3 Reasons Short Videos Make Your Business Unique

Did you know that shoppers who view video are 1.18x more likely to purchase than non-viewers?

Having a video in you website or uploading it to free video sharing sites such as YouTube, Facebook and Dailymotion is the best social marketing strategy that will surely increase you reach and shares.

It will also encourage new potential clients and increase your followers and loyal customers.

Are you thinking that videos are for big companies and big budgets? Making a video need not to be expensive.

You just need a handy and good quality action camera such as Ace-Cam 4K Ultra HD action camera.

One of the only cameras with an upgraded sensor and gives you TRUE Ultra HD with 4k at 30fps, 2.7k at 30fps, 1080p at 60fps, and 720p at 120fps.

The need for speed and the world of instant, ready to wear, cook and eat makes life more to live in a hurry.

Which is why short videos are making a hit.

Social networking sites also adopt short video uploads, 6-second Vine videos, 15-second Instavids on Instagram, 2- to 3-minute videos on Facebook and news feed videos on Google+.

Followers and fans are always on the go, which is why it is important to create content, a form of media advertisement that will entice your potential market to take a look, watch the videos and share it with friends.


How do you make an edge for your product presentation?

How will you let the consumers know how to use it?

Create a video that teaches them how to do it.

This is very popular in Facebook ads.

The product could range from house decors, kitchen supplies, and the ever popular beauty products. For example take into consideration the DIY craft projects in YouTube such as how to make your own scarf or prepare 30 days healthy meal for your kids and the baking videos.

It can have thousands of followers and each video has links for the product use.

This is a sure way to boosts sales and popularity of the brand you are representing.

Check what kind of DIY can you make to introduce your products or services.

Then create your video, expect users to comment and ask for the price, the cost of delivery and what online site can they view the product.


Popular singers, competition, and shows such as America’s Got Talent will upload a behind the scenes of their upcoming concerts or series or a summary of what;s going to happen and what the fans will expect.

This is to generate curiosity among fans and makes them wait for the release of the latest show on television.

A well-known cola drinks always make an emotional advertisement every Christmas season.

It will always have its debut on social media and fans will talk about its minutes after watching the video.

And if the video awakens a strong emotion such as love and loneliness, expect it to be trending or it will go viral.

Check your calendar and think about the upcoming events or celebration that is best suited for your product or services.

Then make an amazing video for your followers to share and make your viewers buy.


Remember to not overkill the presentation of your product using video content marketing. Make it simple and yet appealing to the audience.

This 2016, one company whose main focus is the latest surgical and non-surgical beauty breakthroughs create another beauty products and these are natural baby products.

They introduced it by letting their baby carry the brand at such a young age. It generated curiosity among the netizens considering the couple are celebrities.


If you are watching trending videos, take a closer look in the manner it was created. What makes it viral?

How did the business explore the video to let the consumers know about the brand they are promoting?

This will give you an idea to conceptualize your first video.

Grab your Ace-Cam 4K Ultra HD action camera and plan how to maximize its functions, take note that its features include time lapse/loop recording, white balance controls, photo burst, date stamp, self-timer.

It also has Wi-Fi ability which allows you to have a live video feed and control the camera (take pictures or video) from your smartphone.

With Ace-Cam 4K Ultra HD action camera, shooting your first short video for online content marketing is easier and budget friendly.