Where to Do Aerial Photography in British Columbia

British Columbia is recognized as the westernmost Canadian province. It is well-known for having a diverse climate and natural landscapes. Measuring 1 180 kilometres from north to south and 1 030 kilometres from east to west, this massive area is home to plenty of picturesque scenes. From the unparalleled beauty of majestic mountains and plateaus to vivid lakes and rivers, you will surely want to visit the beautiful province of British Columbia. It is because this place offers excellent subjects for your photography needs. Whether you are into landscape or wildlife photography, there are numerous locations that you can explore. Not only that, but these places also look stunning when photographed from above. No wonder many aerial photographers visit British Columbia to conduct photoshoots.

Equipment for Aerial Photography

Aerial photography is an exciting photography genre that allows you to capture incredible landscapes from above. There are several ways on how you can achieve aerial photography. Some photographers mount cameras on aircraft, rockets, or even satellites to capture panoramic scenes. On the other hand, there are also photography enthusiasts who ride helicopters to take pictures from above. If you are still a novice in aerial photography, it is vital to know the equipment that you can use in this photography genre.

Most companies use avant-garde technology to build specialized equipment for aerial photography. Nowadays, you may find telescopic masts and tripod-based telescopic poles that you can utilize to capture great shots. If you are riding a plane to take aerial photographs, then make sure to use a professional DSLR with a great zoom lens. For videography needs, an action camera is also an excellent device. You can use it if you want to feature a first-person point of view video of a particular event. For instance, you can mount an action cam to headgear and start recording while skydiving. Doing so helps you record the scenes from above while highlighting your experience as a skydiver.

Picture-Perfect Places in British Columbia

If you were considering British Columbia and got a limited time to explore the province, you may be overwhelmed with a lot of alluring sites that you can choose from. It is crucial to plan for your itinerary before you do the photoshoot. Below is a list of captivating landscapes that can be your next photography subject:

Okanagan Valley - Commonly known as Okanagan, the Okanagan Valley is a beautiful sight to behold, especially when seen from above. Visiting this place allows you to witness adorable orchards, majestic mountains, striking beaches, and sunny valley with lakes. Two of the most interesting sights that you can find here are the 120-kilometre long Lake Okanagan and the humble town of Kelowna. These areas attract locals and tourists across British Columbia and Alberta. Capturing Okanagan from above gives you an awe-inspiring green landscape. Not only is it excellent for aerial photography and other types of photography, but it is also an ideal destination for summertime activities. You may enjoy boating, golfing, and skiing in Okanagan.

Queen Charlotte Islands - Also known as Haida Gwaii, Queen Charlotte Islands is one of Canada's underrated treasures when it comes to tourism. Although there is less number of people who consider the place compared to other attractions, this remote location has proven its natural beauty to the people who have visited the site. The best thing about Haida Gwaii is its peaceful community who are famous for their artistic and skillful carving. If you want to feature beautiful islands in your photo, then you many consider the Queen Charlotte Islands in your next aerial photo shoot. Try to highlight its great location, which offers a mystical atmosphere. Although it is known for being a remote area, may adventurers are still hooked with the Queen Charlotte Islands because of its authentic beauty and abundant wildlife.

Vancouver - If you need an urban aerial photograph, then Vancouver could be your best pick when it comes to British Columbia locations. From Coal Harbour to Yaletown, Vancouver is home to many vibrant areas that look appealing when captured from above. Many people find the city attractive because of the colourful murals as well as astonishing attractions. Even when photographed from above, you can see the beauty of Vancouver. Furthermore, this cosmopolitan city also offers engaging activities that you can try after the photoshoot. If you have spare time, dare to wander the vibrant city and enjoy some fun activities. You may try golfing, ride a floatplane, or watch a sporting event in Vancouver.

Wells Gray Country - Abundant wildlife, spectacular rivers, stunning waterfalls - these things are some of the best natural scenes that you can find in Well Gray Country. The mountain communities in this place are centred around Clearwater and Wells Gray Provincial Park. With 5 250 square kilometres, there is no wonder why it is rich in alpine wilderness and awe-inspiring landscapes. Prepare your aerial photography equipment because you will surely want some waterfall shots on your camera. On top of that, you may wish to feature volcanic fields as well as mountain peaks.

Yoho National Park - Yoho National Park is situated in southeastern British Columbia. It encompasses 1 313 square kilometres of the central slopes and western areas of the Rocky Mountains. Yoho National Park is admired because of its geological treasures and diverse wildlife. In 1984, this national park was recognized as part of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. If you want to capture the best scenes in Yoho National Park, you may consider Emerald Lake and Wapta Falls. These are great locations that are open year-round. If you are exploring British Columbia in springtime, you may want to feature the Spiral Tunnels or the Takakkaw Falls and the Yoho Valley.

Besides using top-notch equipment and finding astounding locations, you also need to equip yourself with the right skills required for aerial photography. Constant practice is highly recommended because it will familiarize yourself with this photography genre. Not only that, but regular training can also help you learn new techniques that you can apply. With your passion and consistent practice, you can be an expert aerial photographer in no time.