Reasons Why You Need A Gimbal for An Action Camera

You might have already seen people performing extreme adventures from their travel blogs - for instance, social media influencers who go kayaking or surfing. You might have also watched skateboarding stunts on Youtube. If you are wondering how they film these sports adventures, they are actually using high-quality tools and devices to record their adventures. When you have an excellent device, you can also shoot your sport at home. For cameras, you can use an action camera since it is portable and easily attached to headgears and accessories. Aside from this device, you also try using a gimbal for an action camera.

What is A Gimbal?

A gimbal is a tool that makes use of intelligent sensors and motors to stabilize and support a camera. You can document any on-the-move sport that guarantees smooth video footage. The purpose of using gimbals is similar to using Dolly or Steadicams in videography. But unlike these devices, you don't need a highly-skilled operator to operate the gimbal.

A gimbal is a tool with motors, sensing capability, camera mounts and moving pivots. It also utilizes smart sensors to stabilize a camera. Meaning, the mounted camera will be completely steady while movements are made. Gimbals have either two or three axes. The three-axis gimbal is more expensive, but it can correct unwanted shakes, providing more stable videos. But having a two-axis gimbal is enough to create perfectly adequate stable footage.

A gimbal for an action camera is easier to use compared to a dolly or Steadicam. You only need to set it up, and this device will do all the work. Meaning, you can use it to make exciting films at home or try sports adventures without having camera shakes. All you need is to find a beautiful setting and a thrilling activity to do. But make sure to choose the right gimbal for your camera. For instance, small handheld gimbals are ideal for action cameras since they are small in size.

Why Do You Need A Gimbal?

Aside from stabilizing videos, there are other things that you can benefit from using a gimbal. As a photographer who is also an aspiring videographer, you will surely love this device for creating cinematic films. So here are some reasons that may convince you to purchase a gimbal:

It makes shooting videos more convenient for videographers.

As mentioned earlier, gimbals can help stabilize videos and ensure that you have a smooth flow for the footage. Thus, it provides convenience to videographers since they don't need to use editing applications to get rid of camera shakes. Filmmakers do not have to move around using tripods since gimbals have a compact design that can be carried by hand. You don't have to take massive camera rigs to create steady shots.

It promotes creativity among videographers.

With a gimbal, you can show more of your creativity since it allows you to film hard-to-shoot scenes such as skateboarding, surfing, and even skydiving. You can showcase high-quality videos and hone your creative potential. Aside from videos, you can also capture fantastic images.

It provides a wide variety of motions.

If you want different shots, then you have to use various movement tools to achieve the scene you like for the footage. But with a gimbal, you can shoot similar shots in less time since you can move your camera quickly in different directions. You don't need to spend time attaching the camera and using various accessories since a gimbal is enough to create variations in filming a scene.

It saves your energy.

If you have tried filming using heavy cameras and equipment, you'll know how tiring it is to operate them. But with action cameras and gimbals, it is more comfortable to shoot videos, saving your energy. It offers stabilizing options that can improve the quality of your films.

Helpful Tips When Using A Gimbal

Using a gimbal provides convenience to both photographers and videographers. But it is essential to use it properly so that you can get the results you like. Here are some tips to correctly use a gimbal and create excellent images and films:

1. Always keep an eye on vertical movements. Gimbals cannot control vertical movements. That's why you have to be careful when filming movements such as walking and jumping. Although the device can help you control panning, rolling, and tilting, you have to keep an eye on other vertical motions. Try not to lose focus on these movements so that it will not affect your video's overall quality.

2. Keep the gimbal balanced. When using a gimbal, it is necessary to keep it balanced to get the best shots. Know that an improperly stabilized gimbal can drain out the battery and overwork the motor. It will also be less responsive, so maintain the right balance to your gimbal to avoid these issues.

3. Try rotating the gimbal when required. If the shot needs an inverted scene, you can turn the gimbal to achieve the perfect shot. You don't have to stick with holding the device near the chest or waist. You can invert the gimbal to produce more appealing shots.

Action cams are great devices that allow you to capture excellent shots while moving. But you can also use them when documenting your extreme adventures on land, on-air, and even on water. You can maximize the use of action cameras by using accessories like gimbals to help you stabilize films. Gimbals are made to make videography fun and more comfortable to do. Besides offering convenience, they can also help you create exciting films no matter what movement you make. So don’t miss this device and start filming your sports adventure.