Why use GoPro for Video Sharing in Instagram?

Before social media became a hit, you would love to print photos and collect, create and clip it to your pre-selected photo albums. Each photo had a caption and back stories that makes you want to forget, relish or repeat all over again.

The sight of each photo can bring memories, bad perhaps but when it brings hilarious adventure or embarrassing moments, what’s not to love about it?

When visitors such as friends, colleagues and relatives came knocking at your door to celebrate your recent promotion, graduation, career change or even the saddest occasion such as the loss of someone special, your photo albums come in handy to share some thoughts and review past adventures, milestones and family celebrations.

Now, of course, we have had the introduction of social media and with it some dramatic changes in how you share your life’s story. Instead of printing photos (although some still do it) you opt to post it online, with captions creatively written with matching hashtags to be part of what is the trending post for that day or week.

One of the best avenues for photo sharing is Instagram.

Instagram is a social networking app made for sharing photos and videos from a smartphone. It can help you share your adventure, what’s happening now, and on-the-moment instantaneous experiences with your friends online. You will feel connected through a series of pictures, see the unfolding of life’s momentum with your friends and follow celebrities and personalities you admire or emulate. What’s more, if you are an active individual who wants to have a running documentary of your life then Instagram is for you.

Do you travel often? Do you have a small business that you would like to promote? Then Instagram is for you.

The business of selling products and services using Instagram is easy and free but you have to make sure that your uploaded photos are clear, of great quality and unique. To differentiate yourself, you need high quality photographs. Smartphones no longer cut it or all your photos. You will also want an action camera.

The ACE-CAM 4K Ultra HD Action Camera is a good choice. It has all the features and functionality to capture all your precious moments, products and services and make them stand out in Ultra High Definition.

With the wonderful things the internet can bring, the Wi-Fi ability of 4K Ultra HD Action Camera allows you to have a live video feed and control the camera (take pictures or video) from your smartphone. Think what you can get up to with that ability!

It also includes features that will surely make posting easier such as time lapse/loop recording, white balance controls, photo burst, date stamp, and self timer function.You also are guaranteed of a "Risk Free" 30 day return policy if you are not SATISFIED with the product.

Let them know and they can provide you similar product to choose from what compliments your lifestyle preferences.

So start uploading photos for friends and followers to celebrate the experience with you - at the moment. Just make sure to think before you click: share!