The Ideal Places to Photograph Sports in Canada

Sports photography is one of the most exciting genres of photography. Since sports require action, you should possess some essential characteristics to become a skilled sports photographer. Besides creativity, you should have concentration, patience, and attention to detail. Also, you may need to have strong networking skills. This trait allows you to gain significant connections, including business opportunities that can help you advance in your career. Besides, you should have immense knowledge when it comes to ideal locations perfect for sports photography. Try to conduct extensive research and look for the best places to photograph sports and action. Here in Canada, there are many excellent venues where you can do sports photography. These places can be used for your special events or your sports brand promotion.

Canadian Venues for Sports Photography

From basketball to hockey skating, Canada has a lot of sports to offer. You can play these athletic games in several Canadian sports venues. Besides playing or watching sports, the following places are also ideal for photography.

BMO Field - If you need a soccer field as your photography background, then this BMO Field located in Toronto, Ontario could be your best pick. This place is Canada's first soccer-specific stadium. It is home to the country's National soccer team, the Toronto Argonauts and Canada's first Major League Soccer team, Toronto FC. Millions of soccer fans love the BMO Field because it has hosted many significant events such as the 2014 FIFA U-20 Women's World Cup and 2016 Grey Cup. This picture-perfect lakefront stadium was built at a cost of $62.9 million and is continuously funded by the harmonious partnerships of the country's three levels of government together with the Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment LTD. The soccer field in this stadium measures 105 by 68 metres. It is wide enough for your sports photography needs. If you want to use the BMO Field for photoshoots, you may visit their website for venue rental information.

Coca-Cola Coliseum - The Coca-Cola Coliseum was constructed in 1922 with a 6,200 seating capacity. In 2003, it was renovated to add more seats and accommodate more people. This venue was once used as a training base for the Royal Canadian Air Force during World War II. At present, it can be used for private events and sports games such as ice hockey. If you need a spacious location for your photoshoots, then you may visit the venue's website for rentals. You can also make online bookings for upcoming events.

Centre Bell - Inaugurated in 1996, Centre Bell was formerly known as Molson Centre, which presently serves as a centre stage for business, entertainment, and sports event in Montreal, Quebec. It is the largest hockey arena in the National Hockey League (NHL) with a 21,000 seating capacity. If you are photographing for a sports event in this arena, don't forget to feature the blazing spirit of the fans, which creates an electrifying atmosphere. You may also highlight the statues of the great players located in the concourse of Centre Bell.

Mosaic Stadium - Located in the heart of Regina Saskatchewan is a picturesque sports venue which is known as the Mosaic Stadium. It is a state of the art stadium where you can watch football. Many football fans admire this place because of its outstanding facility that can accommodate thousands of people. The Mosaic Stadium is home to the Saskatchewan Riders. It has an area of approximately 522, 000 square feet with a seating capacity of 33,000 and can be expanded to 40,000. This large venue is perfect for any of your creative photoshoots, which can also include pre-nuptials for sports enthusiasts. Architectural photographers can also feature the Mosaic Stadium by highlighting the stadium's design. It consists of a large concourse that circles the entire building. The venue has a translucent partial roof, two-level premier lounge as well as 38 corporate suites.

Roulston Lake - This sports venue is where teams of hockey players can compete simultaneously because of its 2o outdoor rinks. It is situated in Plaster Rock, New Brunswick. Roulston Lake is ideal if you want to highlight sports on ice. Not only that, the massive crowd of hockey enthusiasts can help in heightening the spirit of sports in your photographs. It is because many individuals gather in Roulston Lake to share their love for ice hockey.

Scotiabank Arena - Basketball is one of the most loved sports in the whole world. Although not everyone knows how to play this game, many people are aware of these sports. In Canada, the Scotiabank Arena is the leading sports and entertainment venue. Besides being a basketball stadium, it can also be used as a hockey arena and stage for performing arts. The Scotiabank Arena is home to the NBA's Toronto Raptors, NHL's Toronto Maple Leafs, and the NLL's Toronto Rock. This sports venue was once named as Air Canada Centre and has changed its name in July 2018. The Scotiabank arena is praised for its accessibility and security, providing quality service to the fans and arena users. It measures 665,000 square feet with a huge seating capacity for every sport. If you will watch a game in this location, don't forget to bring a camera on hand. From the arena's architecture to the players and fans, you can achieve a lot of photography ideas in this well-known venue.

Apart from having breathtaking sceneries, Canada is also famous for being a sports nation. This country has numerous venues for different types of sports. You can visit the mentioned sites above to watch your favourite sports team or practice your skills as a sports photographer.