Picture this, you are having your cookies & cream frappuccino at one of the busiest places in the city. Your left hand is holding a fork, holding a slice of your favourite red velvet cupcake, you are about to take your last bite when you heard noises, somebody is calling your name.

You turned around and you see your friends, waving at you, asking you to go out. You walk in a hurry as you will now be boarding a plane going to a place called "Maldives", but this time, it is the “Maldives in the Philippines.”

While seated on the plane, you got hold of your Ace-Cam 4K Ultra HD action camera, tinkering, and checking your latest adventure with your ever active and loyal friends. Suddenly there was turbulence and the pilot declared an emergency. Oh, my! This could be your last hours on earth.

Your heart beats faster like you could have a heart attack, then you were distracted by a familiar sound. You woke up it was just a dream, thanks to your consistent friend, the alarm clock.

In reality, you already had your summer trip and you are excited to trim, edit, and upload your videos.

Below are 3 online video sharing tools which allow you to edit, upload and share your video taken from you durable and quality Ace-Cam 4K Ultra HD action camera. With its WIFI capability, sharing quality shots and videos is getting easier and faster.


If you are an active Facebook user, you can use this to sign up for an Instagram account.

What makes Instagram popular is that it allows you to upload your best photos and videos and directly share it with your other active accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr. You also have the option to share it privately or publicly.

Instagram has a built-in video tool that allows you to film in sections so you can seamlessly attach your edited videos together. Business is doing well for online sellers who benefit a lot from using Instagram.

It has now become like an online store where buyers can directly contact the sellers. Sellers will upload their best pic or videos, add some details, post, and they are ready to go. The battle now is who has the best shot or video.

To have a quality output of photos and videos, it is recommended to use high definition action camera such as Ace-Cam 4K HD action camera, and let your photos and videos do the talking for you.


Are you a fan of the time-lapse video?

A tool created by Instagram called "Hyperlapse" allows you to create a time-lapse video. It helps you shoot a smooth and stable time lapse videos. You also have the option to enhance your existing videos.

And if you have an action camera such as Ace-Cam 4K Ultra HD, you can use its features such as time lapse/loop recording, white balance controls, photo burst, date stamp, and self-timer.

Hyperlapse is best to use for behind the scenes videos and unboxing of new products videos.


If you have a compilation of photos and you want to make a video story out of these photos, then Flipgram is for you. You can also create slides of photos and video clips plus your favourite music for your audio.

Some use Flipagram to give a shout-out to followers, the announcement of trending events, and the latest food and fashion craze to hit the city.

All of these applications are available on Itunes and Google Play.

So what are you waiting for?

Grab your Ace-Cam 4K Ultra HD and start creating memories to share with family and friends or even use it for creating short videos for content marketing.