What is Your Video Twitter Post of the Day?

What is your twitter account? I’m sure you have one. Twitter is a form of social media service, more like an online text messaging for family, friends, and colleague. To stay connected means to exchange short and quick messages as a form of communication.

Tweeting means to exchange and contribute funny, amusing and informative content to Twitter. Your friends and people who could have an interest in what you post will start to follow you and they will see all the Tweets you share with them.

People post Tweets which may contain photos, videos, links and up to 140 characters of text.

How do you start tweeting?

Start by using other people’s Tweets that you find resonates with your personality, advocacy or if you’re a new user simply retweet messages of your favourite author, singer, celebrity or even the latest fashionable clothes to wear or avoid.

By your Retweets or @replies, you may have gain followers as others will more likely find your messages. After your Retweet or @replies, you can also mention another user by their Twitter username such as @AnthroDesk in your Tweets.

By reading the content of people you follow, you will learn what to write, post, photo to use as the guide and what type of video content to post. If you regularly contribute meaningful tweets, followers will start to notice your messages.

As Twitter can be used to share your best photo or video, you may want to consider using an action camera, such as the Ace-Cam 4K Ultra HD Action Camera, 16MP with 170° wide angle lens.

It is one of the only cameras with an upgraded sensor which gives you TRUE Ultra HD with 4k at 30fps, 2.7k at 30fps, 1080p at 60fps, and 720p at 120fps. Ace-Cam 4K Ultra HD Action Camera will capture all your precious moments and make them last FOREVER in Ultra High Def.

With the availability of the internet, the Wi-Fi ability of 4K Ultra HD Action Camera allows you to control the camera (take pictures or video) from your smartphone while having a live feed video.

Pretty cool, huh?

Using the appropriate hashtags, flaunting your recent adventures on Twitter might make it trending, attracting more followers and making upbeat @Retweets and meaningful online conversations with your family, friends and colleagues. Having a Twitter account also means always updating, also reporting, and constantly tweeting creatively. Aside from standard text and photos posting, you can also post a short yet captivating video of your adventures, family vacations or maybe even your Europe trip.

The Ace-Cam 4K Ultra HD Action Camera includes features that will make broadcasting easier such as time lapse/loop recording, white balance controls, photo burst, date stamp, and self-timer.

Start planning your Twitter posts today using the newest Ace-Cam 4K Ultra HD Action Camera . But wait, there’s more, as a valued customer of Ace-Cam you are guaranteed of a 30-day return policy “ Risk-Free” if you are unhappy for ANY reason with the product. Nothing to worry about.

I can say perhaps that when you hold your first Ace-Cam 4K Ultra HD Action Camera , it will make you want to tweet at the moment, flashing your sweet smile as you tweet your first photo or video of the day.