5 Best Places to Spend Valentine's Day in Canada

Canada is famous for having a lot of beautiful locations. These places are ideal for improving your photography skills and performing exciting adventures. One of the exciting things about the Great White North is it also offers many romantic destinations that couples can visit. Valentine's Day is fast approaching. If you are seeking a place where you can spend quality time with your loved ones, then you may consider Canada to your must-visit countries. You will surely be amazed by numerous tourist destinations that you can explore in this country. Not only can they make your Valentine's Day memorable, but these breathtaking locations will encourage you to follow your wanderlust.

Fantastic Canadian Locations for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a special occasion when people are celebrating love and compassion. Usually, couples would spend this day on a memorable date. However, Valentine's Day is not only for couples because it is also the perfect time to show appreciation to your parents, grandparents, and even to your best friends. There are many ways to celebrate the month of love. You can binge-watch your favourite movies or TV shows, dine in a romantic restaurant, or go on a thrilling adventure. If you are considering to create an unforgettable trip, then here are some of the excellent destinations in Canada:

#1 Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge, Alberta - Founded in 1885, Jasper National Park is recognized as the largest national park in the Canadian Rockies. It encompasses 11,000 square kilometres. With great biodiversity and lots of panoramic landscapes, Jasper National Park is truly a must-visit site. The park is extra amazing on winter days because it is the perfect time to witness snow-covered peaks, frosty lakes, and glacial forests. The winter months including the love month is an ideal season to conduct photoshoots. If you are planning to explore the area on Valentine's Day, you can get accommodation in Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge. Apart from having great amenities, this place provides a striking view of the Rocky Mountains. During the day, try to prepare your action cam and document some of the thrilling adventures available in the park - golfing, kayaking, skating, skiing, and snowboarding.

#2 Haida Gwaii, British Columbia - If you are looking for an authentic island experience for your Valentine's date, then try visiting Haida Gwaii in British Columbia. This place features ancient village sites and deep moss-covered rainforests. Prepare for an engaging adventure when you visit Haida Gwaii because it may require you hiking to reach a particular place. While exploring the natural beauty of the location, you can perform other activities like kayaking and paddling. You can also go for wildlife watching where you may find grey whales, humpback whales, seals, sea lions, and even marine birds. Haida Gwaii is also home to many heritage sites where you can learn the place's culture. If you need memorable photo souvenirs, then try to bring a quality camera that you can use to take photographs of the natural scenes.

#3 Love, Saskatchewan - Saskatchewan is famous for being a prairie province and having no saltwater coast. Within this place is a beautiful location where you can take pictures of majestic landscapes and heart-stirring scenes. For couples and other visitors, many surprises await you in the beautiful village of Love. This peaceful community celebrates the winter festival. Love also offers free camping and great fishing. Besides these fascinating recreation, the town of Love became popular because of its unique postmark. It is a teddy bear that holds a heart with the word, love, around it. Many people send love letters to the people of the village so that a postmaster can stamp the Valentine cards with Love's exclusive postmark. So if you are fond of writing love letters or creating inspiring poems for your special someone, you can make it extra special by getting a unique stamp from the village of Love.

#4 Toronto, Ontario - Travelling to Canada's beautiful places is a great idea for Valentine's Day. However, if you don't have enough time to prepare for a vacation trip, you can stay in the city and surprise your loved ones in a unique way. One day could be enough to make Valentine's Day a time to remember. Level up your date by having a romantic helicopter ride. Skyscrapers look spectacular when seen from above. You can have a 360-degree view of the whole city and witness it as you've never seen it before. There are Heli Tours in Toronto where you can take your special someone on a private helicopter ride. You can make it more memorable by opting for a private twilight tour. With a variety of hues in the sky, the golden hour can add a dramatic scene to your Valentine's date.

#5 Whistler, British Columbia - Since the love month is still wintertime, it is ideal to plan for an engaging winter getaway. If you are living in British Columbia, then Whistler is one of the highly recommended winter destinations. Besides having spectacular itineraries, Whistler guarantees you with unique and classic Canadian experiences. This Valentine's Day,  enjoy several winter activities such as dog sledding, ice climbing, skating, skiing, and snowboarding. Whistler also has excellent accommodation because it offers numerous five-star hotels and friendly restaurants. You can surely make the most of Valentine's Day because Whistler has eccentric nightlife. Bars, lounges, nightclubs, and other entertainment pubs are within the same area. All you need is to pick one and enjoy the rest of the night through dancing or joining Karaoke competitions.

Having a memorable Valentine's Day doesn't have to be expensive. Spending quality time with your loved ones could be enough. But for people who are seeking ways to make the love month extra special, travelling to a romantic destination could be an excellent option. When it comes to romantic places, Canada will surely leave you in awe with its astounding scenes.