What Makes Your Business Unique?

Companies need to be unique and always one step ahead of its competitors. The recent rise of video content marketing and the use of social media for advertisement lead others to use video for branding. Some companies who are creative but lack fund to hire multimedia third parties to market their products make use of Ace-Cam 4k Ultra HD action camera to create their first video content.

This is then shared on social networking sites and wait for the video to go trending and increase sales. Studies show that retailers cite 40% increases in purchases as a result of the video.

Aside from the use of video content marketing, companies need to be clear about their goals and vision of their products and services. They need to practice leadership in guiding their employees towards success and providing training and the avenue to keep up with the latest demand of business practices and marketing.

The success of any business begins with its employees. It is important that the working environment is conducive to workplace ergonomic design, promotes a healthy working lifestyle and develops employee’s potential. However, this is not always the scenario. Most workers have a desk job and are sitting for an extended time. This will give them strained neck, sore back and shoulders, and inflexible spine. This will lead to stress and can hinder their inspiration, creativity, and clarity of the mind.

A standing desk can address the adverse effects of prolonged sitting and the impact a stressed employee can bring to his company. AnthroDesk offers the best affordable price for a standing desk without devaluing its quality. Because of its competitive price, companies can totally ditch the chairs and convert cubicles to sit to stand workstations with standing desks.


Every time you become sedentary for a long time, everything slows down including brain function. It can affect how you respond to stress as your mind can get hazy and void of clarity and focus.

Standing desk helps you move more, stand more, and sit less. Moving your muscles will help pump fresh blood and oxygen through the brain. This will trigger the release of brain chemicals that will enhance your mood and makes your brain alert. This will also give you clarity and the ability to focus on goals which are crucial to the success of your company.


A business that offers standing desks as part of an employee wellness program shows they care about its employees and will gain the loyalty of workers at every level. This means lesser personnel turnover and increased employee retention. Loyal employees will choose to remain in the company and work for the success of the company’s goals.


On top of the list of barriers to effective interpersonal communication is stress and followed by lack of focus, inconsistent body language, and negative body language. Physical stress can be overwhelming and may lead to irritability and send confusing remarks to your fellow workers.

Standing gives you a clear mind to effectively express your thoughts. Effective communication is the key to performing well during group discussion, submission of a deadline, and the completion of the company’s target sales or goals in a specific time.

You can make your business stand out by being extraordinary, honest, and competitive in the implementation of your content marketing. Take proactive measures toward your company's mission and provide your customers with the best service you can offer without compromising your ethics and excellence.