Incredible Quebec Locations for Aerial Photography

Aerial photography is one of the several types of photography with a rich history. It plays significant roles in archaeology, cartography, commercial advertising, environmental studies, land-use planning, military, and other significant fields. Landscape photographers and travel enthusiasts can also use this type of photography. If you are into aerial photography, there are many amazing places where you can do it. Quebec is one of the most exciting locations to look forward to.

What is Aerial Photography?

Aerial photography can be done in various ways as long as the subject is taken from above. You can hold a camera or mount it in a device while riding in an aircraft, helicopter, or any similar vehicle. You can also take photographs from above by mounting a camera on a balloon, kite, or rocket. Other means to do aerial photography is by using a drone or through skydiving.

Why Quebec?

Of all the breathtaking sites that you could imagine, why go to Quebec?

Quebec is the largest province in Canada, which is known as "la belle province" (the beautiful province). Although it is a multicultural province, it is often referred to as a French province. Quebec is also recognized as the "Europe of North America" since its official language is French. In terms of beautiful places, Quebec is home to abundant forests, magnificent hills, myriad waterways, and stunning lakes. Listed below are some of the most spectacular Quebec locations which are perfect for aerial photography:

Chutes Montmorency - Waterfalls create amazing scenes when photographed from above. Having an aerial shot of Chutes Montmorency allows you to showcase how the water outpours the 84-meter ridge. When done shooting, you can ride a cable car that will bring you to the top of the falls. It is a perfect opportunity to have a closer view of the fantastic landscape.

Gatineau Park - Visiting Gatineau Park during the fall season is a perfect time to witness the leaves turn bright red, orange, and yellow. Try to take an aerial shot of the park to feature breathtaking views of the Ottawa River valley. You can also take a panoramic shot of dazzling lakes, tree-covered hills, and primitive forests. Besides these photo opportunities, you may also do a lot of exciting recreational activities with your family. Try hammock or tent camping, cycling, fishing, skiing, and swimming in Gatineau Park.

Hudson Bay - If you want to feature some of the remote areas in Canada, then try Hudson Bay. You can find migratory birds, seals, polar bears, and different species of Arctic vegetation. Take a scenic image of the vast landscape and water bodies of Hudson Bay with areas that reach the Arctic Circle.

La Citadel de Québec - La Citadel de Québec is a star-shaped fortress that was built in 1832 to defend Quebec City. The structure is built with thick walls and enduring barricades, which are protected by deep ditches. The Citadel still serves as an active military post and quarters for all ranks. However, people can visit the place since it is also a military museum. Featuring La Citadel de Québec as your aerial photography subject is one of the ideal ways to highlight the history of Quebec.

Le Château Frontenac - If you are looking for a romantic setting for an aerial shot, then you may feature Le Château Frontenac. It is a hotel located in Quebec City which was constructed in 1894. Capturing the stunning architecture of Le Château Frontenac from above can give you a bird's eye view of Levis and the St. Lawrence River. 

Mont Tremblant - Mont Tremblant is a 960-meter peak in the Laurentians which is located about 150 kilometres north of Montreal. The peaceful community can overwhelm you when you visit the said place. Mont Tremblant is an optimal choice for summer and winter activities. You can take advantage of Mont Tremblant during fall season since it is the best time to show the autumn shades of leaves, from red to orange and gold.

Mount Royal Park - Choosing Mount Royal Park as the subject for your aerial photography allows you to highlight the 223-meter peak, Mount Royal. Many people visit the said park whatever the season is since there are many activities that you can do in the vicinity. You may try hiking in the summer or ice-skating in the winter. You can take aerial photographs of the park in both seasons, giving you a panoramic view of the mountains, forests, and the famous St. Lawrence River. Not only that, but you can also witness the summit of the Adirondacks, which is situated in the United States.

Old Quebec - As Christmas is fast approaching, you can take this opportunity to make an aerial photograph of an enchanting Christmas village. Old Quebec is an ideal winter wonderland from early December to mid-March. It is the time when you can witness spectacular lights, colourful decorations, white snow, and splendid European architecture.

Parc National de la Jacques-Cartier - Take time to have an aerial shot of one of Quebec's most splendid glacial valleys. The said location is a vast plateau that also features profound valleys and sparkling rivers. After taking photos of the place, you can enjoy the winter activities here, which include skiing and snowshoeing.

Quebec City - Quebec City is the capital of Quebec province. Although it is home to a lot of popular tourist destinations, taking a panoramic photograph of the city, itself, is also an excellent idea. As an aerial photographer, you can use the bird's eye view shot to showcase the growth of the provincial capital, from small structures to grandiose skyscrapers. Touring in Quebec City during the winter season can give you a magical and romantic feeling. Capture an aerial shot of the capital from late November to late March since it is the best time to showcase how the snow blankets the whole city.

Like other types of photography, aerial photography requires time and effort in capturing astounding landscapes, vast seascapes, or enchanting cityscapes. Before exploring Quebec, try to plan for your trip and how you will do aerial shots. It will help you in capturing excellent aerial photographs of Quebec's fascinating sceneries.