exciting props to create more appealing photos. If you are spending the holiday in any beautiful location, then use the scenery as the background. Canada is home to many breathtaking places, which you can also photograph. Know that there are numerous places that you can visit, from stunning lakes to spectacular waterfalls. Have a group picture on these amazing sites.

2. Enjoy winter activities. The month of February is still wintertime in Canada. It could be your chance to engage in some winter activities with your family. Many winter resorts in Canada offer short lessons for skiing and skating. Make sure to wear the proper attire to keep warm in the cold weather. Lace-up your winter shoes and get thrilled with the said recreation. You may also attach an action cam to your headgear and document the scenes of your happy moments with your beloved relatives. Other winter activities to try include cross country skiing, dog sledding, and snowshoeing. Some resorts provide cottages where the whole family can stay. If you don't prefer renting a cabin, then you may engage in winter camping, which is also a fun thing to do.

3. Go hiking. Family Day could be your chance to explore the places you've never visited before. Plan your trip and prepare your hiking gear. Choose a location where you can follow some friendly trails, especially if you will bring kids on your journey. Make sure to bring all the hiking essentials, including food and water. You may also bring a hammock or an inflatable lounger so that anyone could use it for relaxation.

4. Host a pool party. If some of your relatives don't prefer having an outdoor trip, then try to host a pool party in the comfort of your home. Create an exciting pool party by preparing some fun games like dodgeball and volleyball in the pool. Do not forget to have some delicious treats that everyone could delight in. You may also consider having a barbeque party. Doing this will keep some of your relatives busy while others are swimming in the pool.

5. Pamper yourselves. Some of you may want to have total relaxation before going back to school or work the next day. To unwind on Family Day, you may visit a spa salon and pamper yourselves. Get your nails done or take a massage session. Treat your parents and ask them to try a new hairdo. If you think these simple things could make everyone happy, then consider them on your list.

6. Watch a game. If there is a game match scheduled on Family Day, then bring your family to the venue and root for your favourite team. It could be your best choice for holiday activities, especially if you have relatives who are sports enthusiasts. To make sure that there is a game match on the said holiday, you can check the official websites of a particular sport to see the game schedules. Be it basketball, soccer, or volleyball; everyone will surely get thrilled cheering for your favourite team. Try to bring banners to show support to the players.

7. Watch movies together. Watching movies may sound like a common thing to do, but it gets more memorable while doing it with your loved ones. Grab some popcorn and relax while having a movie marathon. Aside from movies, you can also watch TV series or anything that interests the whole family. You may prepare some food like hotdog sandwiches and potato chips to make the family bonding even better.

8. View the stars. Before you get back to school or work on the next day, why not maximize the holiday through stargazing at night? Head to a dark preserve in your area and savour the moment by viewing the night sky. Everyone in the family will surely be in awe of the aesthetic beauty of the sky. Since Canada is a great place to witness the northern lights, there's a high probability that you will be able to see them. These green streaks of lights are a beautiful sight to behold. You may also do other activities while under the stars. Try having a great family dinner or engage in hammock camping.

Like any other holiday, Family Day is a significant event that allows you to make time with your loved ones. It is an excellent opportunity to visit your relatives who you haven't seen for a long time. Celebrating Family Day is not about how much you will spend. Sometimes, simple activities like camping or hiking could be enough to create unforgettable moments with your family. So plan for an exciting event and make Family Day a meaningful one.