How to Compose a Quality Shot Using Your GoPro

Candid shots can elicit some good and funny unguarded moments but sometimes fail to bring the exact wanted result.

This is when rules come in.

Photography has some basic guidelines to make your photos stunning and capture the memory you want to freeze.

Here's how! (along with some Star Wars references)


Be sure to focus on your subject.

You don't want unnecessary elements that can lead to cluttered backgrounds. Your goal is to grab the viewer’s attention to focus where you want it. You want to guide them, to show them where to look, and what to see.

Once you have mastered this, you can try other, additional focus tricks, such as positioning your primary content off-center. You must learn the ways of the GoPro master if you are to make memorable photos and videos.


This one is a classic. For each shot, there are three types of spatial elements.

These are the foreground, the middle ground, and the background. This is common in landscape shots.

You can create visual appeal by focusing on the middle ground and into your subject (where you want to naturally draw viewer’s attention).


Color plays an important role in your shot, as it will attract the eyes and produce dynamic tension within the photograph. If you want your output to be dramatic, focus in primary colours (think back to your elementary school days!).

Be careful when using contrasting colours, as it may overwhelm your viewers, giving them anxiety.

It's true, you can actually affect how they feel...doesn't it make you feel POWERFUL? Staying on the light side of the force, we want them to feel good, so the trick is to have a balance between the strong tone and the neutral tones.

In this manner, you will achieve a more balanced and visually appealing composition.


Framing is required in each shot, as this will lead to the main focus of the photograph.

When taking your photos, be clear on what to include and what not to include (include or do not include, there is no 'kinda include').

When your subject is mobile, and framing with your lens or using the objects in nature frame is a challenge, you can use ACE-CAM 4K Ultra HD Action Camera- It has 16MP with 170° wide angle lens.

It is one of the only cameras with an upgraded sensor which gives you TRUE Ultra HD lines, giving you a more polished shot.


Pay attention to the natural lines in your shot composition as it will add value to the depth and perspective of your photograph. Take note of diagonal lines as it visually leads your eyes to the focal point.

Another type of lines to look for are repetitive lines, which are often construed by your eyes as background, this can bring relief to the eyes when used properly. I’m sure you want your shots to be Instagram-worthy or Twitter ready.

Take advantage of the Ace-Cam 4K Ultra HD Action Camera, it has WIFI ability and other promising features that will surely make broadcasting on your fave social media easier with features such such as time lapse/loop recording, white balance controls, photo burst, date stamp, and self-timer.

But wait, there’s more!

If you have an active lifestyle, and you want an online documentary of your life, then ACE-CAM 4K Ultra HD Action Camera allows you to have a live video feed and you can control the camera (take pictures or video) from your smartphone. It's your only hope!