The Best Locations in Manitoba for Urban Photography

Located in the heart of Canada is a prairie province called Manitoba. The name of the area means "where the spirit lives." It is home to deciduous forests, green pastures, gleaming lakes, and freshwater rivers. Besides the abundance of fascinating terrains and natural resources, Manitoba is also known for its picturesque urban towns and cities. As an urban photographer, you may fall in love with this province because of its unique and rich history. Manitoba could be an ideal location if you want to produce incredible cityscapes while experiencing memorable trips.

Where to Go In Manitoba

Urban photography -also called street photography-  incorporates taking photographs of public places. This type of photography may include architectures of skyscrapers, portraits of people living in towns or cities, and anything that depicts an urban setting. In Manitoba, there are many awesome urban places that you could visit. The following are some of them:

1. Canadian Museum of Human Rights - It is one of Canada's significant national museums. The outstanding architectural form was envisioned by Antoine Predock, an architect and interior designer based in New Mexico. What makes it entrancing is its unique architecture, which is based on the Canadian landscape. As an urban photographer, you can focus on the whole architectural design and/or include only some parts of it. Try to use a lower angle while taking a photograph to create a more dramatic perspective.

2. Esplanade Riel Pedestrian Bridge - This bridge, known as the "people path,"  measures five metres in width and 250 metres in length. It connects The Forks and Winnipeg's French Quarter. It is a cable bridge that serves as a famous landmark in the city. When you visit The Forks, you may rent a bike and travel to this area to photograph an overview of the place. To take alluring photos of the bridge, you may focus on its structure and showcase how the cables are transversely inclined. Another option is to photograph the bridge from afar - you can do this at any time, but the best times to get the most spectacular photos are during the golden hour or at night.

3. Manitoba Legislative Building - The design of the building is one of the reasons why it is a fascinating subject, not only for architects but for urban photographers as well. The 19th-century limestone building is believed to have Masonic symbols. These symbols have historical meanings that continuously fascinate scholars and historians.

Apart from the symbolic design, you can capture images of the massive stained-glass rotunda or the life-size marble Bison that you could see flanking in the Grand staircase. Another amusing photography subject that you could see when you explore the Manitoba Legislative Building is the bronze statue named “Golden Boy”, which represents eternal youth. It is modelled after the Roman god Mercury, which symbolizes Manitoba's prosperity and entrepreneurial spirit.

4. Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre - Situated in Winnipeg's theatre district is the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre (Royal MTC). It is famous for being the first English language regional theatre in Canada. It showcases a variety of theatre art that inspires the community. Going to this location will not only allow you to fully contemplate theatre art, but it can also give you an interesting subject for urban photography. Outside the centre's mainstage is an outdoor public sculpture entitled, "Imagine" which commemorates the centre's founders. Try to find the best angle to photograph the admirable sculpture. You can also strike a funny pose with it and take a selfie to make a souvenir.

5. Souris Swinging Bridge - Bridges make compelling objects for photography. It is because they can exhibit creative patterns and designs. Not only that, bridges depict the history of the place where they were constructed. Like the Souris Swinging Bridge which symbolizes the resilience of Manitobans. Although it was reconstructed four times, Souris Swinging Bridge is engineered to last long in these modern times. It measures 184 metres which makes it Canada's longest historic suspension bridge. You can display its enticing design by taking a photograph of this historic bridge.

6. The Forks - The Forks is where the Red and Assiniboine Rivers meet. It is considered as one of the national historic sites because of its dynamic history. The Forks is a public gathering place where you can see a lot of people who are shopping and dining. As an urban photographer, you can take pictures of the buildings and structures. Try to capture the small but interesting details to create more unique photographs.

7. West End Murals - West End is located in Winnipeg, the capital of Manitoba. It showcases a collection of outdoor murals which make significant assets in the city. These vibrant public art pieces do not only provide beauty to the place, but they also eradicate unwanted graffiti. Also, adding the West End murals to your photography subjects could educate your audience about the heritage and culture of the community living in the area.

8. Wolf Mural Thompson - Thompson, Manitoba is hailed as the Wolf Capital of the World. This Canadian city is continuously developing to provide world-class centres for wolf-research - attracting scholars and tourists. When you explore the city, you may find a massive wolf mural. Try to include the fascinating wolf mural in your list of urban photography subjects.

Significant museums, historic bridges, well-designed buildings, creative street art - these are some of Manitoba's treasures. It provides a lot of artistic subjects for urban photography. Capture amazing cityscapes and create meaningful memories with the diverse and welcoming communities of Manitoba. Try to explore the towns and cities and discover more breathtaking locations when you visit the prairie province.