5 Tips When Creating Mountain Bike Videos

The Great White North is home to many breathtaking landscapes. These astounding scenes attract thousands of tourists across the globe. Whether you are someone who loves to take pictures or do extreme adventures, you will surely be amazed by the country's authentic beauty. If you are in Canada, one thing that you shouldn't miss is to try mountain biking. Even if you are a beginner, you will enjoy this extreme activity. Besides, there are tips that you can follow to create a memorable biking experience. When doing this activity, don't forget to bring an action cam to document your adventure.

Why Go Mountain Biking?

Canada is blessed with a myriad of national and provincial parks. The country offers places where you can see natural sceneries, from grandiose mountains to stunning lakes and rivers. These places allow you to enjoy many thrilling adventures.  One of these is mountain biking. If you haven't done this activity yet, there are several reasons why you should try it in the Great White North. Here are some things that you'll love about mountain biking in the country:

#1 Canada provides a perfect backdrop for mountain biking trails.

Mountain biking in the country will surely give you a wonderful experience. Besides the enjoyable activity itself, you will be in awe seeing the picture-perfect scenery while following the biking trails. No matter what skill level you have, Canada is one of the best destinations for this activity. Dramatic coastlines, majestic mountains, pristine lakes, and stunning waterfalls - these spectacular scenes make the country a perfect mountain biking destination.

#2 The country provides trails for all skill levels.

What makes Canada a perfect mountain biking location is the availability of trails for all skill levels. Not only that, but there are also regions that offer a vast network of cross country trails. For instance, in British Columbia, Cumberland gives you an opportunity to discover mountaintops and coastline all in the same day. Thus, you can explore different places while enjoying the activity itself.

#3 Mountain biking is good for your health.

Mountain biking is also a form of exercise. If you make mountain biking a habit, you can improve your cardiovascular health. It can also offer you an improved mood and less stress on joints.

Filming Your Mountain Bike Experience

Since Canada is an excellent destination for mountain biking, it would be a great idea to film your experience. However, creating mountain biking videos could be quite challenging for some. So here are some tips that can help you document your adventure:

#1 Create a storyboard and a list of shots.

You need a great storyline to make an excellent mountain bike video. Instead of taking some random videos, why not create a film? You can do this by planning for the storyboard first. Try to consider the type of terrain, topography and other local features of the place. If you are new to the location, you can search the site on the internet to get a glimpse of it.

Before hitting the record button, you need to be sure of what scenes to include in the film. Do you want to feature the mountaintops and forests? Are there lakes and rivers in the views? Are you going to add your reaction while performing the activity? Thinking of all the possible shots can help you make a fantastic film.

#2 Use action cam accessories.

There are several action camera accessories that you can utilize, adding convenience to video shooting. For instance, using mounts can help you stabilize the videos and assist you in recording the film. A mountain bike mount is highly recommended when creating mountain bike videos. It allows you to install the action cam with the bike handles easily. Using a mount guarantees a shaken proof recording. Another mount that you can utilize is a helmet mount. Consider this if you want a higher perspective for the film. There are also head mounts that allow you to record your reaction while enjoying mountain biking.

#3 Share some comments while taking the video.

Another tip to make an exciting mountain bike video is to communicate with your audience. Let the people know what you are experiencing. You can give comments on the trails you are following and describe the scenery. When commentating on your video, it is essential to use action cam accessories like an external mic that can be plugged on the camera. Doing this allows you to improve the audio quality.

#4 Include breathtaking scenes.

While biking, try to shoot exciting scenes along the way. You can do this while resting or stopping by in an excellent location. Try including the sunset to add a dramatic scene in your film.

#5 Do your best in the post-production.

Make the films shorter yet interesting by getting rid of the unnecessary scenes on your trip. Try to feature the highlights of your adventure and edit the other shots to narrate an interesting story. You can add music to make the film more appealing to the viewers.

Mountain biking is indeed an exciting activity. Aside from being good for your cardiovascular health, it can also help you unwind from work. Creating a video out of your adventure allows you to make long-lasting memories that you can share with your friends. It also sparks creativity and improves your videography skills. So if you are planning for a great adventure, look for a breathtaking location in Canada and use your action cam to make incredible mountain bike videos.