Posing Techniques for a Better Portrait

When it comes to achieving poses, the most important thing is to allow yourself to be confident and communicative. By preparing and thinking poses ahead of time, you allow yourself to build natural poses with a little bit of modification. Photographers guide their models, but they should also know how to enable their models to be themselves. The goal is to achieve the balance that will lead to natural looking poses and great portraits.

With the rise of social media, many people are looking to having perfect pose. In today's market, a lot of people have no experience posing and controlling their faces for the camera. Here are some basic tips on how to achieve the best portrait.

Choose your subject

Assuming that you are in an essential portrait without makeup or hairstylist. A lot of women think that hair is something that we don't have control, but if you are choosing a subject with long hair, then bad hair is going to be the first thing that anyone can notice about your photo. Avoid hair on model's face or strange hair placement.

Letting your hair sit at your shoulders becomes the focus of attention. While many women believe that tying up their hair is a "day off" for their hairstyle, it always lands themselves to very nice portraits because the face is emphasized rather than the nose. It also has a clean headshot since it has a decent view of the face. Everyone can look different with their hair a different way.

Come up with natural portrait poses.

Most people come up with different kind of poses; some have natural poses while others are a bit awkward. It is essential to check body language, especially for the hands, arms and shoulders. You need to ensure that the body looks natural.

The shoulders are often overlooked, but in a pose, they play a crucial role in framing the face of a model. By popping a shoulder forward, this can make a big difference. If one shoulder raises more than another, it will add dimension and strength to the image.

Another mistake that is commonly being done is letting their hands on their side. A pose like this makes you feel awkward and uncomfortable in a portrait. If you give your arms press against your torso, this emphasizes your gun and makes it look larger than actually is. This can be corrected by lifting your arm an inch to make it look like floating. This can also be done if you place the arms in your hip. By making this, you can see a big difference because arms look smaller when not pressed against the body.

Another tip worth sharing is very simple but essential. If your subject stares at the camera head-on, they will look more prominent. Shoulders are often overlooked, but they play a crucial role in framing the person your taking photo with. You need to pop your shoulder up and forward to make a difference. It can add beauty to work. To raise one shoulder higher than another will add dimension and strength to the image.

It’s all about having fun and communication

It's important to show your subject on how the photos are coming along. By taking breaks, it helps foster a relaxed environment, stress-free and it will release natural poses.

By giving your subject some room to identify his/her own self, you are allowing them to feel comfortable by doing certain poses. Making them do what they are naturally inclined with, it would be easier for them to release their own great ideas.

If you allowing them to walk during breaks, you can capture great pose. You can shot or frame for a less staged look. Laugh out loud moments can also create the most beautiful and natural images able to capture the happy and unguarded moment. Just let loose, giggle, chuckle and by freezing these are the common candid photos that are priceless. The spontaneous photo will also result in a happy smiley picture that can be shared with everyone.

Communication is important. Your subject must be given direction at all times at the same time it is important to establish a rapport. This will help the subject relax and open up, which in turn makes a better portrait. Even their pose is not that good, stay calm and guide them on how they can improve their posing. Be confident in what you tell your subject and if it just doesn't work move on to something else. Keep experimenting and keep on talking, connect with your subject and be patient. Always put a respectful manner. Establishing a clear and open communication makes a better shot.   

Let's face it everyone likes to be complimented, do it as much as you can to make the atmosphere of the shoot pleasant to give them more confidence. The goal is for the subject to look good in front of the camera and this will only enhance with the posing ideas. If there is an expression that you want to capture, try to evoke that emotion to your subject through conversation. If you want the subject to laugh, better to tell a funny story to make them laugh.

Making good photography is the art of expressing a subject's personality. There's no such thing as looking bad. Learning to strike an attractive pose is something can be and should be learned. It is a simple skill that once acquires, can make your life in today's visual. The initial step to showcase someone's personality is through posing and how to portray in a flattering manner.